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Gerry Doerksen
Feedback digest by Gerry Doerksen, 13 Jul 2018 Reviewer: Gerry Doerksen CMed, Managing Principal, Client Insight Inc. ( Last Update: 05-Jun/12 This Feedback Digest is updated based on 12 interviews (via telephone) conducted over the past 7 weeks by Client Insight Inc. We interviewed both, Plaintiff and Defense Counsels as well as several Plaintiffs. This is in addition to 5 feedbacks gathered earlier (2009) by Ms. Meyer. From comments made by her clients, several characteristics make Ms. Meyer’s mediation practise unique. 1. Ms. Meyer shows empathy for the parties; one counsel said “my client felt that she had had her day in court”. Empathy shown with a ‘no question’ stance of neutrality. Ms. Meyer showed “no indication of judgement … she let the parties decide.” 2. Her business background and ability to make a business case to motivate the parties for settlement. One counsel indicated “she helped my client make a good business decision” and another mentioned “she helped identify the risks … she was clearly, the voice of reason.” One plaintiff mentioned that the Judith’s mediation had been restorative for her business “I was at extreme risk of losing my business license … her approach helped us make a much smarter business decision … six months later, I again have a thriving and profitable business … otherwise if we had continued with litigation, we would still be at it.” 3. She quickly moves to the heart / core of the dispute; didn’t waste time; has the ability to adjust to new information. 4. Her commitment and persistence to get the matter resolved. Of the cases that didn’t settle during the first mediation, all but one settled after the mediation as a result of Ms. Meyer’s continued involvement. Clients made comments such as “she was proactive in reaching out”; “she remained involved and that was helpful”; “she kept us moving towards common ground and nudged us towards resolution.” 5. She was well prepared for mediation; had read the briefs and thought about them; was ready to ask good questions; was familiar with the background; was organized and ready to deal with complicated factual issues; she understood the cases All of the respondents (100%) indicated that: 1) they would refer Ms. Meyer to colleagues and acquaintances. 2) they will utilize Ms. Meyer’s mediation services again. 3) they were satisfied with the result of the mediation. 4) they were satisfied with the process used for the mediation. 5) they are satisfied that Ms. Meyer is a skilled and effective Mediator. Eleven out of twelve respondents (92%) indicated that: 1) they resolved the dispute as a result of the mediation. 2) they felt that the mediation provided good value for the money. In three of the cases, Client Insight interviewed both the Plaintiff and Defendant counsels to the dispute. In all three cases, both counsels were satisfied with the process and result of the mediation and would recommend Ms. Meyer to associates. The clients interviewed were enthusiastic to share their impressions and feedback about Ms. Meyer’s skills as a mediator. On average, respondents provided more than 9 affirmative comments per interview. They talked about: her common sense, her level headed and practical approach to matters. Several counsel’s talked about Ms. Meyer’s commitment to explain the process to disputants which enabled them to become comfortable and identify their interests. One disputant mentioned that “she made what could have been a tense situation, less tense”. Ms. Meyer is said to be flexible in her approach and is willing to allow parties to design a process that will work for them. Clients talked about Ms. Meyer’s good personality as a mediator and that she is pleasant to deal with. They talked about her willingness to be conciliatory and accommodating but also about her sophistication, her bright and savvy approach. They mentioned her ability to create a constructive environment, her patience, her willingness to show empathy and neutrality. In one case, a client would have appreciated if Ms. Meyer had been “more assertive” and had more of a “take charge” approach. In contrast, another client felt that Ms. Meyer had been too early to dismiss a summary judgement. Another client mentioned that Ms. Meyer has never demonstrated a forceful demeanor however they could not remember if there had ever been a need. The remainder of respondents (9) could not think of anything that could have made the mediation experience better. There was no reportable negative feedback. This feedback update supports the initial feedback digest posted Feb 2009. For more detailed feedback regarding Judith Meyer, check out
This feedback digest was last updated 6 June 2012.
by Gerry Doerksen, 20 Jul 2024
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