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Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

(Victor Hugo)


Is the IMI initiative really an idea whose time has come?  How do some leaders in the field feel about IMI's remit?


"Mediation has come a long way, but still has much further to go.  The field now needs to evolve quickly into a true profession.  High minimum practice and ethical standards need to be set, made transparent and achieved internationally; users of mediation need to see these standards operating effectively.  More and better information must be made available by individual mediators about their skills, capabilities and personalities.  Quality and Transparency together will enable mediation to grow."

Lord Woolf of Barnes

Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales, 2000-2005
Judge (non-permanent) of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong
President of the Civil and Commercial Court of the Qatar Financial Centre
International Academy of Mediators’ Lifetime Achievement Award 2009

The Woolf Report 1996 was the catalyst for the development of ADR in England


"IMI has undertaken a task of immense importance, not merely in developing uniform standards of practice for conflict resolution, but in creating the foundation for an enormous increase in international conflict resolution capacity. If we are to solve global problems we will require not only global solutions, but global processes, methods and techniques. This will necessitate the development of a collaborative approach to diversity and uniformity in conflict resolution practices, and the creation of a global forum where our differences can be discussed, analyzed, learned from, and synergistically combined. IMI has taken the first step in bringing conflict resolution into the 21st century, by inviting us and the cultures and nations we represent to come together and learn from each other. Only in this way can we hope to overcome the obstacles we have created through conflict."

Kenneth Cloke, President
Mediators Beyond Borders: Pathways to Peace and Reconciliation

"The European Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators  takes  notice of the recently formed International Mediation  Institute (IMI)  and its initiatives for creating international  competency standards  for certifying mediators,  endorses the IMI  in those endeavours, and  encourages its membership and others active in international dispute  resolution to lend their support  to the IMI."

European Branch, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
Resolution passed at Trier, Germany, 28 April 2007


“Of all the efforts at making mediation mainstream, of all the mammoth initiatives and giant strides by leading proponents, of all our success stories, nothing compares with the IMI vision of standard setting and Industry watch, for without such, mediation remains an endangered specie.” 

Kehinde Aina
Founder, Negotiation & Conflict Management Group
Founder, The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse


"I sincerely welcome the recent incorporation of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) in The Netherlands. As the first global, non-governmental organisation that will enable certification of the competency of mediators worldwide, it will certainly be of great benefit and value to all users of dispute settlement services. Congratulations to all those who have made this possible."

Ali Alatas
Former Minister of Foreign Affaires, Republic of Indonesia
Member of International Panel of Mediators, Singapore Mediation Centre


"In an age of globalisation, IMI offers local mediators a global voice, national bodies an international benchmark, and users of mediation confidence in the mediation profession worldwide."

Professor Nadja Alexander
Director, Alternative Dispute Resolution, University of Queensland
Editor, Global Trends in Mediation (Kluwer Law)
Mediation practitioner, writer, researcher, trainer and educationalist


"IMI comes into the world as the African Mediation Association (AMA) is conceived.  Our goal to establish benchmarks in standards of mediation training and practice throughout Africa will be facilitated greatly by this exciting association.  I wish IMI every possible success in strengthening links across the globe and look forward to our active participation.  Synchronicity ... without doubt. "

Brenda Brainch
Director, Dispute Resolution Centre, Kenya

Member of the Board, African Mediation Association 


"I think that the proposed IMI is an excellent concept which has the potential to greatly enhance the worldwide practice of mediation.  The international initiative to standardise and improve mediator competency will fill a universal and pressing need. It is certainly one that I welcome as an African mediator." 

John Brand

Partner, Bowman Gilfillan
Director, Conflict Dynamics
Founder trustee of the Independent Mediation Service of South Africa
Director, Tokiso Dispute Resolution Pty Ltd.


"Finally IMI! Many compliments to all of you. With IMI a new era starts for all practitioner mediators: finally a body "super partes" with an high reputation (given from the C.V. of you three well-known founders) will give an important certification to all the worthy mediators worldwide, using the same standards for all. I approve with pleasure the project and I'm convinced that it will be an important reality for all of us mediators".

Alessandro Bruni
Member, Executive Committee of GEMME, Italian Section

Founder and Board Member, CONCILIA LLC
Member, ADR Commission of the Rome BAR


"The intention of having a global or world-wide certification of competency of mediators is a noble move in order to have a common parameter in the quality of mediation including its ethical standards and an increase of awareness and better understanding of the benefits of mediation.This move is very timely since the Philippines has started to accept mediation as a more human way of resolving disputes and it is very important that whatever mileage it has gained should be protected."

