Topic: Referring

ADRC - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of the Australasian Disputes Resolution Centre (ADRC).

CAMP - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP).

IMI Training Standards Task Force: Trainer, Coach and Assessor Requirements

The Mediator Training and Competency Assessment Task Force was convened by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) to make recommendations in relation to the standards for skills training and competency assessment for mediators.

IMI Training Standards Task Force: Training Program Requirements

The Mediator Training and Competency Assessment Task Force was convened by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) to make recommendations in relation to the standards for skills training and competency assessment for mediators.

IMI Training Standards Task Force: Recommendations

The Mediator Training and Competency Assessment Task Force was convened by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) to make recommendations in relation to the standards for skills training and competency assessment for mediators.

Mediator Training and Competency Assessment Task Force

List of ISC members serving on the IMI Mediator Training and Competency Assessment Task Force.

Pierrick Le Goff, General Counsel, Alstom, France

Pierrick Le Goff is General Counsel of Alstom since 2015 and member of the Alstom Executive Committee. He reports to the Chairman & CEO of the company. Pierrick began his professional career in Paris in 1992 with the law firm Salès Vincent Georges & Associés and joined the Alstom Group in 1994. He has held various positions with Alstom Corporate and Alstom Power in France, England, Germany and Switzerland. Before taking his current assignment, he was General Counsel of the Transport Sector of Alstom. Pierrick leads a team of 300 professionals worldwide. The scope of his function covers Legal, Ethics & Compliance, Contract Management and Intellectual Property.

László Molnár, Managing Director of B.M Consulting Ltd, Hungary

László Molnár served as a career diplomat with the Hungarian foreign service for nearly two decades. A few of his assignments at home and abroad: deputy state secretary for multilateral relations; one of the state secretaries overseeing integration of Hungary into the EU; consul general, ambassador and permanent representative of Hungary to the UN in New York. His international diplomatic assignments related mainly to international security and nuclear nonproliferation (e.g. chairman and vice-chair of NPT PrepCom and Review Conference). From 2007 to 2014 he worked as executive director for Cisco with responsibilities in government affairs, business development and cybersecurity. He is a consultant of the Paris-based Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) and a partner at the Technopolis Innovation Center in Budapest, in partnership with the Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play Tech Center.

Karl Hennessee - Airbus Group SE

​KARL HENNESSEE is Vice-President and Head of Litigation & Regulatory Affairs at Airbus SAS in Toulouse France and, with his team, handles all Airbus's litigation/contentious and legal regulatory matters.  He also leads the EADS Group's Centre of Competence for Litigation and lectures at the Toulouse Business School in law and economics.

2016 Mediation Conferences Archive

An archive of mediation events during 2016.

IMI Mixed Mode Mediation Task Force

List of ISC members serving on the IMI Mixed Mode Mediation Task Force.

Secretary: Cyril Dumoulin - Shell Global Litigation Department

Cyril Dumoulin is Senior Legal Counsel at Shell’s Global Litigation Department (Europe & Middle East North Africa). Cyril studied Administrative and Environmental Law in the Netherlands and Costa Rica. Before joining Shell in 2006, he worked for 8 years in private practice, at several Dutch law firms, including Houthoff Buruma. As Senior Legal Counsel he advises and litigates in a wide variety of commercial and administrative litigation, arbitration and mediation. He chairs the Global Litigation Mediation/ADR team and organizes training of internal counsel and business representatives in mediation advocacy skills.


Survey for businesses on the Enforceability of Mediated Settlement

The International Mediation Institute (IMI) in collaboration with the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) at New Jersey City University is conducting a research project to collect information directly from businesses for presentation at the United Nations Commission of Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Working Group II (Arbitration and Conciliation). 

Institute for Dispute Resolution at New Jersey City University

The Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) is an organization that promotes appropriate dispute resolution in commercial and financial transactions, both nationally and internationally, including cross border and investor-state disputes. The IDR is affiliated with the School of Business of New Jersey City University (NJCU).

Global Mediators Network

Global Mediators Network (GMN) is established in 2015 by seven international mediators. The Founders are respected mediators from Turkey, Brazil, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Philippines who have long years of ADR knowledge and experience within successful organizations. It’s center is located in Canterbury UK and its management office is in Istanbul due to the present President’s Residence.

GMN members represent different stakeholders groups, including academics, lawyers, managers of different levels, experts in training who have considerable experience in theory and practice in different countries and cultures. All GMN Members are experienced negotiators, mediators, facilitators, conciliators and arbitrators of national and international reputation, with hundreds of conciliation, mediation and arbitration conducted in the countries they live.

QUADRA Institute

QUADRA ( is the ADR division of Tiaki s.r.l., a private limited company offering ADR services, and ADR training, including mediation.

Global Pound Conference

A list of articles, blogs and items on the Global Pound Conference Series 2016.

Michael Leathes, Former IMI Executive Director and Board Member, Honorary IMI Board Chair

After taking his law degree at Manchester, England, Michael was called to the Bar of England & Wales in 1970 and gained an LL.M in European Law in 1972 at Exeter University.  He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1984.  He has never been in private practice, preferring to develop his career as an in-house counsel from the start.  Michael has spent most of his 35-year career as an in-house counsel for a number of international companies.

IMI Library - Investor-State Mediation Section

A list of investor-state mediation resources from the IMI Library.

Web Portal Sponsorship - Multiple

IMI invites web portal sponsors per annum with a donation of €2500 - €5000 (US$2700 - US$5400) which will accord the following donor benefits for the period:

Web Portal Sponsorship - Exclusive

IMI invites only one web portal sponsor per annum with a donation of €10,000 (US$11,000) which will accord the following donor benefits for the period:

Karl Mackie - Chief Executive, CEDR

Dr. Karl Mackie is the Chief Executive of CEDR and recognized as one of the leading international mediators and experts on negotiation, conflict management and ADR.  He has undertaken some of CEDR Solve’s most difficult cases including cases pioneering the use of mediation in many new sectors. 

IMI Ethics Committee

List of members serving on the IMI Ethics Committee.

Malik bin Rabea Dahlan - Principal, Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy (iQ)

Malik bin Rabea Dahlan is the Principal of Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy (iQ), a multi-faceted transnational consultancy specialising in legal, corporate and public policy affairs, operating in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. He has had a long-standing career in mediation, having facilitated commercial dispute resolution as well as serving on pioneering ADR initiatives in several jurisdictions. He was the founding director of the Qatar International Dispute Resolution Centre. 

Kehinde (Kenny) Aina - Aina Blankson LP

Mr Aina, founder of the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse and Executive Director of Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG), is a nationally recognised ADR expert and Senior Expert of Aina Blankson LP; the foremost private ADR Law firm in Africa. 

IMI Appraisal Committee

List of ISC members serving on the IMI Appraisal Committee, responsible for managing applying and existing IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs.

IMI Online Dispute Resolution Task Force

List of ISC members serving on the IMI Online Dispute Resolution Task Force.

IMI Investor-State Mediation Task Force

List of ISC members serving on the IMI Investor State Mediation Task Force.

Breaking into the Peacebuilding Field

Article by YM Alex Azarov (2014)

IMI Feedback Request Form for Mediation Advocates/Advisors

Every IMI Certified Professional Mediation Advocate/Advisor has attained a high standard of professional competency in the practice of mediation advocacy. On completion of each mediation, the Mediation Advocate/Advisor will invite the participants to complete this Feedback Request Form.

Mediation Advocacy Certification - FAQs

I have registered for Mediation Advocacy Certification during the Expertise Qualification Path, what next? 

Global Pound Conference

ADR is sleepwalking globally.  It needs to be shaken out of its slumber.   There is a way to do it. A truly Global Pound Conference!

IMI 7 Year Anniversary Review

The IMI 7 Year Anniversary Review sums up the achievements of IMI since it was established.

How to become an IMI Certified Mediation Advocate

IMI has developed a comprehensive set of Competency Criteria of Mediation Advocates/Advisors. This page explains the process for becoming an IMI Certified Mediation Advocate.

YMI Criteria - for becoming a YMI Mediation Advocate

Based on these criteria you will be able to develop your own Young Mediation Advocate Profile on the IMI web portal, and be searchable by experienced mentors looking to offer assistantships and mentorships.

Viktoria Peto - Abstract for MA Dissertation

Does Commercial Mediation Have a Positive Impact on Businesses? Analysis of Knowledge and Experience from Both Practitioners and Users.
Abstract by Viktoria Peto.

