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International Mediation Institute

Driving transparency and high competency standards in mediation, worldwide

Welcome to the International Mediation Institute

IMI is a non-profit initiative driving transparency and standards in mediation, worldwide. With the Vision of Professional Mediation Worldwide: Promoting Consensus and Access to Justice, we set and achieve high mediation standards, convene stakeholders and parties, promote understanding and adoption of mediation, and disseminate skills for parties, counsel, and mediators.

Global Pound Conference Reports

The 2016-17 IMI Global Pound Conference consisted of 28 events over 22 countries. Click here to view comparative data and reports on the future of ADR and mediation worldwide.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is negotiation facilitated by a trusted neutral person.

The role of the neutral — the mediator — is to help those involved sort out their issues and arrive at a consensus.  That might involve helping parties to finalise an agreement, resolve a dispute, develop effective communications, build or improve relationships, or all these things.  Mediators do not take sides. Mediators are impartial and uphold party confidentiality. Learn more >

The Benefits of Mediation

  1. cheaper and faster than other forms of dispute resolution, such as litigation
  2. helps to preserve and improve relationships between parties
  3. shows respect and value for the people involved in a conflict
  4. helps people get to and resolve the core of a problem
  5. can transform situations for better
  6. produces agreements that parties want to uphold
  7. IMI Certified Mediators are subject to a Code of Professional Conduct

Find a Mediator

IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates are highly-experienced professionals who have been vetted and assessed against independent international standards.

Note that there are two levels of ‘IMI Mediators’: ‘IMI Certified Mediators’ are highly-experienced professionals, whereas ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’ have completed quality training and are beginning their mediation careers. Use the above tool to search IMI Certified Mediators.

Cross-Border Mediation

International Mediation

IMI’s Investor-State Mediation Taskforce has assisted the development of Investor-State mediation competency standards, a model instrument for States implementing an Investor-State conflict management framework and revised mediation rules and guides for Investor-State dispute resolution provider organisations.

Model Laws and Clauses

Energy Charter Conference - Model Instrument on Management of Investment Disputes

Supported by the IMI IS Mediation Taskforce

Singapore Convention

The UN “Singapore Convention” enables the cross-border enforcement of settlements resulting from mediation.

Programs and Certification

Implementing Organisations

All IMI Certification and Qualification is carried out by approved organisations.

Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAPs) assess experienced mediators and mediation advocates, for the purpose of becoming IMI Certified.

Certified Mediator Training Programs (CMTPs) are programs that deliver training that meets international standards.

Specialisations Certain organisations are able to qualify people with ‘specialisations’, such as Intercultural Competence.

Become Certified

IMI Certified Mediators

Certified Mediators are highly-experienced mediators who meet international standards.

IMI Qualified Mediators

Qualified mediators have successfully completed quality mediation training.

Young Mediators

YMI is a community of those at the beginning of their mediation careers, with members eligible for mentorship.

IMI career pathway
The IMI Career Pathway


IMI is a registered charity and is funded entirely by donations. Learn more about IMI’s funding here.


As of October 2019, AAA, BHGE, Shell, JAMS, the ICC, SMC, and CEDR were represented on the IMI Board.

Note that SMC and the Florence International Mediation Centre are IMI supporting organisations, with all panellists required to be IMI Certified.

International Mediation Institute