Salvador P. Castro, Jr.
Chairman, Mediation Committee, Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.
Director, Philippine Institute of Construction Arbitrators and Mediators


"Two undeniable facts underpin the IMI and its extraordinary mission: 1) A commitment to raise the bar of quality dispute resolution, and 2) Leadership by example. This organization reflects the substantial practical benefits experienced by some of the most sophisticated consumers of dispute resolution services in the world."  

Roger M. Deitz
New York, NY
Distinguished Neutral, CPR Institute
Member, American Academy of Civil Trial Mediators
Past Chair of the Committee on Alternative Resolution, The New York City Bar


"IMI can play a pivotal role not least in the countries where the international donor community is investing considerable resources to introduce mediation, both as a means to foster access to justice locally and to create an environment more attractive to foreign investors. Certifying mediator competency will allow a leap forward to mediation movements that are currently in infancy status."

Professor Giuseppe De Palo

President, ADR Center
International Professor of ADR Law and Practice

Hamline University School of Law, St.Paul, MN

"The establishment of IMI will certainly accelerate the growth of quality mediators to resolve disputes through clear competency standards for mediators and better understanding of mediation in the Asia and Pacific region... This initiative will significantly contribute to the development of speedy dispute resolution process in the Asian region and throughout the world, thereby promoting and sustaining effective peacebuild cultures globally. In these times of increasing disputes and open conflicts, the establishment of The International Mediation Institute at The Hague is both urgently needed and provides refreshing hope to societies, organisations and countries around the world."

Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Tourism and Environment
Government of Fiji


"IMI holds the promise of delivering real value to disputants and their professional advisers, to mediation providers and trainers, to judges and arbitrators and to teachers and governments.  There is advantage in it for everyone."

Thierry Garby

Partner, Lerins Avocats
President, World Forum of Mediation Centres
Vice President, Litigation Commission, Union Internationale des Avocats
Vice President, Mediation Committee, International Bar Association


"The existence and the implementation of international standards for mediators brings a world-wide focus on concepts and principles regarding the most appropriate time, shape, content and space of the mediation regulations as a profession, based on the current needs of both users and mediators around the world. The time is certainly now or it's already late. At present, many countries and regional groups are generating their own standards and they tend to vary. An international accepted standard will ensure a common interpretation of a quality mediation service. IMI needs to think of the most honest reasons for that, convey them to many people and use the provided feed-back in order to design the shape, the content and the space; and the credit will go to the mediation profession. IMI will have to deal with a great responsibility but it will do the job for which it will take a great pride."

Constantin Adi Gavrila
Mediator and Mediation Trainer
General Manager, Craiova Mediation Center
President, Union of the Mediation Centers in Romania


"I congratulate IMI in establishing a valuable platform for the global mediation standards. As the professionalism of mediation is raised, I believe mediation will claim its rightful place as a legitimate and viable way of resolving disputes."

Professor Tommy Koh
Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore
Chairman of the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore
Member of International Panel of Mediators, Singapore Mediation Centre


"As a user of mediation services I am an enthusiastic supporter of the IMI effort to establish a universal standard for Mediators. It will make the choice of a qualified Mediator to assist with our disputes so much easier and more reliable."

Wolf von Kumberg
Legal Director, Assistant General Counsel, Northrop Grumman Corporation


"While acknowledging all the benefits and values that IMI can bring to mediation practice internationally, it really is just the beginning of the exciting process of mindset change that people need to experience so that we switch from win to resolve, from fear to trust and from destruction to collaboration. IMI has my full support."

Tina Monberg

Director, meditioncenter a/s
Author, Confliktens Redskaber (Toolbox of Conflicts)


"An organisation like IMI has long been overdue. While there exist many different and excellent mediation providers in many countries, it is difficult for the user to find out who is competent and who is not. Since INTA has been working intensively on educating and training their Panel of Neutrals we welcome the initiative of IMI and hope to be able to contribute to the excellency of the program."

F. Peter Mueller
Chair, ADR Committee, International Trademark Association (INTA)
Partner, Mueller Schupfner


"We congratulate the founding members for the establishment of IMI and pledge our support for IMI's activities."

Mu Zili
Vice-Secretary General, Mediation Center
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
China Chamber of International Commerce


"We welcome the creation of the International Mediation Institute which, we believe, will contribute to enhancement of the competency and professionalism of mediators and also encourage and develop mediation in Asia and beyond."

