Feedback Request Form

Every IMI Certified Professional has attained a high standard of professional competency in the practice of mediation or mediation advocacy.  On completion of each mediation, they may invite the participants to complete this Feedback Request Form, which will take just a few minutes to complete.

Your feedback will:

  • Help future users to have more information about working with this Mediator or Mediation Advocate
  • Provide the person with an opportunity to understand your perception of the mediation process on this occasion, how effective (s)he was, and why
  • Enable the person’s Reviewer to prepare a Feedback Digest, which is a professional requirement of all IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates, in line with the IMI Feedback Digest Guidelines for Reviewers.

You may complete this Feedback Request Form by hand or electronically, and send it to the person’s Reviewer or directly to the Mediator/Advocate, who will forward it to their Reviewer.  The Mediator/Advocate will express a preference, and provide contact details for the Reviewer as necessary.

The Reviewer will then compose a Feedback Digest from the collected reviews, with the intention of creating an objective and independent summary.  Future parties are likely to be influenced by this Feedback Digest, so try to be fair and constructive in your comments.  Please try not to be unduly influenced by the outcome of your mediation, focusing on the Mediator/Advocate themselves and on any contribution they made that you found to be especially important.  It would be helpful if you could include your name and contact details on the final page of the feedback form, so that the Reviewer can contact you in the unlikely event that clarification is needed.   Your information, and any information about the mediation, will remain confidential and will not be provided to third parties.

Download the relevant feedback form below:

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