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Gerry O'Sullivan
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Author of: 'The Mediator's Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes.' Publishers: New Society Publishing, Canada and delivers training nationally and internationally based on this book.

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IMI Certified Mediator
Community, Discrimination and harassment, Employment, Multi-party, Political, Training
Facilitative, Transformative
EQP - Experience Qualification Path (Historic)
Mediation Profile

Principal in O'Sullivan Solutions, offering Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services, Facilitation and Training Services and Evaluation and Research Services.

Authored 'The Mediator's Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes', 2018 Publishers: New Society Publishing, Canada


35 Years experience:
Gerry O’Sullivan’s experience and accreditation in many areas of dispute resolution such as Organisational & Workplace Mediation, Civil & Commercial Mediation and Community Mediation has given her a very sound and firm understanding of the nature of conflict, its causes and what is necessary to help parties to reach resolution. Her experience has not been solely confined to dual party dispute as she has an extensive portfolio of expertise in facilitating large and small group disputes and inter-party disputes. As well as extensive work in Ireland, she has worked in Northern Ireland, in Serbia and in Palestine/Israel. She has been trained in Mediation in Post-Conflict Countries by CSSB Berlin and in The Evaluation of Peace Interventions by INCORE, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.

Gerry has authored a book: 'The Mediator's Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes.' Publishers: New Society Publishing, Canada, She has also developed training programmes, with filmed demonstration role plays, based on this book. 

Gerry has delivered training in Conflict Resolution, Mediation Skills and Interest Based Bargaining (Management & Union Negotiation). Gerry is currently delivering training in Mediation to an M.A. programme in Peace and Development Studies, University of Limerick. The training programme that she has developed for Certified Mediation is approved by The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

Gerry is trained in the conduction of Investigations into Bullying & Harassment. She was on an approved panel of consultants with the Equality Authority delivering training and consultancy through Equality at the Level of Enterprise.

Gerry O'Sullivan has been working as a consultant facilitator and trainer since 1986. She also works in the areas of project research and evaluation. Her contracts have come from the public service sector, the community sector and the commercial sector. Her previous background was in the Health Sector. The broad range of people with whom Gerry O’Sullivan has worked over the last twenty years has led to her capacity to understand the diverse needs and interests of individuals and groups from many different backgrounds.

Reference from J. Murphy: "The situations that I have seen Gerry OSullivan mediate have been complex and difficult. I consider her to be one of the most highly skilled consultants working in the organizational development field in Ireland. Her overall approach is characterized by clarity, focus, incisive intelligence, efficient use of time, and warmth and respect towards the parties that she engages with. She has a remarkable capacity to clarify and hold boundaries and to ensure that all parties involved in dispute resolution respect the agreed boundaries within which the mediation process proceeds. She is a very clear communicator, as well as being organized, reliable and thoroughly professional in her approach. I believe that parties engaged in dispute will find themselves in a very experienced, safe, firm, intelligent and competent pair of hands if they contract Gerry O Sullivan to work with them towards resolution. She has the ability to: o Elicit clear briefings in advance of mediation sessions and to prepare accordingly. o Establish rapport and trust with parties at a very early stage o Very clearly set the scene for the mediation and to ensure that all parties are clear on the parameters of the process and feel safe. o Listen intently and to convey to parties that they have been heard - through fine tuned feedback o Keep parties on focus and to intervene in a firm but respectful way when people tend to digress from the issues at hand o Pose incisive questions that move to the heart of the issues involved o Change tack if the particular line of questioning is not yielding fruitful information o Stand own ground and to hold the mediator position – I have seen Gerry do this very effectively in situations where one of the parties sought to undermine her and the process. o See through and resist attempts to manipulate the mediation process o Keep the process to agreed time schedules and to ensure that adequate time is given at the end of the session for closure.

  • Organisation and Workplace
  • Community
  • Peace Building
  • Family
  • Civil
  • Multi Party disputes

For discussion

  • Practitioner Member of The Mediator's Institute of Ireland and on their panel of mediators for the Civil Liabilities & Courts Act, 2004, whereby the Institute can nominate persons to act as chairperson of a Mediation Conference for personal injuries actions.
  • The training programme developed by Gerry O’Sullivan for Certified Mediation is approved by The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. 
  • Member of the Irish Commercial Mediator’s Association.
  • Panelist mediator with Friarylaw (ADR U.K.), Dublin for Civil & Commercial Mediations.
  • On an approved panel of consultants with the Equality Authority delivering training and consultancy through Equality at the Level of Enterprise.
  • Member of Mediators Beyond Borders - Partnering for Peace & Reconciliation. This is an international non-profit, humanitarian organization established to partner with communities worldwide to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing, resolving and healing from conflict.
  • Member of a panel of consultants for Mediators Beyond Borders
  • Member of a panel of mediators for 