Masaharu Onuki,
Director, The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association


"Although my advisers and I basically know where to go when we need a mediator, we probably have access to less than 1% of the field of choice internationally. When the IMI initiative is up and running, my team and I will use it".

Erik Pfeiffer

Chairman of the Board, Paranova Gruppen


"The creation of the International Mediation Institute represents an important milestone on the road to establishing mediation as an acceptable dispute resolution process with integrity and standards. It is important that disputants have confidence in the dispute resolution process they select and the work of the Institute will greatly assist in bolstering such confidence. The Institute aims to promulgate standards and provide quality assurance which will do much to change mediation from an alternative system of dispute resolution to a mainstream process. I congratulate the member organizations which have established the Institute on this exciting and innovative initiative."

Michael Pryles
President, Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration
Immediate Past President, Asia Pacific Regional Arbitration Group


"As someone who has been conducting mediations in Australia for quite a number of years, I am more than happy to welcome this initiative, which I am sure will help lift both awareness of mediation as an excellent dispute resolution mechanism, and the standard of mediators worldwide. While from the outside, mediation can appear to be a simple enough process, the reality is that a mediator requires specialist skills if he or she is to achieve the desired outcome. Anything that assists in the development of such skills is to be warmly welcomed."

Ron Salter
Member, International Maritime Conciliation and Mediation Panel


"IMI is valuable for the private sector. It will grant a substantial increase in trust and opportunities to identify a professional mediator, even in those parts of the world that lack the presence of a professional mediation body. Yet IMI is more than a practical initiative to ensure quality and facilitate the use of mediation internationally. It's about thought leadership and provoking the next step in the development of mediation into a self-determining interdisciplinary profession - with requirements regarding professionalism of its practioners and with its own techniques and theories."

Manon Schonewille
The Hague
Managing Director, ACBMediation
Mediation Trainer, Author of the Toolkit Mediation series

"I applaud this thoughtful initiative to seek to introduce a scheme which will help mediators around the world to raise their own and others' standards and to make sure that the services of mediators are available, understood and valued among a range of users in commerce, government and elsewhere. There is a great need for the skills and techniques employed by mediators to be utilised in a much broader range of activity than at present, to the great benefit of our world. We in Scotland hope to join with others in encouraging the use of IMI as an important part of our future in mediation. "

John Sturrock QC
Chief Executive and Founder, Core Solutions Group


"The idea of an international certification process for all mediators and mediation training centers is an idea whose time has come, and responds to a long-felt need.  We welcome IMI’s new initiative, which we think is an extremely important and a positive step for mediation worldwide.  We wish to participate in this endeavour.  Congratulations and thank you for this exciting and important new initiative."

Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation


"IMI shows great potential as a means of assuring sophisticated disputants worldwide the mediator they select enjoys the training, experience and skill level necessary to effectively mediate complex disputes of significant importance."

 John Upchurch
Daytona Beach, FL
President, Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Founding Fellow, American College of Civil Trial Mediators
Member , CPR/Georgetown Commission on Ethics and Standards of Practice in ADR

"ADR world is changing as mediation gains the forefront position among the alternative dispute resolution methods. The emergence of IMI clearly shows that imaginative and innovative approaches to institutionalization of mediation as the preeminent ADR tool will bring further benefits to the ADR users". 

Mladen Vukmir
Distinguished Neutral, CPR Institute
Chair, External Partnering SC
Chair, INTA ADR Committee

"The establishment of the IMI will help create international standards for mediators, a critical step towards enhancing the professional level of international mediation. We congratulate the founding members for taking this step forward."

Wang Hong Song
Secretary-General, Beijing Arbitration Commission


"Resolving disputes by way of mediation has been inherent in the Confucian culture, and my colleagues and I have been long-time advocates for mediating international commercial disputes. Mediation is no doubt as good as the mediators. CIETAC welcomes the initiative of certification of mediators and believes it will enhance the business community's confidence in mediation and therefore contribute to the growth of mediation in the world."

Yu Jianlong
Vice-Chairman / Secretary General
China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)


"A common certification is not only an international topic. Regarding the different certification possibilities in different German mediation bodies, I really appreciate this initiative from IMI also as a base for discussing a national standard. ISO-based certification will help disputants to better find and select the appropriate mediator."

Klaus-Olaf Zehle
Founder, Mediationszentrum Hamburg
Director, Hamburger Institut für Mediation e.V.
Mediator M.A.
Partner, LIGA Management Consultants



























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