IMI set up a Task Force in April 2010 to develop criteria for inter-cultural mediator training and IMI Certification. The Task Force’s goals were to develop criteria that are succinct, flexible, and feasible to implement by trainers and QAPs (Qualifying Assessment Programs).

These Criteria are the result of the Task Force’s work, which was part-funded by the General Electric Foundation. It involved, during 2011, online public consultation and pilot programs in Paris, Brisbane and Singapore, with participants from across the globe who provided active and direct input into this initiative, for which IMI is very grateful. (View pilot program members below.)

Training, professional and provider organizations wishing to offer IMI Inter-Cultural Certification are invited to submit their applications to become Inter-Cultural Qualifying Assessment Programs (ICQAPs) to the Chair of the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) [1]. Once approved, ICQAPs will be displayed at: This link will enable mediators seeking this certification to easily find approved ICQAPs offering training programs.

These Criteria will be regularly reviewed and may be modified in the future. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send all comments and suggestions via contact IMI

View the criteria here. Meet the task force and pilot program members below.

Task force members

Co-Chairs: Hal Abramson and Joanna Kalowski

Pilot program

The development of the IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Criteria spanned more than a year and involved a public consultation and testing of the criteria at pilot programs held in Paris, Brisbane and Singapore during 2011. We would like to acknowledge those who participated in the online global consultation and in the pilot programs. Experienced mediators and trainers from across the globe have had an active and direct input into this important initiative. IMI is grateful to all those mediators, educators and other professionals who contributed to the refinement of the criteria.

Online Consultation

Nadja Alexander – Hong Kong/Australia
John Brand – South Africa
Ramona Buck
 – United States
Shawn Conway – Netherlands
Maria Damianakis – Canada Morna
P. Ellis – United States
Constantin-Adi Gavrila – Romania
Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM – Australia
Joseph Grynbaum – United States
Mariana Hernandez Crespo G. – United States
William Lister – United Kingdom
Pat McIntyre – Australia
Nina Meierding – United States
Tina Monberg – Belgium
F. Peter Müller – Germany
Ronald Ng – Singapore
Ashok Panikkar  – India
F. Peter Phillips – United States
Elsbeth D. Sneiders-Hardon – Singapore/Netherlands
Jeff Thompson – United States
Ruud van Herpen – Netherlands
Archie Zariski – Canada

Brisbane Consultation

Carol Bowen – Australia
Niccoletta Ciffolilli – Australia
Brydget Barker-Hudson – Australia
Deborah Clapshaw – New Zealand
Justine Davis – Australia
Carole Grace – Australia
Phillip Hart – Australia
Fiona Hollier – Australia
Graeme Neate – Australia
Lorraine Lopich – Australia
John McGruther – Australia
Franca Petrone – Australia
Carol Powell – New Zealand
Anna Quinn – New Zealand
John Sautelle – Australia
Jennifer Scott – Australia
Nhi Tran – Australia
Julie Walker – Australia
Nadja Alexander – Australia/Hong Kong

Paris Consultation

Stephen Barker – United Kingdom
Joe Behan – Ireland
Ruth Behan – Ireland
François Bogacz – Portugal/France/United States
Greg Bond – United Kingdom/Germany
James Bridgeman – Ireland
Helena de Backer – Belgium
Giovanni De Berti – Italy
Jane M. Cooksey – United Kingdom
Constantin-Adi Gavrila – Romania
Ana Maia Goncalves – Portugal/United States
Yvonne Gongoli – Germany/Kosovo
Jane Gunn – United Kingdom
Lawrence Kershen QC – United Kingdom
Suzana Kolesar – Croatia
Antonia Marsaglia – Italy
Ian Marsh – United Kingdom
Charles Middleton Smith – United Kingdom
Vivien Pengel-Calmez – Netherlands
Jane Player – United Kingdom
Michael Schneider Vocke – Spain/Germany
James South – United Kingdom
Tsisana Shamlikashvili – Russia/Georgia
Srdan Simac – Croatia
Adjoa Tamakloe – United Kingdom/Ghana
Mladen Vukmir – Croatia

Singapore Consultation

Alvin Cheng – Singapore
Aloysius Goh – Singapore
Hisako Kobayashi-Levin – Japan
Lim Tat – Singapore
Denys T.W. Look – Hong Kong
Lum Kit-Wye – Singapore
Colin Millward – Singapore
Meilina Ong – Singapore
Prathamesh D Popat – India
B. Rengarajoo S/O Rengasamy Balasamy – Singapore
Sim Khadijah Mohammed – Singapore
Ahmed Fahmi Shahab – Indonesia
Elsbeth D. Sneiders-Hardon – Singapore/Netherlands
Kamala Krishna Veerapeen – Singapore
Yap Gim Chuan (Michael) – Singapore
Norris H.C Yang – Hong Kong
Yong Eng Wah – Singapore Christina Wei – Singapore