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Ursula Caser

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IMI Certified Mediator
Germany, Portugal
English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
ICFML - Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos
Mediation Profile

Born in Oberstdorf, Germany, I took the European Masters in Mediation (2000) by the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (Sion, Switzerland) in collaboration with the University of Barcelona and graduated in Physical Geography (specialization: meteorology, pedology) from the University of Munich (1989).

Since 1991 I work as a consultant for the Department of Science and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology of UNL, in particular by conducting participatory workshops (about 300 workshops coordinated and run throughout Portugal). 

My main areas of work focus on consensus building and conflict management in complex planning and decision making processes (public services, universities and research centres, educational institutions, enterprises and organizations), facilitation and moderation of meetings and conferences, public participation processes), education and training (interactive methods in planning, facilitation techniques, conflict management, general mediation and complex multiparty mediation).

On the other hand I work as a mediator since 2001 specializing in multi-stakeholder conflicts, preventive mediation in school contexts (e.g. Mediation in the process of developing a new curriculum and school program of the German School of Lisbon), community (e.g. the project "Critical Neighbourhoods - Couva da Moura") and business (accredited by CEDR – Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). In collaboration with the ATEC Training Academy as well as for the German School of Lisbon I develop and coordinate seminars targeting a better Luso-German intercultural integration of the trainees.

I was recognized as an official mediator of conflicts for Magisterial Courts (Julgados de Paz) of Cascais, Lisbon and Sintra. (Accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice).

As a teacher or congress-presenter I have quite considerable national and international experiences.

I work and teach in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French

- Since 2002 I collaborate with the Portuguese Ministry of Justice (accredited to integrate the lists of the Portuguese magisterial courts (Julgados de Paz). 

- Since 2001 I work as an Independent mediator in commercial and work place conflicts, as well as in community conflicts and collaborative public planning situations, having been contracted by a considerable variety of clients.

- I collaborate for more than 10 years with several universities in Portugal, organizing and running workshops / meetings within the framework of environmental mediation and complex multiparty mediation in scientific projects and planning.

- I work for more than 10 years with city councils around the country organizing and facilitating public participation processes in the context of Local Agenda 21 or Municipal Environmental Development Plans. 

- In the meantime we have facilitated about 300 participatory workshops and numerous complex stakeholder meetings, contracted by quite a variety of client.

My large network comprises national and international organizations and institutions. Thus I feel able to convene teams of experienced mediators, adequate to any conflict situation. Furthermore – if convenient - I might integrate a wide range of professional expertise, inviting experts to our project teams (e. g. as consultants or supervisors).

The challenge is to set up the best possible process and to use the most adequate mediation style in any moment in order to enable all stakeholders to profit fully from their knowledge and expertise. So each case is a case and requires specifically designed and conducted intervention. As I am German (and as such anglo-saxonian influenced) I consider myself to a certain extent pragmatic, "service-delivery" orientated, practicating a facilitative style. On the other hand I live and work for 22 years in a luso-hispano-speaking context (and as such romano-phone and conceptional/philosóphical influenced) I focus on plurilogue and transformative and access to justice oriented mediation styles. I am not so much an evaluative mediator as I feel responsible for process, not for content!

Mediation Direct assistance in solving personal and community conflicts bilateral / multilateral. Direct assistance regarding internal conflicts in public institutions, organizations or enterprises, as well as in conflicts inter-stakeholder conflicts. Design and execution of consensus building processes, focussing on complex situations of adversarial planning towards sustainable environmental development. Facilitation Design and facilitation of participatory sessions at scientific meetings and congresses. Planning and implementation process of consensus building and collaborative decision-making Assistance and facilitation of public participation processes and development of management models. Moderation of meetings. Stakeholders Analysis and development of communication plans. Consulting and Coaching Diagnosis and Analysis of adversarial situations. Design of strategies for resolving conflicts or cooperative planning. Consultancy, coaching and support in negotiations. Coaching and supervision of mediators and facilitators. Coaching for leadership in crisis. Design and implementation of mediation services. Portuguese-German intercultural coaching. Research Participation in Action Research projects. Collaboration with various national and international universities. Collaboration in networks and associations of Mediators link to Network). Scientific publications _ LINK. Training Design and implementation of training in mediation, public participation, facilitation techniques, communication and intercultural awareness towards organizations and companies. Courses, workshops and seminars on how to develop and execute participatory processes, conflict management and mediation. Design and implementation of training in classical mediation.

