Mediation Locations
Mediation languages
Current position and background
Practising Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore, Admitted in 1983
Chartered Arbitrator
Mediator (SIMI & IMI Certified)
Fellow / Principal Mediator, SMC
Volunteer Mediator, State Courts of Singapore CDR
Senior Mediator, LawSoc Mediation Scheme

Founder / Managing Partner|1983 to present
B Rengarajoo & Associates (Advocates & Solicitors, Singapore).
Main mediation practice areas
Have mediated matters since 2005 involving the following:

- Commercial & Contractual Disputes
- Family & Community Disputes
- Intellectual Property Disputes
- Renovation / Construction Disputes

- Consumer Disputes
(Conducts regular mediation sessions for the Singapore Consumer Association (CASE)).
Mediation experience
1. Acted as mediator for the following dispute resolution organisations: -

i. Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)
ii. State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution (F.K.A. Primary Dispute Resolution Centre)
iii. State Courts Small Claims Tribunal
iv. Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE)
v. Community Mediation Centre (CMC)

2. Acted as Mediator in over 100 cases for the above five Mediation Organisations.

3. Coach for the SMC Training Programme.

4. CIArb Approved Faculty List for Mediation Course Directors & Assessors, and Senior Mediator under the Law Society of Singapore Mediation Scheme (LSMS).
Description of mediation style
Mainly facilitative. Evaluative upon request.
Code of professional conduct
IMI Code of Professional Conduct.
Complaint process
IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process.
Professional indemnity insurance
Law Society of Singapore Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme.
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Mr Loong Reviewer Seng Onn ( )
Latest Update: 2017-08-02 23:46:25

This Feedback Digest is based on 12 feedbacks from 10 mediations that took place since 16 January 2014.

Mr Rengarajoo Balasamy has been rated at Performance Levels 4 and 5 (out of a 5-point performance rating scale) by most lawyers and parties for whom he has acted as a mediator.

Mr Rengarajoo was noted by some for his good mediation skills and his ability to get to the nub of the case quickly.

His balanced temperament and patience helped him manage mediations that involved difficult parties and counsel. For example, in one case that involved an aggressive counsel, Mr Rengarajoo managed to persuade the counsel to leave his client alone with the mediators for a private session.

Even in cases that ended with no full settlement, parties were thankful to Mr Rengarajoo for bringing them closer to one. Mr Rengarajoo’s ability to narrow down the issues was also commended by some lawyers.

Professional affiliations
Law Society of Singapore
Senior Mediator, LawSoc Mediation Scheme (LSMS)| Oct 2016 to present

Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration
Panel Arbitrator, Mediator & Adjudicator| Jul 2013 to present

Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers
Panel Arbitrator & Mediator| 2011 to present

Singapore Mediation Centre
Fellow, Principal Mediator| Sep 2013 to present

Community Mediation Centre
Mediator| 2010 to present

State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution
Volunteer Mediator| May 2010 to present

Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), Mediation Panel
Accredited Mediator| Jun 2008 to present
• Member, Education Committee.
Fee rate
Mediation education and training
8 Jan 2011 Co-Mediator workshop by SMC for CMC

19 Feb 2011 Master Class-Situational Management in Mediation by CMC

Master Class-Sharpening the Mediation Technique by CMC

21-22 Mar 2011 Accredited Mediation Course by Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers

19-20 Jan 2012 Intercultural Training Program - 2 days Pilot Training Program by the International Mediation Institute (IMI)

17 Nov 2012 Coping with aggressive and difficult parties-mediation training by CMC

12 Jan 2013 Use of Counselling skills in Mediation by CMC

29 Aug 2013 WIPO-IPOS Mediation Workshop for IP Disputes by IP Academy

18 & 25 Oct 2014 Successfully completed the workshop on "Asian Perspective on Mediation"

2-3 Oct 2015 Advanced Mediation Workshop by Community Mediation Centre (MinLaw).
Mediation teaching and mentoring
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
• Tutor / Examiner - Approved Faculty List (Domestic & Intl Arbitration and Mediation) since 2012
• Approved Faculty List for Mediation Course Directors & Assessors

Talk on Alternate Dispute Resolution at Mother Theresa Women's University, Kodaikanal, South India.

CASE-BCA Course: Planning and Management of Home Renovation, 27 Aug 2013 – Lecture on Dispute Resolution

Speaker for the "Seminar on Mediation Advocacy" organised by the Law Society of Singapore (14 Oct 2014)

Law Awareness Speaker on Consumer Protection & Lemon Law for Law Society Pro-Bono office (3 Oct 2015)

Speaker on Lemon Law for the CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore) Mediators (31 Oct 2015)

Speaker at the LawSoc of Singapore Mediation Symposium 2016 (20 May 2016).


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