IMI board members teach class at University of Stockholm’s International Commercial Arbitration Law and participate in Stockholm Legal Business Summit

On November 15, 2013, IMI board members Harold Coleman (VP of the American Arbitration Association) and Michael Mcilwrath (Associate General Counsel, GE Oil & Gas) co-taught a class at ICAL.

The students, from over 20 countries around the world enrolled in the university’s leading program on international dispute resolution, participated in an interactive session involving the negotiation of dispute clauses in international commercial contracts, and actively role played the cultural and business issues that can arise. One theme of the session is how mediation step clauses can be used to mitigate real or perceived risk in international contracts.

The session was followed by a discussion of careers in international dispute resolution. Both Coleman and Mcilwrath remarked on the students’ high level of preparation, practical skills, and passion for international legal challenges.

The class followed the participation by both Coleman and Mcilwrath at the Stockholm Legal-Business Summit 2013, hosted by the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Mcilwrath gave the keynote presentation, discussing examples of mediation being used successfully for challenging business disputes in Northern European countries, as well as a proposal for a possible hub connecting Nordic and Eastern European countries. Coleman, who leads the AAA’s mediation practice and, led a panel discussion that covered mediator selection.

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