IMI Qualification and YMI

This page highlights some of the differences between being a member of IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative, being an IMI Qualified Mediator, and having an ‘IMI Qualified+’ profile.


  • To become a member of YMI, you must have firstly completed 40 hours’ mediation training from any provider, and have an application approved by the YMI team.
  • To be recognised as ‘IMI Qualified’, you must have completed a training course of at least 40 hours conducted by an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program.

All IMI Qualified Mediators are eligible to become YMI members, and are encouraged to do so. Only select YMI members are eligible to become IMI Qualified Mediators.


  • Members of YMI are eligible for the IMI-YMI Mediation Mentorship Framework. Please see also About YMI.
  • YMI members’ profiles are viewable with anybody with the direct link; however, they are only searchable by logged-in users of the IMI website. The public will not be able to search and find you.
  • IMI Qualified Mediators have publicly-searchable profiles, but these are limited to basic information–your name, verification of certification, and your contact details.
  • IMI Qualified Mediators with an ‘upgraded’ profile have the same information available on their profile as YMI members do, are eligible for the Worldwide Mentorship Program, and have publicly-searchable profiles. IMI Qualified Mediators are able to collect Reviews/Feedback Digests on their profile.

By joining YMI, IMI Qualified Mediators will gain access to the Worldwide Mentorship Program. The overall intention of the upgraded IMI Qualified+ profiles is to help newly-Qualified Mediators gather feedback as part of their journey toward becoming fully IMI Certified Mediators


Young MediatorIMI QualifiedIMI Qualified+
IMI CertificationIMI QualifiedIMI Qualified
Application fee50 euro50 euro
Annual listing contribution50 euro
Amount of detail included on profileMedium (about half that of an IMI Certified Profile)Basic details onlyMedium
Publicly searchable
Can collect feedback on profile

Eligible to become a member of YMIYesYesYes
Eligible for Worldwide Mentorship Program once a member of YMIYesYesYes


  1. An IMI Qualified Mediator does NOT want to join YMI
    -> IMI Qualified profile, or IMI Qualified + profile
  2. An IMI Qualified Mediator with a basic profile does want to join YMI
    -> YMI profile with IMI Qualified tag; shown in ‘IMI Qualified’ search results as well as in ‘YMI’ search results
  3. An IMI Qualified Mediator with an upgraded profile does want to join YMI
    -> IMI Qualified + profile plus ‘Young Mediator’ on profile; shown in ‘IMI Qualified’ search results as well as in ‘YMI’ search results. Can gather feedback on their profile.
  4. Somebody completes training that is not with an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program, and wants -> As of March 2022 no longer applicable
  5. A YMI member wishes to collect reviews on their profile
    -> Normal YMI profile, i.e. cannot collect reviews/feedback digest on their profile. The automated feedback collection form can still be used; it’s just not addable to their YMI profile.
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