Mediation Advocates

Search the profiles of Mediation Advocates and Advisors using our pick-and-choose engine.

Mediation Quality and Information

Implementing the Neglected Articles of the EU Mediation Directive.

IMI in the Media

A selection of articles about, or relating to the IMI Mission, that have appeared in various publications.

Articles About IMI

A selection of articles about, or relating to the IMI Mission.

IMI ISC Committees and Task Forces

ISC members bring their expertise together into committees and taskforces to work on IMI projects.

Leslie Mooyart Interviews Michael McIlwrath and Judith Meyer

Leslie Mooyart Interviews IMI ISC Vice Chairs Michael McIlwrath and Judith Meyer.
The Hague, The Netherlands – January 10th 2008.

Structure for IMI Certified Mediator Competency Scheme Announced

July 14th 2008, The Hague. The Independent Standards Commission convened by IMI to draw up a global mediator competency certification standards has announced the structure of the Scheme, coupled to IMI’s proposed Mediation Information Program.

IMI People

The IMI Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Independent Standards Commission (ISC) and the IMI Team.

IMI Mediation Advocacy Competency Certification

The competency of the parties' advocates in mediations is widely recognized as a crucial factor in securing the best possible settlements.  In order to establish a professional and technical basis for enabling disputing parties to identify the right people to advise and represent them in mediations, IMI has developed a comprehensive set of Competency Criteria of Mediation Advocates/Advisors.

Lim Seok Hui, CEO, Singapore International Arbitration Centre

Ms Lim oversees the operations of SIAC and also heads up the business development team. She was most recently Senior Vice-President and General Counsel of Marina Bay Sands. Prior to that, she was Group Company Secretary and Group General Counsel of GuocoLeisure Limited (a Singapore-listed member of the Hong Leong group) in Singapore.

Treasurer: Harold Coleman, Senior Vice President, AAA.

Harold Coleman, Jr. is principal of Harold Coleman Jr. Ltd. (2004 to date), a San Diego-based conflict- management firm that delivers solution-focused and value-driven professional alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the areas of real estate, construction, commercial, consumer, business and employment law, with a practice focus in complex technical disputes and pre-dispute avoidance. As an ADR professional, he also serves as senior vice president for mediation at the American Arbitration Association (AAA) – the global leader in dispute resolution services worldwide. 

Young Mediators - an article by Rob Keller

In this article, published on in August 2012, YMI Mediator William (Rob) Keller, addresses the question of why younger mediators struggle to prove themselves within the field of experienced mediators.

Mediation Initiatives

There are many interesting and innovative mediation initiatives emerging globally and we aim to keep you informed by listing these projects here!

YMI Mediation Library

The YMI Mediation Library is a listing of materials on and around the mediation field that are particularly relevant to Young Mediators.

Tips for YMI Mentors

This paper reflects the experiences shared by many mentor-mediators and those who have been mentees.

Become a YMI Mentor

If you are a trained and highly experienced mediator, with a desire to assist Young Mediators in their quest to gain experience, we welcome you to join the YMI as a YMI Mentor!

Opportunities for Young Mediators-intro-page

By becoming a YMI Mediator, you will gain access to a list of opportunities for Young Mediators, including internships, assistantships, co-mediations, mentorships and more.

Become a YMI Supporting Organisation

If you share the mission and vision of YMI and would like to show your support for this initiative, becoming a supporting organisation!

YMI Supporting Organisations

If you share the mission and vision of YMI and would like to show your support for this initiative, becoming a supporting organisation!

Guidelines for Young Mediators - The Young Mediators Initiative

These tips, tricks and guidelines from YMI Mediators can help you to get the most from your mentorship!

YMI Criteria - for becoming a YMI Mediator

Based on these criteria you will be able to develop your own Young Mediators Profile on the IMI web portal, and be searchable by experienced mentors looking to offer assistantships and mentorships.

How to become a YMI Mediator

If you are a fully trained mediator, or in the process of training, and have a strong motivation to become experienced as a mediator, you are welcome to join the Young Mediators Initiative.

The YMI Team

The Young Mediators Initiative aims to support newly trained mediators in their quest to gain experience. YMI is run by its members on a voluntary basis.

About YMI - An Initiative Supporting Mediators Young in Experience

The Young Mediators Initiative (YMI) was established under the umbrella of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) in 2010 with the aim of encouraging and assisting Young Mediators worldwide.

In Memory of David W. Plant (1931 - 2012)

David W. Plant, mediator, arbitrator, professor of law, teacher, mentor and extensive author, passed away in September 2012 at the age of 81.

The Medici Effect of Mediation

Keynote speech at the 4th ICC International Mediation Conference (2013) and accompanying article and slides illustrating how mediation sits at the intersection of conflict and consensus, litigation and negotiation, problems and solutions, art and science, and public policy and private process.
By Michael Leathes.

IMI Library - Mediation Process, Skills, Training Section

A list of resources from the IMI Mediation Library on the topic of Mediation Process, Skills and Training.

IMI Library - DVD Section

A list of DVD mediation resources from the IMI Library.

IMI Library - General Section

A list of general resources from the IMI Mediation Library.

IMI Library - Representing Parties in Mediation Section

A list of resources on the topic of representing parties in mediation.

IMI Library - Becoming a Mediator Section

A list of resources on the topic of becoming a mediator.

IMI Library - Transformative Mediation Section

A list of Resources on the topic of Transformative Mediation.

IMI Library - Workplace Mediation Section

A list of resources on the topic of workplace mediation.

IMI Library - Family, Community and Educational Mediation Section

A list of resources on the topic of family, community and educational mediation.

IMI Library - Environmental Section

A list of resources on the topic of environmental mediation.

IMI Library - Intellectual Property Section

A list of resources on the topic of intellectual property(IP) mediation.

IMI Library - Contract Clauses Section

A list of resources on the topic of Mediation Contract Clauses.

IMI Library - Personal Injury Section

A list of resources on the topic of personal injury mediation.

IMI Library - Construction Section

A list of resources on the topic of construction mediation.

IMI Library - Conflict Management Systems Section

A list of resources on the topic of conflict management systems.

IMI Library - Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Section

A list of resources on the topic of online dispute resolution.

IMI Library - Intercultural Section

A list of resources on the topic of intercultural mediation.

IMI Library - International Section

A list of resources on the topic of international mediation.

IMI Library - Negotiation Section

A list of resources on the topic of negotiation.

IMI Library - Referring Section

A list of resources on the topic of referring.

Basic Mediation Training - Trainers' Manual, Part 2 - Slides and Scenarios

Carol Orme-Johnson and Mark Cason-Snow, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). copyright Mediation@MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2002 

Mediation Roleplays page

 A list of downloable mediation role-plays for use in Mediation training.

IMI International Corporate Users ADR Survey - Summary

IMI invited in-house counsel responsible for managing dispute resolution in international corporations to participate in an IMI Survey of their attitudes and approaches to arbitration and mediation. This is a summary of the results.

Empowering the Growth of International ADR - The supply side and the demand side can do it together

An exploration of the need for greater transparency in ADR to stimulate growth.

IMI Library - Ethics Section

A list of resources on the topic of ethics.

Effective Dispute Resolution -- What are the Alternatives? Presentation by Jeremy Lack.

Effective Dispute Resolution - What are the Alternatives? presented by Jeremy Lack at the ECTA Council Meeting, October 2008.

Isabelle Hautot, General Counsel International Expertise & Conflict Resolution, ORANGE

Isabelle Hautot is a General Counsel for the ORANGE, in charge of the International Expertise & Conflicts Resolution  as well as of the Litigation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Real Estate legal departments; the chair of the CCIAG (Corporate Counsel International Arbitration Group) and an Honorary member of the Paris Bar. 

George Lim, Senior Counsel, Singapore

George is a Senior Counsel and former President of the Law Society of Singapore.

He is a partner in the firm of Wee Tay & Lim LLP, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC). George also serves on the Boards of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education, the Law Faculty's Advisory Body (NUS) and the Singapore Land Authority.

Annette van Riemsdijk, Mediator; Director, Mediators Beyond Borders, The Netherlands

Annette M. van Riemsdijk is a Certified Mediator with several bodies and has a distinguished record in ADR practice as a solicitor since 1988 and as a mediator since 1993. She is an arbitrator, trainer and director of The New Resolution Group

Conflict Management Systems

Topic: Ethics in Mediation

Kimberly Taylor, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, JAMS

In her role as COO, Taylor oversees JAMS operations in the United States. Working directly with the President and CEO, and leading a team that spans 25 resolution centers across North America, Taylor is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operating activities. 

