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Kenny Aina
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Mr Aina, founder of the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse and Executive Director of Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG), is a nationally recognised ADR expert and Senior Expert of Aina Blankson LP—the foremost private ADR Law firm in Africa.

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IMI Support
Feedback digest by IMI Support, 23 Aug 2018 This feedback digest was prepared based on over 60 feedback forms between 2002 to 2010 when Kenny was pioneer director of Africa’s first court-connected ADR centre, The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, and until he went into private ADR practice in 2007. He mediated on a wide range of cases namely: corporate commercial transactions, inheritance matters, taxation, property disputes, employment matters, mergers and acquisitions, loan recovery primarily using a facilitative mediation style. His work was rated very highly by all parties with some exceptional results. He has mediated several high-profile matters involving eminent persons and multi-national organisations. In one high profile case that had been in court for over 20 years, Kenny mediated a successful resolution in only a few hours. Consistent comments about his mediations were his ability to so succinctly articulate and address the parties’ interests, going straight to the heart of the matter and his creativity in helping them to see a range of possibilities where hitherto the issue had seemed very narrow. He is well-known for mediating seemingly intractable matters and his unique way of dissipating tensions. In one matter involving a perceived imbalance of power, he very effectively mediated between the widow of an ex-employee and a multi-national oil corporation wherein he was able to reach resolution on a matter that had been in court for more than five years to the detriment of all those involved. By far the most repeated praise was for Kenny’s patience and his negotiation skills which were largely considered to be a pleasant revelation to many parties. These together with his dynamic approach to the mediation process and his trustworthiness formed a pattern that was repeated often from parties. In one instance of a multi-party dispute involving two major multi-national organisations in a highly complex and technical oil and gas/construction dispute in which the parties had planned to go to court in their own countries of residence (Germany and The Netherlands); and had come to mediation only to fulfil the terms of their contract, not only changed their minds about going to court but amicably settled a case that was expected to have lasted several years at great cost financially and professionally to both parties. His innovative use of multi-media during his introduction to summarize all the key technical details ensured the immediate confidence and cooperation of the parties and his control of the process was commended by all. Kenny was noted for his dynamic style, understanding of and attention to detail with regards to matters he mediates. He is adept at handling the mediation process and doesn’t shy away from calling a halt to it if parties are unwilling to show good faith or explore options. In another highly charged emotional matter between a senior lawyer and a banking group, he was able to succeed where other mediators had failed helping both parties to save face, precious time, relationships, reputations and vast sums of money. Kenny is highly regarded in the field of ADR practice in Nigeria and is the most highly demanded and paid mediator to date in the profession. His mediations resulted in a client base grown largely by word of mouth. His success rate is above the 80% average for mediations. He has also trained many of the mediators who currently work in the field in Nigeria and has to his credit two books on ADR as well as numerous articles and publications.
This feedback digest was last updated 26 November 2011.
by IMI Support, 21 Jul 2024
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