Who are IMI

IMI consists of an internal operational team, guided by a Board of Directors and the input of independent bodies of mediation and ADR experts. It is associated with supporting and implementing organisations.

Advisory Council

The IMI Advisory Council comprises several of the world’s most prominent proponents of ADR and negotiation. The Advisory Council has a review, advisory and enabling function that helps guide IMI in its mission.

Internal Operations

  • The IMI Board of Directors sets the overall direction of the IMI public service activities, and ensures efficient operation and appropriate financial control. They include several major mediation stakeholders and supporters. Board members are vetted internally, and applications are welcomed, particularly in under-represented regions.
  • IMI Operations are led by the IMI Team, consisting of a Director of External Relations (part-time), Editor (volunteer) and YMI Manager (volunteer). The Young Mediators’ Initiative is a platform for young mediators, and part of IMI.

Guarantors of Independence

  • The Independent Advisory Committee is a small group of independent international experts that provide input into IMI products. They are appointed via a consultation process involving the IMI Board and existing IAC members, and drawing from IMI’s network of known experts. The original members were assembled via consultation process between the IMI Board, IMI Team, and out-going Co-Chairs of the Independent Standards Commission, with a view to ensuring diversity and independence.
  • The Appraisal Committee is a group of experts who have typically been involved in the development of IMI standards and criteria, and who now assess applications to become Qualifying Assessment Programs or Certified Mediator Training Programs against those standards.
  • IMI Committees and Taskforces are established by agreement between the IAC (and former ISC) and IMI Board, following the identification of a need to develop standards in a particular area of mediation. Members are drawn from experts and thought leaders in that field, largely via referral and in response to calls for experts. Taskforces establish the criteria and standards for IMI Certification.

Supporting Organisations

Supporting Organisations work together with IMI to advance the understanding and acceptance of mediation throughout the world. Their mediation panellists are required to be certified to the level of IMI Certification.

Implementing Organisations

IMI does not certify or accredit mediators directly. IMI is not a service provider. Accreditation and Certification is conducted by Certified Mediator Training Programs and Qualifying Assessment Programs respectively. CMTPs and QAPs are vetted against IMI’s independent standards by the independent Appraisal Committee. Applications are open to any organisation worldwide that meets the standards.

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