IMI Specialised (VAT exclusive, if applicable)

USD$281.94 / year

This is the annual listing fee for people who have an an IMI Specialisation, such as Intercultural Competence or Online Mediation, but who are not IMI Qualified or IMI Certified.  I.e. they have an IMI Specialisation only.

This is ‘subscription’-style, and automatically renews each year.   You will receive notification one month and two weeks prior to renewal, so that you can make any changes.

Note that you must firstly be submitted to IMI by the relevant type of Qualifying Assessment Program to be eligible to be listed as IMI Specialised.  If you are not sure whether this applies to you, please contact imisupport@imimediation.org prior to making payment.

Should you become IMI Qualified or IMI Certified in future, you will be eligible for a reduced rate.

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