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Olé is an online process to help you to analyze and assess specific disputes in order to determine the best possible way forward - potentially reducing risk, uncertainty, cost and time. Olé is a tool designed and developed by disputants for their use and by their legal counsel and this online functionality was funded by the GE Foundation.

  • Olé can be used by a disputant and legal counsel online (via screen-sharing).
  • Olé is simple to use.
  • Olé prompts the right questions and encourages concise answers.

Complete Olé using abbreviated information.  There is a maximum limit of 3,000 characters, including spaces (approximately 1 page of text).

Data Storage Options

Before you input any data into Olé you will be invited to select your data storage preferences. Full information is given about each data storage option here.

You may choose not to store any data you input and either print each page as you go, or at the end of your visit to Olé you may send your data to yourself as a pdf file.  Alternatively, you may store your data online.  For full details of each option, select "Data Storage Options" from the Olé menu.



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