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Eileen Carroll
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Ana Virginia Bauder
Feedback digest by Ana Virginia Bauder, 15 Jun 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 29 feedbacks in 36 mediations initially submitted in 2014. Ms Eileen Carroll QC (Hon) is an impressive international commercial mediator based in the UK with a long-standing reputation. In 2013 Eileen was awarded Queen’s Counsel Honoris Causa by the Ministry of Justice for her “outstanding career as a commercial mediator and her unique contribution in establishing mediation in civil justice systems over the last two decades”. Recently referred to as the “mother of mediation” by the UK Legal 500, she is in demand by both legal and commercial clients and has been appointed on some of the most noteworthy cases mediated over the last 20 years. As her practice has grown, so has her reputation as one of the most dynamic senior commercial mediators in the field. Feedback suggests that parties choose her as their mediator in light of her varied and impressive biography, and are struck by her ability to get to grips with the most complex of disputes. Her thorough preparation and pre-mediation contact is lauded as one of her primary strengths. Numerate, proactive and highly personable, she is quickly able to create excellent working relationships with her clients and begins working with them well in advance of the mediation day. On the day, she is “very much in control” and delivers a process which is appropriate to the parties and the dispute. She works hard to maintain “great rapport” with all those present, allowing her to test and press the parties as necessary. “Neither too interventionist nor too woolly”, she seems to be able to transform her style appropriately, striking a perfect balance between “firm” and “gentle”. “Highly proactive”, this interactive approach is repeatedly listed as one of her key strengths. Exploring outcomes and testing parties’ expectations, she is able to assist in the creation of outcomes far wider than parties often imagined possible. A creative thinker, she believes in working with the parties rather than for them. Clients praise her for her no nonsense approach, allowing for the early drawing out of issues and any key problems affecting the dispute. At the same time, she seems at ease with emotions and dealing with the personal drivers and issues which almost all attendees to any mediation bring with them. Parties have mentioned repeatedly the abundance of her soft skills making them feel at ease in a lovely manner. With this great energy, resilience and high focus, she is able to keep the parties going through what is often a difficult and long day. “Very intuitive”, Ms Carroll’s feedback shows a mediator who is adaptable, transforming in accordance with the needs of the parties and herself as the mediator throughout the day, all with the ultimate goal of helping the creation of a workable outcome. And this praise continues even where the parties haven’t been able to find a settlement on the day. She continues to offer to work with them to see whether the parties can progress from where the mediation ended and indeed is regularly able to help them find acceptable settlements through her involvement post mediation. Clients have referred to her as ‘being able to settle the unsettleable!” No reportable negative comments arose from the feedback reviewed.
Feedback digest last updated 22 April 2015.
by Ana Virginia Bauder, 21 Jul 2024
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