Below you will find lists of podcasts with ADR professionals from the world. If you have a podcast you recommend, please email IMI Support to have it added. (Make sure you include a link to where people can listen!)

  1. Michael McIlwrath of Baker Hughes and current IMI Board member, has produced a series of CEDR Award-winning podcasts on International Dispute Negotiation.  Those featuring mediation are listed below.  If you wish to hear all of Michael McIlwrath’s podcasts in iTunes please click here or visit the CPR Institute website
  2. Doug Noll, a Mediator, author, speaker, and lecturer on advanced peacemaking and mediation theory and practice, is also the host of a radio show: The Doug Noll Show. To link to Doug’s show or to listen to his archived podcasts, click here
  3. The National Mediation Conference is a bi-annual gathering of Australia’s leading mediators and mediating organisations. Podcasts of sessions from previous conferences are available at the conference website.
  4. Susan Coleman produces The Peace Building Podcast. In season 2: Episode 12 she interviews former British Ambassador, Charles Crawford, on Building Peace in Post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina. To hear this podcast, click here
  5. The Conflict Management Space Podcast is an ongoing series by Dr. Juan Diaz-Prinz for bringing sustainable win-win conflict management and negotiation strategies and resources to the public with current, engaging, and thought-provoking themes. Find the latest episodes here:

John Sturrock – Better Conversations

Jane Gunn – Podcasts with mediation and business leaders

Mediate This!

What Should I Know Before Getting Married, That I May Not Even Know I Should Know? Mediate This!

Get ready to have your mind blown. Matthew Brickman and Sydney Mitchell answer one of their most profound questions about divorce as they go over several key points:Assume nothing.Know who you are before you get married. Know who you're getting married to. Know the laws and statutes in the state you live in.Don't take advice from anyone who isn't a legal professional in the state in which you're getting married and living in.If you have a matter, disagreement, or dispute you need professional help with then visit – Email mbrickman@ichatmediation or Call (877) 822-1479Matthew Brickman is a Florida Supreme Court certified family and appellate mediator who has worked in the 15th and 19th Judicial Circuit Courts since 2009 and 2006 respectively. But what makes him qualified to speak on the subject of conflict resolution is his own personal experience with divorce.Download Matthew's book on iTunes for FREE:You're Not the Only One – The Agony of Divorce: The Joy of Peaceful ResolutionMatthew Brickman President iMediate Inc. Mediator
  1. What Should I Know Before Getting Married, That I May Not Even Know I Should Know?
  2. Matthew Brickman: How My Adult Son and I Worked Through Our Conflict
  3. I Am Estranged From My Daughter, Shes 20, Can You Help Me
  4. Dr. Peter T. Coleman Discusses How Modern Journalism Created Toxic Polarization
  5. What Are Child Support Arrears And How Are They Handled?