As every case is a case, and projects may be of very different complexity,
fees depend on previous consultation,
please do not hesitate to contact me!

Since 2011 - Transparência e Integridade Associação Cívica (P) - (Portuguese Chapter of Transparency International)
Since 2011 - European Suiseki Association (D)
Since 2010 - Portuguese Association of Geographers Associação Portuguesa de Geografia (member nº 1047) (P)
Since 2010 - Manager of the Transpyrenean Sub-Group of ICR (LinkedIn-Groups)
Since 2005 - MEDIARCOM – European Association for Mediation (P) Founding Member
Since 2002 - Associação de Mediadores de Conflitos (P) -
Since 1997 - DGVA (German Association of Applied Geography) (D) -
Since 1995 - Network Eco-Councillors Europe (A) - Representing Portugal, observer
1990 – 2001 - Liga dos Amigos do Museu Nacional de História Natural (P)
1992 – 2001 - ITVA (Association of Engineers for Derelict Land and Polluted Soils) (D)
1996 – 2001 - Rotary Club of Lisbon (P)
1986 – 1995 - Workgroup Sea and Coast (D)
1985 – 2000 - DEUQUA-Workgroup for Quaternary Studies (D)
1983 – 1989 - Munich Geographical Society (D)

As my intervention range is quite broad,
e.g. from teaching in a Law Faculty and Mediation for the Portuguese Ministry of Justice
to Environmental Sustainable Ocean Management or Transport Management
to Public Participation
to School Delegates Qualification and Peer-Mediation
PLEASE ASK FOR SPECIFIC REFERENCES, do not hesitate to contact me

Training and Education

CEDR – Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
Mediator Skills Training – Commercial Mediation (40 h) GB-London
Certified Mediator

Commercial Mediation (8h)
Paul Randolph; MATA UK, RU-Moscow
Certificate of Attendance

Workshop PPPs Private Public Partnerships and Environmental Issues: A Practical Workshop on Consensus Building and Mutual Gain Negotiation (8h)
Prof. Lawrence Susskind, Harvard / PON / MTI P-Lisbon
Certificate of Attendance

Train the Trainer: How to develop, structure and conduct courses and trainings in eLearning (60h) 
NovaEtapa – Consultores em Gestão e Recursos Humanos, Lda, P-Lisbon 
Certified Trainer (certified by Portuguese Ministry of Labour)

19.05.05 - 20.05.05
Train the Trainer – Knowledge Management 
Volkswagen Coaching – ATEC, P-Palmela
Certificate of Attendance 

03.07.2003 - 04.07.2003 
Trainingsworkshop Deliberative Democracy: from Theory to Action
Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento, P-Lisbon
Certificate of Attendance 

11/1998 - 11/2000 
Conflict Mediation (800 hours)
Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, University, CH-Sion
European Master in Mediation

25.09.97 - 29.09.97
Mediation an Environmental Dispute Management
Gtz + Christopher Moore (CDR Associates, Boulder Colorado), D-Bonn
Certificate of Attendance

In Portugal and worldwide: between 200 and 300 training hours a year, integrated into masters, postgraduate courses, and professional training. The modules are a part of our formal training offer or created to the needs of our clients

Some clients (for more please see homepage)

Law Faculty of the New University of Lisbon (P)
Masters’ Course: Justice – Juridical and Meta-Juridical Perspectives–Module: ADR and Mediation” (Since 2010) and Bachelors’ Course: ADR–Module: “echniques of Mediation-Since 2008

Institute of Engineering and Surveying, Technical University of Munich (D)
Master of Science: Transportation Systems-Module: Mediation and Conflict Resolution-Since 2008