Taylor has been a key contributor to JAMS since she joined the organization in 1999, most recently serving as Vice President of the East/Central Region, where she oversaw unprecedented growth and expansion efforts, led panelist recruitment, business development, strategic planning and daily management of resolution centers in the region. As Associate General Counsel, and an expert on arbitration processes, she also developed and conducted training of staff and neutrals in arbitration matters and served on the JAMS National Arbitration Committee. 

Certified Mediators

Search the profiles of IMI Certified Mediators using our pick-and-choose engine.

Research & Resources Home

Browse and search the IMI Research and Resources area for leading materials on and around the mediation field.

Mediation Professionals Home

Explore this section for information and resources for mediation organisations and professionals.

Using Mediation Home

This section helps users to understand how and why mediation works and assists them in making a decision to mediate and in finding the right mediator.

Using Mediation Q&A

IMI Question and Answer Section. Do you have a question about mediation? Ger informed answers from IMI Certified Mediators. Ask your question here.

Andrea Carlevaris, Secretary General, ICC International Court of Arbitration (Paris) and Director of Dispute Resolution Services of the ICC

Before joining the ICC in September 2012, Mr Carlevaris was a partner in the Rome office of Bonelli Erede Pappalardo. His practice covered international arbitration, judicial proceedings involving issues of public international law, conflicts of law and international civil procedure. Mr Carlevaris joined Bonelli Erede Pappalardo in 2003 and became partner in 2010. Previously, he was counsel at the Secretariat of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.

IMI Mediation Advocacy Form of Endorsement by Mediators and Clients

IMI Mediation Advocacy Form of Endorsement by Mediators and Clients.

Mediation Advocacy Certification Task Force

Biographies of IMI ISC members serving on the Task Force responsible for the development of IMI Mediation Advocacy/Advisor Certification.

The Future of ADR in 2020

Article based on the keynote speech at the inaugural 5Cs ADR conference in Singapore in 2012, reviewing the Good, Bad and Ugly aspects of ADR.
By Michael Leathes.

IMI Supporting Organisations

These organisations work together with IMI to advance the understanding and acceptance of mediation throughout the world. Their mediation panelists are required to be certified to the level of IMI Certification.

"Mandatory' Mediation

The issue of mandatory mediation - where parties are required by civil procedure rules to take part in a mediation before having their cases heard in court - has given rise to heated debate.  Here we present some informative and balanced materials on the subject.


IMI Chair: Deborah Masucci, Formerly Head of the Dispute Resolution Program at American International Group, Inc.

Deborah Masucci is currently Chair and Board Member of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and was former Chair of the ABA Section for Dispute Resolution. She was recruited to AIG in 2003 to establish its Office of Dispute Resolution in the Litigation Management Division where she was responsible for the strategic use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and increasing the effective methods of appropriate dispute resolution used within the Claims Organization. She also was responsible for the role out and implementation of the Company’s employment Dispute Resolution Program. Before leaving AIG she rolled out the Company’s employee dispute resolution program. Prior to joining AIG, Deborah was Vice President of the East Central Region and head of Professional Development for JAMS The Resolution Experts. She made her mark in ADR at FINRA, previously NASD, where she led the dispute resolution program for 15 years. She is an acknowledged expert on ADR who speaks regularly on the topic before legal and business organizations. She is a member of the International Arbitration Club of New York Arbitral Women.  She serves on several committees committed to Diversity in ADR.  She also served on the New York State Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession. She regularly serves as an arbitrator and mediator.

The Walk from No to Yes

The Walk From No To Yes was the subject of a 20-minute TED Talk given by William Ury, one of the world's leading dispute facilitators and a member of the IMI Advisory Council.


Lawyers as a Catalyst for Change in Early Issue Business Conflict Management

An article published by the Association of Corporate Counsel can be more effective problem solvers by using mediation techniques and processes.
By Ute A. Joas Quinn. 

Inter-Cultural Pilot Participants

Experienced mediators and trainers from across the globe have had an active and direct input into this important initiative.

2015 Mediation Conferences Archive

An archive of mediation events during 2015.

2014 Mediation Conferences Archive

An archive of mediation events during 2013.

2013 Mediation Conferences Archive

An archive of mediation events during 2013.

2012 Mediation Conferences Archive

An archive of mediation events during 2012

IMI Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest occurs when personal relationships, participation in external activities or interest in another venture influence or could be perceived to influence decisions.

IMI Form of Disclosure

Form of Disclosure of Interests, Gifts and Hospitality, made pursuant to the IMI Policies on (1) Conflicts and Interest, and (2) Gifts & Hospitality (collectively “Policies”).

IMI Gifts and Hospitality Policy

It is important that gifts & hospitality never influence imminent decision-making processes, cause others to perceive an influence, or place either the individual or IMI under any obligation. 

IMI Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

This policy sets stringent mandatory procedures which IMI considers are critical to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

IMI Board Rotation Policy

This policy applies to the Board of Directors of the International Mediation Institute stichting (Foundation).

Foundation Policies

The IMI Board of Directors has voted into operation the following governance policies.

Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPiDR)

The Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR) is an independent, non-profit distributing and a non-governmental professional membership organization. SPIDR is the only body in Nigeria specifically set up to provide an umbrella and set standards for the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Africa.

SPIDR conducts research and evaluation programs including the setting of world class standards for mediation, arbitration and all practitioners in the field of ADR, it also helps to engage and empower dispute resolution professionals and practitioners, maintain a register of neutrals, including admission thereto and removal there from. The organization has over the years provided tools and support to citizens, organizations, government officials, the judiciary, legal practitioners, employers of labour, business managers, communities and indigenous people with regard to the resolution of disputes 

Mediation Representation (second edition), by Harold Abramson

In the second edition of his award-winning book, Harold Abramson offers a framework for representing clients in mediation in the form of his Mediation Representation Triangle that emphasizes knowing how to negotiate effectively, how to enlist mediator assistance, and how to develop a mediation representation plan that meets clients' interests, overcomes impediments, and shares information judiciously.

RICS - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

CPR - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution.

SOMEDIARS - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Mediator and Inter-Cultural Certification of SOMEDIARS.

AFCR - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution (AFCR).

JAMS ADR - QAP for IMI Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of JAMS ADR.

International Arbitration Association (AIA) - QAP for IMI Certification and Inter-Cultural Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification of the International Arbitration Association (AIA).

Beyond Conflict - QAP for IMI Certification and Inter-Cultural Certification

The Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification and IMI Inter-Cultural Certification of Beyond Conflict (Ireland).

ACB Foundation

ACB Foundation is a not-for-profit conflict resolution & prevention research center that informs and supports companies in using negotiation, conflict management and mediation. The foundation is specialized in quality control, selection of and recommendations regarding qualified neutrals for commercial cases or negotiation professionals as well as representing the interest of the private sector in the area of dispute resolution and negotiation. ACB Foundation was formed in 1998 by (legal) professional associations and businesses – including the Dutch Employers Association VNO-NCW - that saw a need for a high-quality infrastructure in the field of conflict management & commercial mediation representing their interests. The aim of the foundation is to promote the use and quality of commercial negotiation and deal making as well as alternative dispute resolution in general and especially mediation in commercial conflicts. 

ACB Foundation are developing a set of criteria that the Foundation - as the representative of the Dutch private sector – identified as important for commercial mediation training programs to guarantee that prospective mediators are trained in a way as to ensure a solid base to become commercial mediators. One of the important ideas is that quality of mediators and the interests of the private sector are not served through prescribing a specific mediation style or approach, but that self-evaluation as well as a clear understanding of the mediator of their own style and approach are crucial. It is important that the user ‘ gets what s/he sees’ in the description and Feedback Digest of a mediator and is thus enabled to make an informed choice for a mediator fitting their needs for a specific case.  This philosophy forms the base of the assessment tool (Annex B) that has been developed for ACB Foundation by Toolkit Company.

(Annex A: criteria for commercial mediator training).

