IMI is rolling out a map-based search for mediators and mediation advocates, to make it easier to find professionals based in a particular country. This boosts domestic opportunities for mediators, as well as making it easier to identify mediators to fill international panels.

While this search is in ‘preview’ mode, we have included all IMI mediators and advocates, whether Certified or Qualified, and whether their listing contribution and waiver is up-to-date or expired. This is to enable our mediators to check that their location is correctly listed, and so that you can get to know your local IMI mediation community.

Can’t find yourself? Do you appear in the wrong location? Then log in to edit your profile, and update your ‘Base Location’. The more precise an address you give, the more likely you are to be displayed (so give a street address, not just a city).

To use the map search function, either type in a location, or drag and zoom the map.

Let us know what you think via [email protected] — we are always open to suggestions!