Mike McIlwrath – Mediation Podcasts

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CPR IDN 3 - Thierry Garby, International Mediation Thierry Garby, President, Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) World Forum of Mediation Centres.20.65 MB445 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 7 - Mediating with Arbitration Institutions - ICDR and ICC Melanie Meilhac of ICC and Mark Appel of ICDR/AAA18.98 MB332 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 9 - Great mediators, interview with Jay Welsh, JAMS Jay Welsh, General Counsel of JAMS20.12 MB377 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 10 - Corporate Dispute Resolution, interview with Wolf von Kumberg, Northrup Grumman Wolf von Kumberg, Assistant General Counsel and Legal Director-Europe, Northrop Grumman Corporation17.43 MB358 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 11 - International mediation, interview with Karl Mackie, CEDR Karl Mackie, chief executive of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)22.83 MB337 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 13 - Lord Woolf of Barnes discusses civil procedure reforms Lord Harry Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England & Wales and CPR Institute President Kathy Bryan15.65 MB363 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 16 - Mediator Dwight Golan on how to borrow a mediators powers Prof. Dwight Golann, Boston’s Suffolk University Law School10.64 MB394 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 22 - Manon Schonewille, ACB, on Mediation in the Netherlands Manon Schonewille, managing director of ACB Mediation Corporate Conflict Management, The Netherlands12.76 MB346 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 26 - From Stone Age Conflict Resolution interview by Michael McIlwrath with anthropologist R... Robert L. Carneiro, sociologist, anthropologist, the American Museum of Natural History curator, Columbia University14.30 MB544 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 27 - Mediating from Singapore, interview with Christopher Lau Christopher Lau, a senior counsel at Three Verulam Buildings, London-based barristers’ chambers. Christopher is in the firm’s Singapore office, and is a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators; the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration13.99 MB341 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 30 - Dealing with Hard Negotiators, interview with John Wade John Wade, Australian mediator, educator and practitioner14.59 MB356 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 31 - Mediation as Opportunity, interview with Ben Picker Ben Picker, veteran mediator/trainer, a partner in Philadelphia’s Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP; a member of both the International Academy of Mediators and the American College of Civil Trial mediators21.97 MB370 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 39 - Part 2, Mediating with Hard Negotiators 8.73 MB326 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 40 - Mediator’s Handbook After 25 Years Jenny Beer, author of the seminal, cross-discipline guide, The Mediator’s Handbook, co-authored in 198214.55 MB339 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 41 - Part 1, Bringing Oxytocin to the Room Santa Monica attorney-neutral-educator Kenneth Cloke, founder and leader of Mediators Beyond Borders11.07 MB376 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 42 - Part 2, Bringing Oxytocin to the Room 10.76 MB341 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 44 - Mediating Across Cultures with Joanna Kalowski Joanna Kalowski reflecting her intense mediation experiences across borders and with indigenous people, both in government and in private practice10.64 MB337 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 45 - Back to the Future in Conflict Resolution 10.79 MB400 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 48 - Mediation in Belgium, Romania and Spain Helena De Backer, name partner in Brussels’ De Backer & Bastin, and founder and current president of the Brussels Business Mediation Center; Constantin-Adi Gavrila is director of the Craiova Mediation Center, and president of the Mediation Centers Union in Romania; and Mercedes Tarrazon is an independent mediator and arbitrator in Barcelona6.89 MB360 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 50 - ADR Through a Corporate Looking Glass Alexander J. Oddy, Partner of the London-based law firm Herbert Smith, talks about Inside Track, a comprehensive commercial conflict resolution report13.25 MB419 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 52 - Becoming Your Own ‘Amiable Compositeur’, Arb-Med with Mercedes Tarrazon Mercedes Tarrazon explains a practice that she has adapted in a variety of commercial conflict resolution settings around the world12.65 MB463 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 53 - So You Want to Be an Effective Mediator - Ben Picker Returns One of the nation’s top law firm ADR practitioners, Bennett G. Picker, of Philadelphia’s Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, returns to talk about what it takes to be a great mediator10.73 MB373 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 64 - Part I, Turning Mediation Into a Global Profession, Why IMI The IMI accrediting program is designed to fill in gaps for businesses wanting to avoid litigation abroad, but which don’t have enough information about neutrals who can do the work. The theory is that improved information on neutrals will increase access, and the use of mediation. And the result will be less wasteful litigation10.41 MB363 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 64 - Part I, Turning Mediation Into a Global Profession, Why IMI 10.41 MB353 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 81 - NBC Universal - Disputes in the International Entertainment Industries Disputes at a television network attract a great deal attention, and need a great deal of conflict management skills. Not to mention cutting-edge tools. Two top lawyers at NBC Universal Inc. talk discovery, arbitration, mediation, and the nature of business disputes in the first of two parts. The guests for the next two weeks are New York-based Susan Weiner, who is executive vice president and deputy general counsel, and David L. Burg, of Universal City, Calif., who is senior vice president for litigation9.49 MB377 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 82 - NBC Universal - Part 2, Mediating Disputes in the Film and Television Industries In Part 2 of a discussion on domestic and international conflict resolution in the entertainment field, you’ll find out why NBC Universal mediates most of its disputes. Susan E. Weiner, NBC’s New York-based executive vice president and deputy general counsel, and David L. Burg, of Universal City, Calif., who is senior vice president for litigation, explains why the company uses and enforces a multistep contract clause requiring negotiation and mediation before the television network and film studio takes the party on the other side of the table to court11.94 MB388 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 87 - Go Sit Under the Mango Tree Globalization and Mediation Harvard’s Caroline Rees discusses how mediation fits into corporate social responsibility efforts12.04 MB298 DownloadPreview
CPR IDN 102 - Part 2 with William Ury on Negotiating with Difficult People William Ury returns to discuss negotiating with difficult people6.13 MB345 DownloadPreview