Types of assessments that ACB Foundation offers

ACB Foundation offers 2 types of assessments to international commercial mediators around the globe in English:

a. Post Training Assessment  (PTA), to become ‘ACB Assessed Mediator’ and YMI mediator.
A 45-minute video or live action assessment by one ACB trained assessor, based on a role-play; as well as a 10-minute interview with the assessor.
The idea behind this assessment is to give young (meaning ‘new to the field’) mediators a chance to demonstrate to potential clients and mediation providers that they meet quality standards, which will help them to acquire cases (either on their own or as co-mediator) that are necessary to gain sufficient experience to become an ACB Accredited and IMI Certified Mediator.

b. Post Experience Assessment (PEA), to become ACB Accredited Mediator and IMI Certified Mediator.
A 60-minute video or live action assessment by two ACB trained assessors, based on a role-play, or a 60-minute videotape of an actual mediation; as well as a 20-minute interview.

This assessment is for business mediators with a substantial level of practical experience. Mediators who successfully went through PEA are qualified for IMI Certification.

c. Intercultural Competency Assessment (ICA), to become ACB Accredited Intercultural Mediator and to be qualified for IMI Intercultural Certification.

Case study and dilemma analysis followed by an examination interview with an intercultural assessor. The assessment is for IMI Certified Mediators who would like to add additional competency to their professional skills.



Founded in 2005, Meta-Culture is India’s only full service conflict resolution consulting business. Meta-Culture was founded by Ashok Panikkar who has over 15 years of experience as a Dispute Resolution professional, of which 10 were in the USA and the rest in India. 

Our corporate consulting team includes multinational mediators and consultants who are highly trained with decades of experience at organizations in India, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our consultants bring the best practices in mediation, conflict management, design of grievance policies, organizational change management and consensus building to assist our clients with internal and external relationship challenges. Through our mediation, consulting and training services we give our clients the understanding, skills and tools to create strong relationships within their communities and organizations as well as with other stake holders. Our clients include organizations and businesses such as The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Catholic Relief Services, Infosys Technologies, Accenture, Wipro Technologies, Nike, Novo Nordisk, Airtel Enterprise, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, General Motors etc. as well as families and communities in conflict.

The purpose of this application is to gain certification as a Qualifying Assessment Program. The assessment instrument is submitted as a separate document.

Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)

The Singapore Mediation Centre ("SMC") is a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting the amicable and fair settlement of disputes. It aims to create an environment in which people can work together to find enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created by human interactions. It contributes to the building of a harmonious society and a thriving business community by broadening awareness of and providing access to constructive means of dispute resolution.

Resolution Through Mediation: Solving a Complex International Business Problem - Video

This video involves a business dispute between a Russian distillery and an American manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages.

ADR International Register

The ADR International Register is an independent and by Lloyds Register Netherlands ISO 9001:2008 certified register for the registration and certification of ADR professionals (f.e. arbitrators, conflict coaches, mediators, negotiators ), organizations (f.e. companies and institutes) and products (f.e. education and training programs) worldwide. The ADR International Register, a official registered trademark and legal body of NV Worldwide Certification Examination Institute (WCEI), has its main office in Gouda (Netherlands).  

The ADR International Register is fully independent. The certification is open for every one and every company who fulfill the requirements as it is stated in public and transparent certification schemes. The certification obviously is not connected to the membership of a branch or professional association.

Top 20 Questions People Ask About Mediation

Find answers to the top 20 most common questions people ask about mediation.

Stop Shovelling Smoke - Give Users a Classic Definition of Mediation

A proposal for a simple, seven-word definition of mediation that can inspire greater understanding of mediation by users.

What is mediation?

Mediation is: Negotiation facilitated by a trusted neutral person.

Family Mediation Canada/Mediation Familiale Canada (FMC)

Family Mediation Canada/Mediation Familiale Canada (FMC) is the national association for conflict resolution specifically focused on family mediation. It is an interdisciplinary association of professionals, working together, creating a better way to provide for co-operative conflict resolution relating to families. We help families succeed by providing referrals to Consumers and information to Family Mediators and other like-minded organizations across Canada. FMC was established in 1985 as a charitable, not-for-profit association. It has affiliates and professional partner organizations across Canada.

FMC strives to be the leading body for the field of family mediation on an international basis and members only are given the opportunity to seek national FMC mediator certification. FMC’s national certification program is focused on turning out qualified and trained mediators. In light of this, the Family Mediator Certification Program is unique in that there is a rigorous training process and a thorough assessment of the candidate’s mediation skills in keeping with the high standards that FMC lays out for its mediators in its Code of Professional Conduct. Our certification program puts strong emphasis on skills assessments for each candidate.

The following are some of the unique features of FMC’s Family Mediator Certification Program, which sets it apart from other forms of mediator recognition/courses:

A minimum of 80 hours of basic conflict resolution & mediation training and at least an additional 100 hours of further education & training in specific areas of family issues is mandatory.

An approved mediation practicum is necessary or, in lieu of, two positive peer evaluations from experienced family mediators.

The candidate must produce a videotaped role-play assessment along with a skills- assessment.

A written final examination.

Continuing education hours are required in order to maintain certification status.

The practice guidelines and the process for certification are the result of Family Mediation Canada's (FMC’s) continuing consultation and collaboration with provincial, territorial and international mediation associations, researchers and practitioners to establish Certification Standards for family mediators that will apply across Canada. This document, which includes a complaint process (Section 6.6) provides the public with an important measure of protection. As a leader in the field of family mediation, FMC continually makes changes to this document to reflect the growth in the field of family mediation. This document reflects the energy and development of family mediation in Canada and it is written to manifest the culture and values of Family Mediation Canada. Modifications to this document do not apply retroactively unless specifically stated otherwise. They take effect from the date they are passed by the Board of Directors. Applications for certification are governed by the provisions in force on the date FMC receives the application for certification.

Family Mediation Canada is a self-regulating and highly respected professional institution. Family Mediation Canada provides recognized practice designations:

a) Family Relations Mediator: the mediator limits their practice to child, relationship and child support issues and excludes disputes over the entitlement, ownership, division or control of property, inheritance, businesses, corporations, trusts or debts;

b) Financial Family Mediator: the mediator limits their practice to helping people resolve family conflicts about the entitlement, owernship, division or control of finances, property, inheritances, businesses, corporations, trusts and debts;

c)Comprehensive Family Mediator: the mediator’s practice includes the mediation of child, relationship, financial and property issues.

These designations are known and respected across Canada and internationally. These designations assist the public to choose a practitioner whose practice includes the issues in dispute, and whose qualifications have been reviewed by FMC for enhanced quality assurance.

FMC implements standards via a Certification Committee, which reports to the FMC Board of Directors. The Certification Committee’s role is to review and approve recommendations for accreditation as a certified family mediator and to review and approve mediation training and competency assessment programs to ensure national consistency.

In selecting a mediator who is a certified by FMC, the public can be assured that they are selecting someone who is a member of an established and recognized professional institution, are assured of the member's commitment to upholding FMC’s Code of Conduct and and have an avenue of redress should standards of practice fall below a certain standard.

In this Application, we address each of the seven criteria specified by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) that need to be met by a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) in order to be approved by the ISC to qualify FMC certified mediators as IMI Certified. In summary, we submit that the current and proposed FMC QAP for its certified mediators meets the IMI Criteria, as specified below.

Mediator Competency is like Truth, Beauty and Contact Lenses.

Why the four ways hitherto envisaged for assuring mediator quality really do not work, but fortunately there is a fifth way that does.

IMI Certification in a Nutshell

IMI makes a positive difference to, and is changing the landscape in, the dispute resolution world. 

Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement (ACDS)

The Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement (ACDS) at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) focuses on dispute practices that affect individuals and organisations. The Centre also has a particular focus on Africa to ensure that African heritage and values are incorporated in the development of solutions that suit African conditions. The Centre's activities include teaching, research, applied research and development projects, including social responsibility projects.

Founded in 2007, the Centre already has an impressive list of achievements, not least of which has been to secure the patronage of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, the establishment of an academic curriculum, and involvement in several important projects. The Centre is dedicated to ensuring that practitioners obtain the necessary training to be accredited as mediators and to the establishment of an independent body able to accredit mediators. To this end, the Centre:

  • offers ACDS accredited mediation training for individuals;
  • offers ACDS accreditation as an advanced mediator to individuals; and
  • is the driving force behind the establishment of the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council ('the Council')) which operates under the auspices of the ACDS.

