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Paul Rose

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Lynn Cole
Feedback digest by Lynn Cole, 13 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on: (1) 12 feedbacks for 2016 mediations; (2) 11 feedbacks for mediations in 2015; and (3) 13 feedback for mediations in 2015. This is the first Feedback Digest for newly IMI-certified Mediator, Paul Rose. This Initial Feedback Digest is based on verified feedbacks for Elite Mediator, Paul Rose, from Clerksroom ( a logged-in and verified feedback website for UK Mediators and Barristers. Mediator Rose also submitted one IMI Feedback Form for 2016 and, he anticipates continuing to submit Feedback on IMI Forms. Mr. Rose has consistently been rated quite favorably by parties for whom he has mediated a wide range of disputes. It is clear from the favorable and actual comments that the parties would recommend Mr. Rose as a mediator. Recommendation comments included: "will definitely use again on bigger and more complex [matters]; "will use again"; and, "he was, without a doubt, the right man for the job and I will recommend him to others". One party commented that "he has a very unique and effective style which I recommend should be adopted by all mediators." Those who experienced Mr. Rose's organizational skills in setting up, explaining and preparing for the mediation regularly perceived Mr. Rose as treating all sides fairly and impartially. Comments included: "Pre-call was very useful to set the scene"; "great preparation and wonderful communications through-out; Paul was engaging throughout the process and understood the dynamics of the commercial situation, which was complex." One feedback provider hailed him as "the new Henry Kissinger". Another described his "can do approach". The parties consistently acclaimed Mr. Rose's management skills with comments such as: "achieved the impossible", "did a really brilliant job", and "the directness and empathy was just what was needed - a difficult balance to strike." Several parties commented on his "energetic" efforts and his "calm" and "reassuring" style. One feedback provided even stated "I have done many mediations, but this one is almost certainly the one in which the mediator moved the parties the furthest". Another commented that he was "masterful in building rapport with the parties, creating a positive working experience ... a truly fantastic experience". Mr. Rose's breadth and multi-faceted range of mediation skills consistently emerged from his feedback comments from parties. They include, as a sample of only a few: "professional, courteous and determined"; "made us feel very relaxed and at ease"; "input was very helpful through-out the day"; straight-talking, very persuasive...job well done"; and, [he] was pro-active and took control which was needed ... and communicated with the client in an approachable and direct way." It is clear the parties see that Mr. Rose can be "empathic" and yet be a "tenacious mediator" with "lots of perseverance". The parties in their comments consistently perceive Mr. Rose as a well-prepared mediator who clearly understands the unique issues of each mediation and responds proactively, caringly and, competently. In the three years of reports, there were no reportable negative comments.

This feedback digest was last updated 16 January 2017.
by Lynn Cole, 13 May 2021

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