Rationally compassionate and genuinely curious, Haley Weir believes in a mindful approach in reaching sustainable solutions and promoting conflict management skills.

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Young Mediator
Mediation Profile

Create space and facilitate open dialogue to increase the potential for mutually beneficial outcomes. I am passionate about conflict resolution and community engagement to achieve sustainable, inclusive solutions. I am motivated to challenge perceptions on conflict and promote ADR skills for resilience building in individuals to use in their personal and communal lives.

Client & Court Representative                                                                                    April 2019-present   Ministry of the Attorney General, Court Services Division                                                                                  Superior Court of Justice-Guelph ON

Social Media Synergist                                                                                               August 2019-present  Mediators Beyond Borders International

Client & Court Representative                                                                                    April 2019-present   Ministry of the Attorney General, Court Services Division                                                                          Superior Court of Justice 74 Woolwich St. Guelph ON

  • Public speaking skills to address small to large groups of individuals during courtroom proceedings; maintain court order and decorum; coordinate jury activities
  • Proactively provides guidance and support to clients with complex requests or issues by identifying, addressing and resolving the problem/concern or refers the matter to the applicable program area or organization; follows up and communicates outcomes to clients; and demonstrates sensitivity and emotional intelligence when dealing with clients who are distressed or upset and clients requiring special accommodations
  • Develops and maintains program contacts with other functional units, divisions, personnel of third-party service providers (e.g., Family Law Information Centres, Mandatory Information Programs, etc.), other government programs and jurisdictions to obtain information for
clients or to refer clients' for assistance and resolution

Online Tutor                                                                                                             March 2017-Spring 2019 Itutor Group

  • Utilize online platform to perform one on one and group tutoring with students from around the world in improving language skills
  • Emphasize focus on approaching problems to foster a better understanding of the material
  • Engage and challenge students maintaining sensitivity to a diverse range of students

Mediator & Intake Worker                                                                            February 2017-August 2018 Strathclyde Mediation Clinic, Glasgow

  • Exemplifies strong interpersonal skills to facilitate complex dialogue between multiple parties focusing on impartiality, confidentiality, and mutually beneficial options
  • Assist clients in clearly developing and articulating their positions and interests
  • Enhanced ability to work under pressure and in high-stress environments
  • Knowledge of small claims court, process of filing a claim, and judicial procedure
  • Co-mediator experience highlighted the importance of teamwork and adapting to others in order to optimize strengths while supporting weaknesses
  • Illustrated patience by compassionately exploring issues, in an impartial manner
  • Increased understanding of the complexity and multifaceted nature of conflict

Student Assistant to Mediation Clinic Director                             November 2017-August 2018 Strathclyde University, Glasgow

  • Coordinate and liaise with Mediation Clinic clients, volunteers and courts to arrange intake calls, mediations and CPD events
  • Attend local sheriff courts to provide support, organization and to liaise with court staff
  • Experience in administrative tasks such as database entry; processing of forms and notices (e.g. client referral forms, court paperwork) following set procedures
  • Undertake organizational support, such as arranging training and supervision events, booking rooms, photocopying/scanning materials, filing, preparing documents
  • Create the Mediation Clinic handbook
  • Creation of standardized templates to ensure consistent and accurate communications

Family Mediator Volunteer                                                                            January 2018-August 2018 Cyrenians Norton Park Edinburgh, UK 

  • Facilitate sessions with young people and families in order to prevent youth homelessness and relationship breakdown
  • Compassionate, empathetic questions and encouragement of dialogue
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations between young people and their families
  • Strive to assist young people and families create long term sustainable resolution
  • Strengthen clients’ resilience to conflict through strategies to cope with future conflict

Family Mediation Administrator                                                                   December 2017-July 2018 The Family Mediation Practice 14 Ardoch Grove Cambuslang, UK

  • Ensure appropriate paperwork is filled out accurately
  • Co-ordinate sessions between multiple venues and accommodate any additional needs
  • Inform parties of the process, principles, benefits of mediation and possibility of not reaching an agreement
  • Produce, disseminate and monitor client invoices and maintaining financial records
  • Understanding of Legal Aid procedures
  • Liaising with solicitors, parties and legal offices
  • Basic Wordpress management and editing for company website
Training and Education


MSc Mediation & Conflict Resolution Strathclyde University 2016- June 2018                                               • Recipient of the Deans International Award of Excellence                                                                                 • With Merit (High 2:1)                                                                                                                                      Courses in: Theory and Practice, Negotiation, Arbitration, Contract law, Mindfulness & Attention Skills Intensive weekend training modules with extensive role-play learning environment




Women Leadership & Negotiation Academy                                                                                                            The Negotiation Academy- Aug 2018

Understanding Families in Conflict                                                                                                                             Scottish Centre of Conflict Resolution - March 2018

Conflict & Emotional Homunculus                                                                                                                  Scottish Centre of Conflict Resolution-  Jan 2017

 Mediation & Homelessness prevention                                                                                                         Cyrenians & Scottish Centre of Conflict Resolution - Nov 2017

Communicate, Understand & Resolve                                                                                                          Cyrenians & Scottish Centre of Conflict Resolution- June 2017



Court and Client Representative

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