The Council is comprised of private mediation service providers and representatives of various branches of the legal profession and has granted observer status to a number of other interested private and public bodies. Certain standards have been adopted or are in the process of development by the Council, which include:

  • accreditation requirements for trainers, training providers and training programmes;
  • assessment requirements for mediators;
  • a code of professional conduct for mediators;
  • disciplinary procedures;
  • continued education requirements for mediators;
  • arbitrator accreditation standards.

The mediator training offered by the ACDS (in conjunction with Conflict Dynamics, a leading SA training service provider) meets the accreditation standards for training courses set by the Council. Accordingly, individuals who have successfully completed the ACDS training may apply for accreditation as mediators by the Council.

The ACDS has recognized the need to offer a further accreditation status for more advanced mediators. In summary, the ACDS will accredit a mediator as an advanced mediator if such mediator:

  • is accredited by the Council;
  • has at least 8 years' experience in mediation; 
  • provides a detailed log of at least 10 mediations conducted in a two year period preceding the application, which log must provide information regarding the date of the mediation process, duration of the mediation, nature of the dispute and the methodology utilized in engaging with the dispute;
  • provides at least 10 feedback forms completed by parties who participated in ten different mediation processes in the two year period preceding the application; 
  • applies for renewal of the Advanced Mediator Status on a yearly basis by providing a log and at least five feedback forms from parties who participated in at least five different mediations during the year, alternatively proof of attendance of at least 40 hours of relevant continued education offered by the ACDS or Council accredited service provider, or a combination of both demonstrating at least the equivalent of 40 hours theory and practice.

In this application we address each of the criteria specified by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) that need to be met by a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) in order to be approved by the ISC to qualify ACDS 'Advanced Mediators' for IMI Certification. We submit that, as can be seen from the information provided in this application, the accreditation standards for ACDS 'Advanced Mediators' meet the IMI criteria.

Conflict Management Systems

Dedicated conflict management systems to help steer all parties towards a systematic dispute resolution process, rather than encounter the difficulties often encountered in getting all parties to a negotiating table. 

Miryana Nešić - a tribute

Miryana Nešić - a tribute

CPR Outstanding Book Award Winner - Nadja Alexander. Review by Michael Leathes.

On the 11th January 2011 Nadja Alexander’s book International and Comparative Mediation: Legal Perspectives (Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, The Netherlands (2009)) was honoured with the 2010 CPR Award for Outstanding Book in New York.

Competency Criteria for Mediation Advocates/Advisors

Criteria for the certification of IMI Mediation Advocate/Advisors, launched July 2013.

Inter-Cultural Task Force

Biographies of IMI ISC members serving on the Task Force responsible for the development of IMI Inter-Cultural Certification for Mediators.

Inter-Cultural Certification Criteria

Criteria for IMI Certification (with Inter-Cultural Competency).

Tips on Getting Feedback

Top 10 Tips and Techniques from Mediators Around the World.

2020 Vision - Where in the World will Mediation be within 10 years?

A discussion of how mediators and provider organisations can, by acting together, make a better future for dispute resolution for the benefit of themselves and for users.

Mediation Tweets

A selection of Tweets on the topic of mediation.

Mediation Apps

A selection of Applications (Apps) for use in mediation.

Mediation Newsletters

A selection of Mediation news publications produced by organisations and individuals from around the world.

Erickson Mediation Institute (EMI)

Erickson Mediation Institute (EMI), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1977 by Marilyn McKnight and Stephen Erickson and is the longest-standing private mediation firm in the United States. In addition to mediating cases in all areas including family, workplace, elder, divorce and property, EMI provides training for new and practicing mediators and seminars for professionals using their Client-Centered Model of mediation. EMI is dedicated to expanding the field of mediation and use of mediation as the primary method of dispute resolution.

Friarylaw ADR

Friarylaw is a leading mediation service provider in the Republic of Ireland and is recently incorporated in Northern Ireland.

Friarylaw ADR provides:

  • Mediation Training. Friarylaw provides mediation training (and accreditation), in association with ADR Group (UK), in all its manifestations (i.e., general civil and commercial, family, financial, clinical negligence, construction, employment, public sector and we provide other subject-matter seminars and master classes, etc.)
  • Conferencing. In 2010 Friarylaw organised the very successful and widely acclaimed National Mediation Conference Symposium at Trinity College Dublin (with which Friarylaw has an association through Oliver J Connolly, who is a member of the law faculty).
  • Original ADR Research and Development. The ‘Friarylaw Public Sector Legal Spend Analysis’, presented its Summary of Findings in 2010 (pursuant to 437 requests to every Government Department and Public Agency under the Freedom of Information Act, 1997) and attracted wide-spread attention from national print and broadcast media (Irish Times and Irish Independent Saturday March 6th 2010 and an interview with Mary Wilson of RTE’s Drivetime in April 2010), in parliamentary questions on the foor of the Oireachtas, from the Department of Finance (two meetings at their request) and from others.
  • Mediation Systems Design. Friarylaw provides custom, software-integrated systems to organisations for the administration and case management of conflict at all stages, i.e., from early dispute management through to mediation referral.
  • Administration and Case Management. Friarylaw has developed a system for the administration and case management system of mediations and other dispute resolution processes, including the nationwide provision of 350 Friarylaw panellist-mediators, mediation ‘friendly’ lawyers, other experts and non-party participants.
  • Domestic Validation. Friarylaw is designated as an ‘approved body’ by the Department of Justice & Equality under Section 15 of the Civil Liability and the Courts Act 2004, under Section 27 of the Multi-units Developments Act 2011, and Friarylaw enjoys particularly excellent relations with the new Irish Government.

Track Record for Mediation Training

Friarylaw are leading and established providers of professional mediation training & accreditation in Ireland. Indeed, Friarylaw are the leading providers of professional mediation services in the State.

Our trained alumni include inter alia:

  • Alan Shatter TD, Minister for Justice, Equality & Defence, 
  • Anne Colley, Chairperson of the Legal Aid Board,
  • Michael Irvine, former President of the Law Society & former Managing Partner, Mateson Ormsby & Prentice Solicitors,
  • Anthony O’Riordan, Senior Investigative Officer, Financial Services Ombudsman Bureau,
  • Gay Mitchell MEP (Fine Gael candidate for the 2011 Irish Presidential Elections),  
  • Berchmans Gannon, former partner at Beauchamps Solicitors and leading clinical negligence lawyer,

and many other leading stakeholders throughout Irish civil and commercial society.

Since 2005, Friarylaw ADR has offered 64 mediation training and accreditation courses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have trained over 350 individuals from every professional background. We have hosted these courses in Dublin at Friarylaw Chambers and around the island at various regional locations. Friarylaw ADR has also designed customised ADR training programmes for various, specifc professional groups. 

Mediators Institute of Ireland (The MII)

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (The MII) is the professional association for Mediators in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Established in 1992, the MII promotes the use and practice of quality mediation as a process of dispute resolution in all areas of dispute.

The MII is not a service provider and does not provide mediation training nor Mediator services, but rather accredits mediation training programmes and Mediators. In December 2011, the MII had just under 600 registered members, of which, in excess of 400 are approved by the MII to practice.

Practising MII Mediators have a high standard of training and accreditation and are subject to skills assessment. They have a compulsory programme of Continuing Professional Development and are bound by the MII Code of Ethics and Practice ( MII Mediators in practice are required to have appropriate professional indemnity insurance in place and are subject to independent regulation. The MII has clear and transparent accreditation, training and mandatory CPD requirements that meet international and professional standards. 

Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM)

Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) is one of the pioneer institutions in India dealing with mediation & arbitration. The ethical and policy aspects of IIAM is guided by an Advisory Board comprised of eminent and distinguished personalities headed by Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India.

IIAM has also launched the "IIAM Community Mediation Service", which is a system of decentralized, socially oriented and inexpensive Dispute Resolution Mechanism to serve the needs of the common people by providing a platform near their home and also to train individuals from the concerned local community as mediators.

IIAM maintain a panel of eminent Neutrals, who are recognized for their integrity, impartiality, expertise, dispute resolution skills and reputation in their fields. Internationally and Nationally accredited Mediators are empanelled as IIAM Mediators and as per the IIAM Mediator Accreditation System (MAS), they are categorized as Grade A to Grade D. Mediators are entitled for upgradation based on the IIAM Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP).

Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) is the only institution in India approved by the International Mediation Institute, as a "Qualifying Assessment Programme" (QAP) for IMI Certification for international mediators.

