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Khory McCormick
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20+ years experience. I have conducted over 150 meditations both nationally (Australia) and regionally across diverse commercial and social subject matters.

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Tom Stodulka
Feedback digest by Tom Stodulka, 13 Aug 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 10 feedbacks from 7 mediations submitted in the second half of 2013 covering mediations between 2011-2013. The respondents were 1 party and 9 party representatives. The feedback responses were predominantly 5:5. In terms of satisfaction; 5 respondents assessed themselves 'very satisfied' with the outcome of the mediation; 4 'satisfied' (but still scored the mediator highly); 0 'very unsatisfied' and only 1 'unsatisfied'. The 'unsatisfied' respondent was disappointed with the outcome not the mediator. They said: 'Dissatisfaction with the outcome was a result of the limitations of the mediation process – not the mediator's performance.' Respondents gave high ratings for Khory's neutrality, communication skills and his careful preparation for mediation, as well as his skills in negotiation and problem solving. They appreciated how he created a clear framework for discussion and led parties on an exploration of issues. They were impressed by his knowledge, experience in the field, and his excellent facilitation skills. Respondents noted Khory's deep understanding of both mediation and people's experience and opinion of the mediation process. They felt that he did an excellent job in gaining the trust of the parties for the mediation process, without which the process would have failed. They also commented on his patience and hard work in bringing parties together, and his commitment to the mediation process. Tom Stodulka Mediator
This feedback was last updated 10 March 2015.
by Tom Stodulka, 19 Sep 2021

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