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At the suggestion of IMI Certified Mediators and Reviewers, IMI LinkedIn groups have been created.

International Mediation Institute – for anyone with an interest in mediation and the work of IMI.
IMI Certified Mediators – For those who have completed the IMI Certification Process.
IMI Reviewers– For those who have been invited to act as an IMI Reviewer.

These groups enable the IMI Community to communicate, to use the groups as a tool to share their experience, and as a discussion forum.

IMI Certified Mediators receive an invitation to join the group shortly after they are approved. IMI reviewers receive their invitation to join the group after they are invited to act as an IMI reviewer.

To view these groups on LinkedIn, you must already be a LinkedIn member. To create your profile, go to:

If you need assistance in joining the groups, please contact us.

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