American Arbitration Association (AAA) ICDR

The American Arbitration Association (AAA), with its long history and experience in the field of alternative dispute resolution, provides services to those who wish to resolve disputes out of court. The AAA provides administrative services in the U.S., as well as abroad through its International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR). The AAA's and ICDR's administrative services include assisting in the appointment of mediators and arbitrators, setting hearings, and providing users with information on dispute resolution options, including settlement through mediation. Ultimately, the AAA aims to move cases through mediation and arbitration in a fair and impartial manner until completion.

Additional AAA services include the design and development of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems for corporations, unions, government agencies, law firms, and the courts. The Association also provides elections services as well as education, training, and publications for those seeking a broader or deeper understanding of alternative dispute resolution.

AAA/ICDR maintains a Panel of Mediators currently comprising over 1,000 individuals who are selected on the basis of their competency as mediators. The Panel of Mediators is one of the largest and most successful in the United States.

AAA/ICDR has now created a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) for mediators seeking IMI Certification. The criteria for the QAP are set forth below and approval of the Independent Standards Commission (ISC) is sought to enable the AAA/ICDR QAP to qualify mediators as IMI Certified.

ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC)

The ADR Institute of Canada Inc. (ADR Canada) is a national non-profit organization that provides national leadership in the development and promotion of dispute resolution services in Canada and internationally. In concert with seven regional affiliates across the country, we represent and support professionals who provide dispute resolution services and the individuals and organizations that use those services. Our membership includes over 1,700 individuals and 60 business and community organizations from across Canada. Our standards and programs reflect our commitment to excellence.

ADR Canada has established a regulatory framework that includes standards for education and practice including a Code of Ethics and a Mediator's Code of Conduct. This framework (which includes a Discipline and Complaint Procedure), provides the public with an important measure of protection. ADR Canada is a self-regulating and highly respected professional institution.

ADR Canada provides recognized practice designations. Highly experienced members can apply for "Chartered Mediator" (C.Med) or "Chartered Arbitrator" (C.Arb) designations. These designations are known and respected across Canada and internationally and are the most senior designation offered by ADR Canada. Mediator members with extensive training and some practice experience can apply for the "Qualified Mediator" (Q.Med) designation that indicates they have been judged to be practicing at an intermediate level. These designations assist the public to choose a practitioner who is practicing at a specific level and whose qualifications have been reviewed by ADR Canada for enhanced quality assurance.

ADR Canada implements standards via a National Chartered Mediator Accreditation Committee (NCMAC) appointed by the ADR Canada Board of Directors. The NCMAC's role is to review and approve recommendations for accreditation as a Chartered Mediator by the Regional Accreditation Committees and to review and approve mediation training and competency assessment programs to ensure national consistency. The Regional Chartered Mediator Accreditation Committees (RCMACs) are appointed by ADR Canada's regional affiliates.

ADR Canada publishes National Mediation Rules and National Arbitration Rules that are widely accepted throughout Canada for the resolution of commercial disputes. Members of the public, lawyers and other professionals in need of ADR services, regularly consult ADR Connect or call our office for assistance in sourcing the ADR professional best suited to their needs according to practice area, skill level, location or other criteria. In selecting a practitioner who is a member of the Institute, users are selecting someone who is a member of an established and recognized professional institution, are assured of the member's commitment to upholding the Institute's Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, and have an avenue of redress should standards of practice fall below a certain standard. Users find further assurance in selecting a member who has the Qualified Mediator, Chartered Mediator or Chartered Arbitrator designation. These designations indicate the practitioner's degree of skill and experience as a professional in the field.

In this Application, we address each of the seven criteria specified by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) that need to be met by a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) in order to be approved by the ISC to qualify Chartered Mediators (C.Meds) as IMI Certified. In summary, we submit that the current and proposed ADR Canada QAP for C.Meds meets the IMI Criteria, as specified below. The ADR Canada C.Med Competency Assessment Criteria are available on the ADR Canada website at:


Mediationcenter a/s ( and was established in Copenhagen in 2000 and in 10 years has grown to become a leading training organisation for mediators. Mediationcenter additionally provides experienced mediators, and consultation services in conflict avoidance, conflict management and leadership coaching. Mediationcenter operates as an international partnership of three highly experienced practicing mediators, each in a different European country, each of whom is also an accomplished mediation trainer and competency assessor of over 10 years standing. All of whom are IMI Certified:

Tina Monberg, Copenhagen

Michael Schneider, Barcelona 

Brigitte Kehrer, Geneva 

In addition to basic and intermediate training courses for mediators, Mediationcenter offers a dedicated top level advanced competency assessment programme for established and experienced practicing mediators. Successful candidates on this programme are certified as "Master Mediators" by Mediationcenter. The Master Mediator programme is designed to assess the performance of practicing mediators against established benchmarks at high levels of professional competency, linked to ongoing professional development and support.

Mediationcenter shares IMI's ethos that the practice of mediation needs to be forged into a recognised profession on a worldwide scale by the transparent exposure of high standards of competency and conduct. Mediationcenter fully shares IMI's Criteria for establishing those standards of competency, and the Master Mediation programme has been evolved to meet and exceed those standards. Mediationcenter will share with IMI, and with all others in the field, the beneficial results of its ongoing experience of mediation delivery, training techniques, standards and benchmarks as a direct contribution to the progressive enhancement of the mediation profession both in the countries in which we operate, and internationally.

Each Master Mediator programme applicant must already have passed Mediationcenter's Mediator Practitioner assessment, or equivalent basic level training offered by another leading mediation training institution. The Mediator Practitioner programme, like the Master Mediator programme, is based on 40 hours training. Accordingly, to become a Master Mediator entails at least 80 hours of training in total (40 hours basic + 40 hours advanced) before the candidate is invited to undergo the Master Mediator assessment.

Mediationcenter hereby applies to the IMI Independent Standards Commission for approval of its Master Mediator programme as a Qualifying Assessment Programme (QAP) to enable Mediationcenter to qualify all experienced mediators passing its Master Mediator programme as IMI Certified. In support of this application, we are describing the Master Mediator programme under each of the IMI Criteria. As the IMI Criteria evolve further, Mediationcenter intends to evolve its own Programme to remain consistent with the IMI Criteria, will remain in close touch with IMI for that purpose, and accept scrutiny and random checking by IMI.

Resolution Institute

Resolution Institute ( is the trading name of LEADR & IAMA, an Australasian not-for-profit membership organisation created by the integration of LEADR and IAMA (the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia). Together LEADR and IAMA have a 40 year history of serving the community by promoting and facilitating the use of dispute resolution processes including mediation.


RAKMO Institute

Rakmo Institute is nonprofit organization established in 2003 and is leading organization in the field of transformative mediation and one of the leading organizations on the field of Mediation in Slovenia.

International Bar Association (IBA)

The IBA was founded in 1947 with the most recent form of the constitution being adopted in 2013. It is registered in New York and in London as a foreign corporation. The London office operates as the administrative office. The IBA operates under the laws of both the UK and US however it was incorporated in the USA.

BRDGES Academy

BRDGES Academy is the first e-learning academic platform of its kind in the globalization of education and discourse for mediators, conflict resolution practitioners, peace-builders and all those who support those practices.

QAP Profile - Concilia

CONCILIA is a company of professionals experienced in handling civil and commercial litigation. Founded in 1999, CONCILIA is considered one of the national and international best-known and respected company in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR, mediation, conciliation, arbitration).

QAP Profile - UC3M MEDAR

The Foundation MEDAR Carlos III  for Conflict Resolution (UC3M MEDAR - Fundación MEDAR Carlos III para la Resolución de Conflictos) is a non-profit entity linked to the University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), a Spanish public university offering both online and onsite undergraduate and postgraduate mediation training. 

Mediation International (MI)

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is a leading mediation and ADR training service provider operating throughout Spain and across Europe. We provide mediation services, training, mentorship, qualifications and assessments for civil/commercial and other advanced mediation courses internationally.

Kevin Brown is the president of MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL, which was established in Spain in 2011 and includes 3 lawyer-mediators, two   mediators, two facilitators and a conflict coach in its panel of experts.

In addition to the basic, intermediate and advanced mediation training programmes, MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL also offers coaching, mentoring and mediator assessment training opportunities to successful and select graduates of our programmes. These additional programmes are offered to individuals based on assessed competency and are designed to assess the levels of competency and performance of practicing mediators.

The advanced training programmes of MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL are detailed under each of the IMI criteria. As the IMI criteria evolve further, MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL will evolve its own programme to remain consistent with the IMI criteria, and the MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL website will be updated to reflect these changes.

Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos (ICFML)

The IFCMLICFML (“Instituto de Formação e Certificação e Formação  de Mediadores Lusófonos” i.e. the “Portuguese-Speaking Mediators’ Training and Accreditation and Training  Institute) was established in August 2011 to host CPLC (Community of Portuguese Language Countries including Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor) mediators’ training and accreditation and qualify Mediators for IMI Certification via a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP).

Its founding members are IMI Certified mediators Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves and François Bogacz and Thomas Gaultier, mediator and lawyer at ABREU Advogados. 

The ICFML Accreditation Committee members are:

  • Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves
  • François Bogacz
  • Helena De Backer
  • Paul Eric Mason
  • Professor Dra. Mariana França Gouveia.

ICFML has the following strategic objective:

  1. Establish a common ground of mediators’ training and accreditation within the CPLC and further qualification for IMI Certification via a QAP meeting the criteria developed by IMI.
  2. Establish ICFML representatives in each CPLC Country in order to develop and monitor the above mentioned activities;
  3. Contribute to the implementation, awareness and use of mediation in the CPLC countries, by promoting and organizing information and training sessions in mediation particularly directed to all legal professionals, including magistrates, lawyers, paralegals, notaries, law students, mediators and any other interested parties.
  4. Promote and organize conferences, events, debates and legal publications in order to contribute to the development of mediation in the CPLC countries.
  5. Support and develop mediation in cross-border conflicts, at a European and global level particularly in the CPLC countries.
  6. Establish a network of ICFML accredited and IMI Certified Portuguese-speaking mediators around the world in order to develop mediation, and support them in their professional and institutional development particularly, in cross border commercial conflicts and design and maintain the Portuguese Search engine for Portuguese speaking users.

The ICFML (“Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos” i.e. the “Portuguese-Speaking Mediators’ Accreditation and Training Institute) is the only institution in Portugal approved by the International Mediation Institute, as a "Qualifying Assessment Programme" (QAP) for IMI Certification for international mediators.
Pursuing this purpose we submit our application, as follows.

The Transylvanian Institute of Mediation (TIM)

The Transylvanian Institute of Mediation (from now on TIM) is a specialized unit created by the founding members of Ultrasilvam Mediators Association (from now on UMA) with the aim of training, mentoring and assessing mediators from all over the world.

From 2009 to 2011, UMA has been an accredited provider of basic and advanced mediator courses, having trained more than 500 participants of which around 200 are authorized mediators. UMA has now more than 60 members who are authorized mediators, with branches in 4 cities of Romania (and other 2 to appear in the near future).

The growing number of mediators authorized by the Mediation Council (the national regulating body for mediation in Romania), the necessity of assessing their professional competence and a decision made by the Mediation Council that forces professional associations to choose between continuing to be counted as professional associations or being providers of training courses conducted to the establishment of the Transylvanian Institute of Mediation in 2011.

TIM has taken over the training, mentoring and assessment programs of UMA, working in close cooperation with it. Mediators who are trained, mentored and/or assessed by TIM are to become (if they choose so) members of UMA, which keeps a public roster of mediators (posted in various formats at courts and other judiciary institutions). UMA has already split this roster in two categories: authorized mediators and professional mediators (see Annex). 

In order to qualify Professional Mediators for IMI certification, UMA and TIM have introduced the Master Mediator Program, designed to assess professional mediators on the following criteria:

-        Having completed a number of minimum 20 mediation cases with over 200 hours of mediation spread amongst them, out of which at least in 5 cases to have been paid for.
-      Being evaluated by a 3-member team of assessors (1 TIM expert and 2 independent assessors drawn from the Roster of National Evaluators kept by the Mediation Council). The evaluation process has two components: 1. a Report of the team of assessors based on a IMI Feedback Digest model comprising official logs* of at least 10 mediations and feedback forms from at least 10 different participants to mediation cases managed by the candidate (after the evaluation, these feedback forms will be used by the mediator’s IMI Reviewer to be part of the mediator’s Feedback Digest) and 2. an extensive roleplay on a complex mediation case extended for 3 days.

UMA and TIM consider the Master Mediator as expert level mediator. Only Master Mediators will be qualified for IMI certification.

Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR)

The Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR) is a vibrant 501(c)(3) organization, which has been in operation for more than two decades. It is devoted to the personal and professional growth of dispute resolution practitioners in the State of Maryland. MCDR is a prime vehicle for mediator certification and networking. It serves as an ADR professional development organization and its executive board is comprised of a diverse group of professionals with a vital thread - a genuine commitment to alternative dispute resolution and conflict management. Members are from the private sector, federal, state and local government.

Federation of Mediators Netherlands

The Mediators Federation Netherlands (MFN) is the Dutch national standard-setting and quality assurance platform for the practice of mediation in the Netherlands. MFN is a private non-profit foundation ("stichting") and has been in operation since 1995. MFN operates from within a strictly independent position in society and does not itself train mediators, or administer mediations.

MFN's objectives are to: promote, make transparent and assure the quality of mediation and mediators in the Netherlands; provide structure and encourage the practice of mediation; offer a multilateral consultation structure; and provide independent information on mediation to the public, as well as quantification, research and contacts. MFN operates the quality system in an independent foundation, Foundation for Quality of Mediators. The ‘brand’ for mediators in the register is MfN registered mediator.

IMI ANBI/Charitable Status

The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) refers to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions whose mission and operations are deemed by the Tax Service overwhelmingly to serve the Common Good.

Young Mediators' Initiative (YMI)

The Young Mediators Initiative (YMI) was established under the umbrella of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) in 2010 with the aim of encouraging and assisting Young Mediators worldwide.

Making Mediation Mainstream - a User Perspective

An opinion piece co-authored by seven business users of ADR services on how their needs can be better addressed, at the same time benefiting mediators and providers.

IMI Outline Presentation

The IMI Outline presentation is there to help you if you wish to include the information on IMI into your presentations. It is updated regularly.


IMI Executive Team

IMI Operations are led by the Executive Director, with support from the Operations Manager.

New to Mediation?

Are you new to Mediation? This section contains useful information for those who wish to learn more about Mediation.

Find a Qualifying Assessment Program

Certain top professional, provider and training organizations have developed programs to qualify mediators for IMI Certification and IMI Inter-Cultural Certification. Those programs meet the IMI Criteria and have been approved by the Independent Standards Commission.

Aleš Zalar

Aleš Zalar was born on 22 October 1961. He graduated in law. From 1989 to 2008 he was a judge. At the end of his career as a judge he was a Senior District Court Judge. From 1991 to 2007 he was the President of the Basic Court in Ljubljana and later the District Court in Ljubljana. He was then the EU's legal consultant for EU law with the Romanian Supreme Court and for mediation with the Croatian Ministry of Justice.

John "Jay" Welsh

John "Jay" Welsh is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of JAMS.  He has played a prominent role in the growth of alternative dispute resolution since 1991. As General Counsel of JAMS, he oversees all legal matters, panel quality, risk management, and ethics.

William Ury

Professor William L. Ury co-founded Harvard's Program on Negotiation and is currently a Senior Fellow of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Trained as a social anthropologist, with a B.A. from Yale and a Ph.D. from Harvard, Professor Ury has served as a negotiation adviser and mediator in conflicts ranging from corporate mergers to wildcat strikes in a Kentucky coal mine to ethnic wars in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union.

William K Slate II

Mr. William K. Slate II is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Arbitration Association. The AAA is the largest dispute resolution organization in the world. He is the former President of the Justice Research Institute; the former Director of a Congressionally mandated seminal study of Federal Courts in America; and the first-ever consultant to the senior staff of the Supreme Court of the United States on strategic planning. He conceived and founded CAMCA (The commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas) for the resolution of private party commercial disputes under the NAFTA accords. He is a founder of the International Mediation Institute.

Professor Tommy Koh

Professor Tommy Koh is currently the Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Director, Institute of Policy Studies and Chairman  of the National Heritage Board.

Guidelines for Preparing MAQAP Applications

These Guidelines are designed to assist organizations to prepare the information needed by the IMI Independent Standards Commission to evaluate applications for Mediation Advocacy Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAPs).

Sheikha Haya Rashed Al-Khalifa

Sheikha Haya Rashed Al-Khalifa is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution, an independent institution established to provide a world class international ADR Centre of excellence to international and local commercial and governmental users contracting in the Gulf and beyond.

