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Ever since high school I took an interest in international trade and wanted somehow to be involved in it. Somewhere along the way, my focus shifted on disputes arising from it and that formed my decision to go to Faculty of Law University of Belgrade. During law school, I realized that so much conflict and judicial proceedings could’ve been easily prevented if only parties in the dispute understood each others needs better. Law school also gave me an insight into the dual nature of the finality of judicial proceedings. It ends the dispute, but also ends the relationship. While getting my masters degree, I became familiar with ADR. During my time studying for the ADR exam, I realized that mediation can help people preserve those relationships, especially considering the small size of some communities and markets and the fragility of relations with friends and family. That made me realize that I want to be the person who helps people achieve that goal and that mediation is a perfect tool for such endeavour.

I work at a state owned company Yugoimport-SDPR. I started in the company's Financial directorate in the Old claims department, where I also worked as in-house counsel for the whole Financial directorate. My job consisted of legal support for the financial department, compliance, drafting of various contracts for regulation of mutual claims, legal and financial analysis of all contractual relations arising from foreign trade and investment contracts and participation in the preparation process for disputes before domestic and foreign courts and arbitrations. After 4 years, I transferred to the company's Legal and Human resources directorate. My work there was based on compliance, contract negotiation, drafting and execution of all types of contracts, drafting of company general status acts, activities related to the regulation of the legal status of the company and other legal entities in the country and abroad (establishment of subsidiaries, registration at the Serbian Business Registers Agency, etc.), legal research, providing legal services to company’s business entities, dispute resolution practising mostly in the Property law, Company law, Contract Law, International Trade Law, Construction law, etc.

Court mandated mediation.

I didn't receive any mediation training accrediations or certifications.

Training and Education

Basic mediation training in 2018. which was provided by Partners Serbia and Serbian National Association of Mediators for 5 days (5 classess for 45 minutes in accordance with Serbian regulation for basic mediator training).

Specialized mediation training - Mediation in commercial disputes, 2019, 10 classess for 45 minutes, provided by Institute for economic diplomacy.

Singapore convention on mediation in 2019, 2 hours provided by ADR Partners in cooperation with Serbian National Association of Mediators

Specialized mediation training – Advanced negotiation and communication skills in 2019, 10 classess for 45 minutes provided by ADR Partners in cooperation with Serbian National Association of Mediators

Specialized mediation training - Mediation in intellectual property disputes in 2020, 15 classess for 45 minutes provided by Institute for Mediation, Negotiation and Public policies


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Nikola Tomić
+381 62 432334
Senior Officer
State owned company Yugoimport-SDPR

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