Ivana Nincic Osterle

Executive Director (Part-time)
Ivana runs IMI’s daily operations and strategic planning, engages external stakeholders for fundraising and communications, works on IMI projects and initiatives, and manages and develops IMI’s IT infrastructure and websites. She brings a wealth of experience from the private and public sector, as she has worked both in legal practice as well as public policy consultancy. Ivana holds an LL.B. from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and an LL.M. in European Integration. She is presently based most of the year in Austria. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Angela Herberholz

Co-Founder and Director of the Young Mediators’ Initiative
Angela Herberholz is an enthusiastic event and exhibition professional passionate about sustainable conflict management. She is an accredited and experienced commercial and workplace mediator who volunteers her free time to support newly trained professionals and promote mediation globally. Co-Founder and director of the Young Mediator’s Initiative (YMI), Angela animates YMI passionately since 2010. Established under the umbrella of the International Mediation Institute (IMI), YMI successfully connects newly trained mediators with one another, offers a professional platform to exchange ideas and shares valuable research and news around mediation. YMI also facilitates interaction with experienced mediators through the IMI-YMI mentoring framework. Born in Germany and living in France, Angela worked at the ICC International Centre for ADR and teaches mediation and negotiation to law and business school students.

Liliana Amione

IMI Operations Manager
Liliana is responsible for the day-to-day operating activities of the organization. She is a Mediator and Lawyer from Argentina, whose expertise background is primarily focus on Governance, Human Rights and Mediation. She brings an extensive experience in public legal consulting, research, analysis, and public policy making. She worked in courts and at as the Head of Legal Division in her city’s Municipality. Her areas of expertise are Public Policies with Gender Perspective and Administrative Law. She is an accredited Mediator acting as part of the roster of mandatory pre-trial mediators of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. She believes in the importance of dialogue, tolerance, and mutual understanding to thrive in a peaceful coexistence.

Amee Dharamshi

IMI/YMI Community Manager
Amee is a Conflict Management Professional & Mediator and founder of Dialogue Den, India. She is a qualified lawyer from India (advocate enrolled with the Karnataka State Bar Council) and holds a professional accreditation with the ICSI. She attained LLM in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution from the University of Hong Kong, and completed the 40-hour mediation training approved by the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited. Amee is responsible for the day-to-day operating activities and growth management of the of the Young Mediators Initiative. She liaises with IMI Certified and Qualified mediators and assists with other tasks, as needed.
Publishing, Outreach and Research Team

Sara Sojić

Contibuting Editor
Sara is currently a 4th year Law student at the University of Belgrade. She first heard about mediation in 2015 and immediately felt that it was a profession to pursue. Six years later, she finished the basic mediators training in Serbia and participated in the 16th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition as a team member. She hopes to inspire others to learn more about mediation and generally work on their communication skills with themselves and others, as good communication is the key to a better society. She is the Secretary of the Environmental Law Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Giorgia Loredan

Past staff, interns and volunteers

  • Emma (Ewart) Keir, IMI Operations Manager, Oct 2009 – Sep 2017 and co-founder of Young Mediators’ Initiative.
  • Laura May Skillen, GPC contributor; Director of External Relations (March 2018- June 2019); Executive Director (July 2019-July 2021).
  • Irena Vanenkova, Operations Manager and Executive Director, 2018-2018.
  • Michael Leathes, IMI’s first Executive Director, https://imimediation.org/2015/01/29/ftqi/.
  • Benjamin Rozek, Contributing Editor, September 2019 – January 2022.
  • Haley Weir, Contributing Editor, September 2019 – January 2022.
  • Natasha Mallersh, Contributing Editor, September 2019 – January 2022.
  • Myrto Pantelaki, Current Affairs intern Jan-Aug 2019. Myrto conducted research, collating EU legislation pertaining to mediation, creating briefs on developments on mediation, and investigating investor-state mediation.
  • Zoheb Mashiur, Editorial intern Jan-Jun 2019. Zoheb assisted the editorial team with writing, editing, and producing content for the IMI blog, including conducting interviews.
  • Ruxandra Gheorghe began as intern in Mar 2018; she progressed to Contributing Editor and Fundraising Assistant in Dec 2018; she then acted as Projects Officer – Outreach until August 2019. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruxandra-gheorghe-5a70a97b/
  • Ishana Tripathi acted as GPC India Correspondent for several months in 2018. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ishana-tripathi-65b14361/
  • Nicklas Boehm, intern Mar-Dec 2018.  Nicklas applied his WordPress skills to fix links to resources on the IMI and former GPC sites, reported on CDRC Vienna as part of the social media team, and provided some assistance to YMI.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicklasboehm/
  • Michael Valdivieso, IMI Intern Mar-Sept 2018.  Michael was chiefly responsible for updating events on the IMI website. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-valdivieso-319996bb/
  • Erica Miller (Nov 2017-Apr 2018); Ampeire Petrina Bereije (Nov 2017-Apr 2018)
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