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Adding new IMI Certified profiles

When a new mediator/mediation advocate is approved for certification we ask that you as an organisation with a CMTP/QAP fill in the form here. The form will ask for the mediator/mediation advocate’s first name, last name, email address, and certification type.

Once IMI receives the request, IMI will create a user name and password for the newly-certified mediator/mediation advocate.  The user will automatically receive an email from the IMI website and will then be able to set their password, login, update their profile, and have feedback added.  Particular attention should be paid to uploading a profile picture, adding ‘active locations’ and languages.  During this time, the person’s profile is marked ‘incomplete’, and will not appear in search results.  Once their profile has been completed and feedback added, either the person or you as their organisation with approving QAP should contact to have the profile marked ‘complete’.

The mediator/mediation advocate can then make a listing contribution by paypal, credit card or wire transfer at

How do we notify IMI of new ‘IMI Qualified’ course graduates?

Submit the list of newly-trained persons via the form on the IMI website (only accessible to existing CMTPs), here. Alternately, circulate the link to your graduates. They will need to upload their course certificate with date and IMI CMTP logo in the process of registering.

What about remittance of the IMI listing fee for IMI Qualified persons?

Where organisations collect the once-off 50EUR listing fee for IMI Qualified persons, this should be remitted directly to IMI via bank transfer, in accordance with the agreement with that organisation.  Where organisations do not collect this fee on behalf of IMI, IMI will collect the fee directly from the users.  When submitting newly-trained persons via the form on IMI’s website, you will be asked (a) how many users you are adding, and (b) whether you have already collected the fee, or whether IMI is collecting the fee in this instance.  See also ‘Become IMI Qualified‘, for a user perspective.

Organisations should not collect any other kind of listing fee on behalf of their users, e.g. annual IMI Certification listing fees.

Additional Certifications and Specialisations for existing profiles

Each time a mediator/mediation advocate is approved for a new IMI Certification, or IMI Specialisation such as Intercultural Competence or Online Mediation, the assessing organisation should send fill in the form here so IMI can add the Certification or Specialisation to the mediator/mediation advocate’s profile.

Adding reviews and feedback

The Reviewer should have his/her own user name and password.  Organisations with QAPs or CMTPs may act as Reviewers, and are able to add reviews to profiles directly.

If a Reviewer is new and does not have a user name and password, one needs to be generated for the person.  This should be requested via

To add the feedback digest, the Reviewer logs in, goes to the mediator/mediation advocate they are providing feedback for, and adds the feedback. Logged-in organisations with QAPs and Reviewers can see all new incomplete new profiles by going to More information for the Reviewer can be found at

Assisting newly certified members with completing their profile

When you are logged in as an organisation with an approved QAP, you can edit users with an ‘Incomplete – New Certified’ profile type.  This means that rather than having to give feedback to your Certified users and then have them update their profiles, you can also edit their profiles directly.  To do this, go to the user’s profile page, click the gear icon next to their image, and you have the option to ‘Edit Profile’.

Marking a profile ‘complete’

When a new IMI Certified Mediator or Mediation Advocate is added to the website, they are marked as ‘Incomplete – New Certified’.  They may see a notice on the website telling them that their profile is still marked incomplete.

Organisations with QAPs can check whether a given person is still marked ‘Incomplete – New Certified’ via  This is only viewable by logged-in organisations with QAPs, Reviewers, and people with ‘Incomplete – New Certified’ profile types.  It will let you search all ‘Incomplete – New Certified’ profiles, so that you can more easily check your newly certified users.  You can find this page in the drop-down under ‘Find a Mediator’ in the main menu.  This menu item is only visible to logged-in organisations with QAPs, Reviewers, and people with ‘Incomplete – New Certified’ profile types.

If the person’s profile has been finalised, including a completed profile and feedback gained, then should be notified that their profile may now be marked ‘complete’.

Organisation login

If your organisation does not appear to have a QAP or CMTP login, please notify  Passwords can be reset via

Please send any questions to

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