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Samil Demir
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Mr. Şamil Demir is an experienced international mediator, mediation trainer and mediation advocate.

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Hamdi Can Ünsal
Feedback digest by Hamdi Can Ünsal, 20 Aug 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 26 feedback in 15 mediations, initially submitted on Sunday 25th September 2016. A high majority of parties for whom Mr. Demir acted as a mediator has consistently rated his Performance Level at 5, in other words very satisfactory. Majority of these parties also rated Mr. Demir’s mediation skills and ability at Level 5 and stated that they were satisfied his mediation skills. Many of the parties stated that they are willing to use him as a mediator in the future and a very high percentage of them would recommend Mr. Demir as a mediator. Many of the parties commented that the cost of the mediation process was satisfactory, especially when the context of the dispute is considered. Parties who used Mr. Demir as a mediator stated that they have appointed him after Mr. Demir was suggested by a colleague and law firm while some said Mr. Demir was suggested by the opposing party, however, they would appoint him in the future if they ever decide to go mediation in the future. The majority of the parties rated their overall satisfaction with the mediation process at Level 5, in other words, very satisfied. More than of the parties involved in mediation led by Mr. Demir mentioned that it was their first experience with the mediation process and almost all the parties said that they are willing to mention their views as a reference in Mr. Demir’s mediator profile. Those who experienced Mr. Demir’s organizational skills in setting up, explaining and preparing for the mediation regularly reported that Mr. Demir had treated all parties fairly and impartially. They felt that he gave great importance to the confidentially of information from parties disclosed during the mediation process, and this exceeded their expectations. A high percentage of parties has stated that they were impressed with Mr. Demir’s crowd management skills especially during the resolution of multilateral commercial disputes. Several parties commented that he had answered all questions of parties about the different aspects of the mediation process and explained the process before and throughout the process. A high proportion of Mr. Demir’s mediations resulted in a resolution. In most cases he was mentioned as a mediator who made impartial suggestions to the parties and several parties commented that Mr. Demir has assisted them to find their own solutions without dictating a solution. Mr. Demir has been evaluated as a mediator who is capable of rapidly developing highly trusting relationships with parties and he is appreciated for being a good listener and being patient during the process. Several of the parties mentioned that he had established a good rapport with them and showed empathy to their emotional reactions and distress concerning the existing dispute. Some of the parties expressed appreciation of Mr. Demir’s move to remind them all that the information he had received during private talks with parties would remain confidential. No reportable negative comments have arisen in the past two calendar year.
This feedback digest was last updated 9 November 2016.
by Hamdi Can Ünsal, 6 Aug 2021

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