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Dr Renate Dendorfer-Ditges
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Anke Loebel
Feedback digest by Anke Loebel, 17 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 10 Feedbacks, initially collected in October 10, 2008. Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges has been rated at Performance Level 5 by all parties for whom she has acted as a mediator. Each party would instruct her again or recommend her as a mediator. Costs were evaluated as reasonable and fair in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by Mrs Denforfer-Ditges, and in general a very high degree of satisfaction was reported. Parties mention Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges' organisational skills in setting up and preparing for the mediation. As she is an experienced mediation trainer she is very good in explaining how mediation works and what the criteria and rules for mediation are. She can build up trust easily with clients. She is a good listener and has a very respectful attitude towards clients and their lawyers. Regularly reported was that Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges was perceived as having treated all sides fairly and impartially. She was very efficient in understanding the relevant issues as well as very patient with the clients working on their needs and interests. Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges’ management skills in the mediation process were hailed as a key strength. Most of Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges' mediations resulted in a resolution. She stays relaxed when tensions among the parties increase and keeps negotiators focused on key issues and future interests. Her great experience as a lawyer dealing with complicated business matters is her advantage in business mediations with a great number of parties. She has the ability to manage forceful lawyers who also attend most of her mediations. She has a huge talent for structuring the issues and leading the parties through the process without taking away any self determination of the parties. Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges encourages the parties to work towards a mutually acceptable resolution. Parties appreciate her ability to guide them through an analysis of litigation risks. In some cases, the parties asked Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges for a non-binding opinion as she is a very experienced lawyer and arbitrator. Pursuant to the Feedback Reports for these cases Mrs Dendorfer-Ditges is willing to do so. The parties appreciate her ideas very much. Also, her co-mediators are impressed by her cooperation and mediation style and would like to work with her again. There are no negative comments that have arisen in the past eight years. Reviewer: Anke Löbel Mediator BM® & Mediation Trainer BM® Supervisor Rechtsanwältin (German qualified lawyer) & Solicitor (England & Wales) Tel: 0049 175 915 7033
This feedback digest was last updated 28 October 2014.
by Anke Loebel, 15 Jun 2024
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