Julie Murphy 00353 876599486
Anne O'Dwyer 00353 863834567

Training and Education

Mediation Qualifications and Certificates
Civil & Commercial Mediation

  • Civil & Commercial Mediation Training - ADR Group, U.K. through Friary Law, Dublin - 2006
  • Caucusing in Commercial Mediation - Athena Mediation, Dublin - 2006
  • Training for membership of the panel of The Mediators' Institute of Ireland for working under the Civil Liabilities and Courts Acts 2004 - The Commercial Sector, The Mediators' Institute of Ireland - 2004;

Organisational & Workplace Mediation

  • Generic Mediation Training - The Mediators' Institute of Ireland - 2003
  • Organisational and Workplace Mediation - The Mediators' Institute of Ireland, CRMC - 2004
  • Interest Based Bargaining (Management and Union) - Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Washington - 2003
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace - Monique Bond, Federal Centre Workplace Conflict Management, Dept. Justice, Canada - 2006
  • Certificate in Employment Law - University College Cork - 2006
  • Investigators Training - Polaris HR - 2006

Community Mediation

  • An Introduction to Conflict Management - Iwaskiw & Associates. Hosted in conjunction with Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation - 2001
  • Negotiating in Conflict Situations - L. Prevost, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Washington. Hosted in conjunction with Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation - 2002
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Peace Interventions - INCORE, University of Ulster - 2003

Other Qualifications

  • Diploma in Continuing Education - Tutor Training for Rural Development Groups - N.U.I. Maynooth - 1993
  • Diploma in Equality and Diversity in the Workplace - N.U.I. Galway - 2004
  • Five-Nations Evaluation Skills Strategies - Scottish Community Development Centre - 1998
  • Logistical Framework Analysis Training - Designing and Implementing Project Evaluations - Development Education - 2002.
  • Diploma Diagnostic Radiography - London School of Radiography - 1973.

Gerry O'Sullivan has over 23 years experience in training and facilitation work. Gerry is a Practitioner Mediator of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland and her Certified Mediation programme is approved by that institute. She has a 1st Class Hons Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education from National University of Ireland, Maynooth and has worked as an assessor of trainers for that body. She has also worked in the identification of training needs for students of NUI Maynooth. She has delivered Training for Trainers programmes, she has provided Support and Supervision for trainers and she has adapted training programmes for radio presentation. 

Gerry has delivered Interest Based Bargaining (Management and Union Negotiations) and has attended training with INCORE, University of Ulster on the Evaluation and Assessment of Peace Interventions. Gerry has delivered mediation skills training internationally for Lawyers without Borders and has delivered mediation training in Palestine.

She has assisted in the delivery of advanced Commercial Mediation training in Beograde, Serbia and assisted in the establishment of a Mediators Beyond Borders Chapter in Beograd university. Part of the work in Serbia was researching the peace building needs of Serbs living in Kosovo. Gerry also works in the field of facilitation and in community research and evaluation.

Mediators' Institute of Ireland


Mediator's Toolkit book


  • Developed a range of mediation training materials for the delivery of training programmes to demonstrate the learning from The Mediator’s Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes’.
  • Development and production of two hours and forty-five minutes filmed demonstration of a role play of a Workplace mediation case. This role play covers all the facets and nuances that could arise in a case of this type of harassment. This is for training purposes to demonstrate the learning in the above referenced book.



Production of a filmed role play of a commercial dispute illustrating how to get to the underlying interest and needs of the parties in dispute.


This film has over 50,000 views on You Tube, has been translated into Arabic by the World

Bank for its work in Egypt. It is used as course material for the provision of mediator training to

secondary school students in the UK, is used by the Scottish Mediation Association as part of their advertising resources and is used by a broad range of universities and mediator training organisations in Ireland, as well as internationally.



IMI Code of Professional Conduct
The Mediators' institute of Ireland Code of Ethics

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
The Mediators' Institute of Ireland Complaints Process

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Public/Products liability (including Professional Liability Risk)

Limit of Indemnity: €2,600,000

Gerry O'Sullivan
O'Sullivan Solutions
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