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Gerry O'Sullivan
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Author of: 'The Mediator's Toolkit: Formulating and Asking Questions for Successful Outcomes.' Publishers: New Society Publishing, Canada and delivers training nationally and internationally based on this book.

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Karen Erwin
Feedback digest by Karen Erwin, 10 Jul 2018 Reviewer: Karen Erwin, President, The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland is a professional Institute which does not assign Mediators’ to specific cases nor does it evaluate the performance of Mediators through direct client feedback. This Review included a self-declaration by the Mediator of client feedback – both verbal and written. Gerry O’Sullivan has extensive experience in Mediation and Conflict Resolution work for over 20 years. She works across many sectors including Civil and Commercial Mediation and Workplace mediation. Her experience has not been solely confined to dual party dispute as she has an extensive portfolio of expertise in mediating large and small group disputes and multi-party disputes. She has worked internationally in Northern Ireland and in Serbia. 96% of mediation cases contracted to Gerry OSullivan are from previous clients or referrals. Gerry has a sound conflict theoretical base. She is acknowledged for achieving an unprecedented and exceptional 94% mark in her Civil and Commercial Mediation training assessment. The feedback confirms that she is able to pinpoint the core of the conflict, is focused and incisive and is adept at listening to the underlying interests and concerns of people in conflict thereby empowering parties to reach a resolution. She has a reputation for “getting the work done”. Gerry O’Sullivan has an excellent capacity to build trust and rapport with parties in dispute. She is considered to be gentle, but firm, direct and challenging in her approach, ensuring respect for parties at all times. She creates a productive, but safe, non-threatening environment for difficult discussions. It is consistently said that Gerry is able to say difficult and challenging things in a diplomatic but truthful way. It is acknowledged by those who contract Gerry that her work skills are excellent and her ability to connect with parties in dispute is exceptional. Her thorough preparation prior to mediation is valued and acknowledged as being one of the keys to her success. She is consistently hardworking, efficient and highly organized. No reportable negative comments have been received by The Mediators’ Institute in relation to Gerry’s mediation practice. Karen Erwin President The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland
by Karen Erwin, 18 Sep 2021

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