Become a YMI Member

If you are IMI Qualified mediator (you have completed a training program that meets the international standards established by IMI and have applied for IMI Qualified status) and have a strong motivation to gain field experience, you are welcome to join the Young Mediators Initiative!

All you need is the drive to promote mediation skills and proactively help develop the network of Young Mediators, so that together we can create a truly effective experience generation and mentoring system.

Why Join YMI?

Many younger professionals ask us – how can I break into a field that seems to be dominated by practitioners in their 50s and 60s”?

Competency in mediation comes from a combination of personality, skills, training and experience. People come to mediation practice from all walks of life and for many different reasons. Many have the personality, aptitude and drive to be great mediators, they develop their skills in one or more of the excellent training courses that now exist, but then the big barrier comes into view.  How to gain the necessary experience?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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