Guidelines for Preparing QAP Applications

These Guidelines are designed to assist organizations to prepare the information needed by the IMI Independent Standards Commission to evaluate applications for Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAPs).

The Rt Hon Lord Woolf (Chair)

The Rt Hon Lord Woolf is Chairman of the Advisory Council.  Lord Woolf was called to the Bar in 1955 and in 1974 was appointed first Treasury Counsel (Common Law). He was appointed to the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice in 1979, became Lord Justice of Appeal in 1986 and a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary in 1992. From 1996 until 2000 he was Master of the Rolls and from 2000 to 2005 he served as Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. He was named in The Times Law 100 2009 listing the most influential lawyers in Britain.

IMI Advisory Council

The IMI Advisory Council comprises several of the world's most prominent proponents of ADR and negotiation. The Advisory Council has a review, advisory and enabling function to help guide the IMI mission.

IMI Articles of Association page

IMI is a foundation, known as a "stichting" under Dutch law - an organization with legal personality, typically used to manage a fund or funds for a specific (good) cause or purpose.

Model Contract Clauses

Inspiration and guidance for the framing of contract dispute resolution clauses can be drawn from the many examples available online.


Login page for the IMI Web Portal

"Mediation in national and international commercial disputes". Summary of Masters Thesis by Marc Kraus

The investigation of the current use of - and problems around Business Mediation in trade disputes on a national and international scale.

Mediation Videos

A selection of mediation videos viewable online. 

Mike (Michael) McIlwrath, Global Chief Litigation Counsel, GE Oil & Gas, Florence

Mike McIlwrath is Global Chief Litigation Counsel, for the GE Oil & Gas division in Florence, Italy. His experience in international arbitration includes representing the company in disputes under the rules of various international and regional arbitration institutions and under ad hoc procedures around the world, and in coordinating the activities of outside counsel in domestic court and arbitral proceedings. He has published numerous articles in the fields of international arbitration, mediation, and negotiation. 

Wolf Juergen von Kumberg, Managing Director Global Resolution Services Ltd

Wolf von Kumberg is Managing Director of Global Resolution Services Ltd and Member of ArbDB Chambers London. He was formerly the European Legal Director and Assistant General Counsel to Northrop Grumman Corporation, London, and its predecessor, Litton Industries, Inc., for over 15 years. He is in addition a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and sits on its Practice and Standards Committee. He is also a member of CPRS European Advisory and Steering Committees.

Mark Appel, Formerly Senior Vice President, AAA/ICDR, EU - US

Mark Appel is an independent, international Arbitrator, Mediator, Consultant, Trainer and Principal at Appel Dispute Resolution. Mr. Appel has nearly 40 years of global arbitration and mediation experience, having served in both executive and senior executive positions at the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), leaving ICDR/AAA as Senior Vice President, EMEA in December of 2015. He is Chair of the IMI Investor State Taskforce.

IMI Board of Directors

The IMI Board of Directors sets the overall direction of the IMI public service activities and ensures efficient operation and appropriate financial control. 

Olé! Online Dispute Analysis

Olé is an online process to help you to analyze and assess specific disputes in order to determine the best possible way forward - potentially reducing risk, uncertainty, cost and time. 

Mixed Modes and Hybrid Dispute Resolution Processes

One of the main attractions of Mediation is how the process can be adapted to match the needs of its users - unlike many other forms of dispute resolution.

Articles of Association - Translation

IMI Articles of Association (translation).

IMI Patrons

IMI is wholly reliant on grants and contributions from stakeholders. IMI does not compete in the market for mediation services, and has no income-bearing activities.

Conflict Leadership

Article based on a presentation to and discussion with 24 General Counsel and Legal Directors of international companies.
By Michael Leathes.

Decision Tree

Please see the Decision Tree for objective and impartial guidance on appointing a mediator.

General Information on Stipulating the Use of Mediation

South African High Court Obliges Lawyers to go to Mediation.

Styles of Mediation, article by Zena D. Zumeta, J.D.

There is room in mediation practice for many styles, including facilitative, evaluative and transformative mediation.

How to become a Qualifying Assessment Program for IMI Certification

IMI Certification is available to experienced mediators who are qualified through an Assessment Program approved by the Independent Standards Commission (ISC).

How to become IMI Certified

IMI Certified Mediators form a worldwide community of experienced mediators whose Profiles are freely searchable by users through the IMI open search engine.

Bringing Oxytocin into the Room: By Kenneth Cloke

While people in conflict commonly refer to facts, behaviors, feelings, personalities, or events, for the most part we ignore the deeper reality that these are processed and regulated by the nervous system, and are therefore initiated, resolved, transformed, and transcended largely within our brains. 

Can Mediation Evolve into a Global Profession?

Article by a leading international user, on the challenges and opportunities involved in breaking mediation out of its niche position.
By Michael McIlwrath.

Mediation Conferences

A calendar of mediation events around the world.

The Unique Value of Becoming IMI Certified, article by Irena Vanenkova

A practical solution to a fundamental problem has arrived - a global online certification scheme to enable credible details on only the world’s most competent and experienced mediators to be searched on a single search engine.  What is going on and why?


A Perfect Storm is Gathering

12 in-house counsel make a plea for more creativity in dispute resolution and why the time is right.

Feedback Request Model Emails

Below are two model emails used by members of the IMI Independent Standards Commission to ask parties for feedback. Feel free to adapt these to your needs.

IMI Presentations

A list of downloadable presentations featuring IMI that have been presented at events around the world, on a variety of topics, such as mediation, certification and other issues.

Mediation Library

A list of leading materials on and around the mediation field. It is divided into subject categories for easy browsing.

Mediation Podcasts

Audio broadcasts on the topic of mediation.

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process

 In the unlikely event of a failure by an IMI Certified Mediator to observe the IMI Code, or another code of conduct for which no professional conduct assessment process exists, a Party to the mediation conducted by an IMI Certified Mediator can apply to have the Mediator’s conduct independently assessed under this process. 

IMI Code of Professional Conduct

The IMI Code of Professional Conduct ("the Code") provides users of mediation services with a concise statement of the ethical standards they can expect from Mediators who choose to adopt its terms and sets standards that they can be expected to meet.

Feedback Example

An example of actual feedback on an IMI Certified Mediator, submitted by a party in a mediation.

IMI Feedback Request Form

Every IMI Certified Professional Mediator has attained a high standard of professional competency in the practice of mediation. On completion of each mediation, the Mediator will invite the participants to complete this Feedback Request Form.

IMI Feedback Digest Guidelines For Reviewers

Reviewers are expected to provide an honest and objective summary of feedback about their Mediator’s performance based on discussions with the Mediator and the information on Feedback Forms received from Users who have worked with the Mediator.

IMI Guidelines for Appointing a Reviewer

Your Reviewer is responsible for preparing your Feedback Digest in accordance with the IMI Guidelines for Preparing Feedback Digests and also to assist you in defining your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs and interests. 

Mediation Blogs

A list of online journals, regularly updated with news, ideas, comments, opinions and happenings from the world of mediation.

Why The Hague?

The Hague was chosen as our physical location not because one of IMI's founding institutions, the Netherlands Mediation Institute, is Dutch (NMI is in any case based in Rotterdam) but because The Hague is the City of International Peace, Justice, Reconciliation and Security, a status it has acquired from a number of roots.

Deal Mediation

Most of us assume that mediation is about dispute resolution. We are so locked into the idea that mediators help parties resolve their conflicts that we cannot see the real prize – which is to help parties make better deals!

Certification Goes Global, article by Judith Meyer, 2008.

CPR Alternatives, Volume 26 No. 3, March 2008

Certifying International Competency Standards for Mediators

Why it is vital to professionalise the practice of mediation and why mediators and service providers need to self-regulate collectively in order to grow.

IMI Legal Statement

By using this Portal, you ("You") and other users and visitors (together with You, the "Visitors”) are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use.

IMI Privacy Statement

Describes the procedures to protect your privacy whilst on the IMI site.

IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC)

The Independent Standards Commission establishes the criteria, standards and related materials for IMI Certification.

Quote Unquote

Is the IMI initiative really an idea whose time has come?  How do some leaders in the field feel about IMI's remit?


IMI News Page. 

About IMI

IMI makes a positive difference to, and is changing the landscape in, the dispute resolution world. 


Professional Mediation Worldwide: Promoting Consensus & Access to Justice.



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