Open University of Lisbon (P)
PMIDA – Participation and Interactive Methods in Environmental Decision Making (eLearning)”,in:Masters’ Course: MCAP – Master in Environmental Citizenship and Public Participation-Since 2008

The Scientific and Methodological Center for Mediation and Law (RusFed):
Advanced Mediators’ Training: Multi-Party- Mediation; Community Mediation-Since 2008

MEDIARCOM – European Mediation Association (P)
Mediation and ADR, Work Place Mediation, Multi-Party-Family Mediation, MediarDrama-Since 2007

Institute for Geodesy, Technical University of Munich (D)
Master of Science: Land Management and Land Tenure”– Module: Multi-Party-Mediation, Environmental Mediation and Public Participation-Since 2006

ATEC - Academia de Formação (P)
Intra- and inter-organizational Multi-Party-Mediation, Intercultural Sensibilization and Competence-Since 2005

German School of Lisbon (P)
Qualification of Class Representatives for Democracy, Peer-Mediation; Teambuilding, Interculturality-Since 2005

WTeamUp – Participation and Empowerment (P)
Techniques for Interactive Collaborative Planning, Active Public Participation and Multi-Party-Mediation- Since 2002

Liga for the Protection of Nature-LPN (P)
Methods for Collaborative Regional Planning, Mediation and Facilitation-since 2001


Publications in 2011 (for earlier publications see

VASCONCELOS, L., RAMOS PEREIRA, M. J., CASER, U., GONÇALVES, G., SILVA, F. & SÁ, R. (2011): Setting the ground for the governance of Marine Protected Areas (Ocean & Coastal Management – in press) doi: 10.1016/j.oceoaman.2011.07.006
VASCONCELOS, L., CASER, U., GONÇALVES, G., SILVA, F., RAMOS PEREIRA, M. J. & SÁ, R. (2011): MARGov, Preliminary Conclusions.- (in press: Ocean & Coastal Management eingereicht)
MARQUES, A., RAMOS, T., COSTA, M. H., SÃ, R., CASER, U. & VASCONCELOS, L. (2011): Adaptive Sustainable Indicators in Marine Protected Areas – Design and Communication.- (in press: Ecological Indicators)
CASER, U (2011): A Mediação Socio-Ambienmtal um campo de Intervenção por Excellência para Geógrafos (Sozio-ökologische Mediation ein Einsatzgebiet par excellence für Geographen).- XII. Colóquio Ibérico de Geografia, 06.-09.10.2010 (in press: Inforgeo – aceite) 
VASCONCELOS, L., CASER, U, GONÇALVES & SÁ, R., (2011): MARGov, Building Social Sustainability.- (Journal of Coastal Conservation – In press).
CASER, U. (2011): Qualification od Student´s Delegates for Democraçy at the German School of Lisbon.- (submetido para publicação em in Mediacia e Prava (медиация и право)– (aceite)
RAMOS, N., CASER, U. ESTEVÃO, P. e NEVES, I. (2011): Mediação de Conflitos e Imigrantes – Análise Exploratória de uma Acção de Sensibilização junto às Associações de Imigrantes (Poster) – Congresso “Construir a Paz”; 15.-16.06.2011 Universidade Fernando Pessoa, P-Porto (aceite) 
RAMOS, N., CASER, U. ESTEVÃO, P. & NEVES, I. (2011): Projecto iMediar – Plataforma para Promoção e Implementação da Mediação de Conflitos em Contexto de Interculturalidade - Congresso “Construir a Paz”; 15.-16.06.2011 Universidade Fernando Pessoa, P-Porto (aceite)
CASER, U. (2011): как развеять страхи и мифы вокруг многостороннуй медиации? (How to overcome Fears and Myths in Multi-Party Mediation?) .- in: Mediacia e Prava (медиация и право); N° 2 (20), p. 34-45; Russ. Fed., Moscow.


Conde of Conduct from the Associação de Mediadores de Conflicto (AMC) - Portugal.
EU- Code of Conduct for Mediators - International.

Depends on the complaint


Ursula Caser
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