My experience in international negotiations and through mediation has provided me with great experience in building and preserving business relationships which I use to get the best possible outcome for everybody.

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Young Mediator
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Mediation Profile

During law school, I realized that so much conflict and judicial proceedings could’ve been easily prevented if only parties in the dispute understood each others needs better. Law school also gave me an insight into the dual nature of the finality of judicial proceedings. It ends the dispute, but also ends the relationship. While getting my masters degree, I became familiar with ADR. During my time studying for the ADR exam, I realized that mediation can help people preserve those relationships, especially considering the small size of some communities and markets and the fragility of relations with friends and family. That made me realize that I want to be the person who helps people achieve that goal and that mediation is a perfect tool for such endeavor.

I am a freelance mediator. I have 5 years of experience as a mediator in various types of mediation. I am a legal professional with over 8 years of experience in defense and aviation industry which consist of negotiating and drafting all types of contracts, compliance duties and other various legal support. I have experience with Serbian and Swiss Law, UNIDROIT principles, and partial experience with USA and UK Law.

Various commercial, employment and family mediations.

I didn't receive any mediation training accrediations or certifications.

Training and Education

Basic mediation training in 2018. which was provided by Partners Serbia and Serbian National Association of Mediators for 5 days (5 classess for 45 minutes in accordance with Serbian regulation for basic mediator training).

Specialized mediation training - Mediation in commercial disputes, 2019, 10 classess for 45 minutes, provided by Institute for economic diplomacy.

Singapore convention on mediation in 2019, 2 hours provided by ADR Partners in cooperation with Serbian National Association of Mediators

Specialized mediation training – Advanced negotiation and communication skills in 2019, 10 classess for 45 minutes provided by ADR Partners in cooperation with Serbian National Association of Mediators

Specialized mediation training - Mediation in intellectual property disputes in 2020, 15 classess for 45 minutes provided by Institute for Mediation, Negotiation and Public policies

Investor-State mediation skills training



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Nikola Tomić

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