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Web Portal Sponsorship

IMI’s web portal is the leading source of global standards of professional mediation practice. IMI's online resources are the destination of choice for many corporate, institutional and other users of mediation services, as well as mediators, provider organizations, counsel and advisers and other stakeholders.  The use of the database by the public is free. The IMI portal receives, on average 75,000 unique visitors per year and growing. The portal offers the largest single international database of experienced certified mediators (featuring over 400 profiles of certified mediators in over 30 countries). The feedback digests are written by third party assessors based on IMI developed accreditation standards. The portal also offers open access to key tools, such as an online and downloadable early case assessment process sponsored by the GE Foundation and a user-orientated decision tree.  There are numerous opinion pieces, as well as dedicated sections for trainers and credentialing bodies around the world, videos, clauses, rules, etc.

IMI invites web portal sponsors per annum with a donation of €2500 - €5000 (US$2700 - US$5400) which will accord the following donor benefits for the period:

  • Recognition as an IMI Patron on the web portal home page.
  • Hyperlink to the Patron’s website.
  • Recognition on the homepage and on each other main page with an automatic hyperlinked legend: "The IMI portal is sponsored by…”.

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