Independent Advisory Committee

The Independent Advisory Committee was assembled in January 2019 to replace the former Independent Standards Commission, reflecting IMI’s growth and new needs. Its role is to help ensure IMI’s independence and the development of high international standards that attain IMI’s Vision and Mission. More specifically, its mandate is to:

  1. Act in a broad consulting role, providing advice to IMI and its Board.
  2. Consult on the terms of reference for new IMI task forces, and provide input on task force products and members.
  3. Recommend new IMI task forces to the IMI Board.  The Board then approves the new task force before any work is initiated.

The IAC is kept to a small group, representing different geographies, ages, genders, and mediation backgrounds. They meet with the IMI Executive Director every two months.

The IAC has a special role vis-a-vis the IMI International Leadership Network. Particularly, they ensure items raised by the ILN are discussed with the IMI executive, and can assist with any issues that arise.

Current members

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