IMI is the independent, impartial, and international standard-setting body for mediation.  Criteria are developed through a rigorous process under the oversight of dedicated Committees and Taskforces, with the input of panels of experts.  Professionals such as yourself are then able to qualify against these standards through completing ‘Qualifying Assessment Programs’ (QAPs) at IMI-Certified centres.  IMI Certification is a sign that a professional has reached international standards for mediation knowledge, skills, and practice, and for this reason, IMI-Certified individuals are highly sought after.  (Read more about the benefits of certification here, or search for an IMI Certified professional here.)

IMI, through our QAPs, offer both general and specialised certification for Mediators and Mediation Advocates (collectively, ‘Professionals’).  Standards have also been developed for Trainers, Coaches, and Assessors.  Minimum requirements for each type of certification are listed below, and you can find the full criteria elsewhere on our website.

IMI Career Pathway

IMI career pathway
IMI Career Pathway. YMI membership can assist at Stage 2.

Certification career pathway

IMI Qualified Mediator

IMI Qualified Mediators have completed a quality training program

IMI Certified Mediator

IMI Certified Mediators are highly-experienced professionals who meet the international gold standard for mediation worldwide.

IMI Certified Mediation Advocates

Highly-experienced mediation advocates certified against international standards

Have your specialised skills recognised

IMI Intercultural Mediator

Recognition of gold standard intercultural competence

IMI Online Mediator

Recognition of gold standard online mediation competence

General Certification


CertificationWho is it for?Minimum requirementsHow and where to qualify
IMI Certified MediatorExperienced mediators who wish to demonstrate their expertise by certifying against IMI’s international standards.Completion of 20 mediations, or 200 hours of mediations.Find your nearest Qualifying Assessment Program to be assessed as a mediator.
IMI Qualified MediatorMediators who have begun their professional career by completing certified IMI training, but who may not have yet completed 20 mediations or 200 hours of mediations.Completion of a training course that is certified to have met IMI’s independent training standards.Find your nearest Certified Mediator Training Program (CMTP) via the ‘Find a Program‘ page.
Young MediatorMediators who are just starting out.  They are typically young, or ‘young in experience’.IMI Qualified Status (previously: completion of 40 hours of training) and motivation to become a practicing mediator.Apply online by submitting a YMI Member Application.

Mediation Advocates

CertificationWho is it for?Minimum requirementsHow and where to certify
IMI Mediation AdvocateMediation Advocacy certification is for experienced mediation advocates.Experience of mediation as a mediation adviser/advocate in at least five mediations (exemptions for IMI Mediators, and mediators who have acted as sole mediator in at least ten cases/200 hours).Mediation Advocacy QAPs may be identified using the ‘Find a Program‘ tool.
Young Mediation AdvocateMediation advocates who are young, or ‘young in experience’.Motivation to become a mediation advocate.No longer available as of 31 December 2018.


Specialisations are developed by IMI Taskforces.  You can find further information about these Taskforces on our website, including criteria as they are developed.

SpecialisationDescriptionHow and where to qualify
Intercultural CompetenceMediators with IMI Intercultural Competence have demonstrated their ability to communicate and mediate across different cultures, and are sensitive to the cultural needs of those involved in a mediation.IMI Intercultural Specialisation is available to any experienced mediator who is qualified by an Intercultural Qualifying Assessment Program (ICQAP).  Find ICQAPs on the ‘Find a Program‘ page.
Online MediationMediators with a specialty in Online Mediation have demonstrated their ability to effectively conduct a mediation online using modern tools.At a minimum, Online Mediators must have completed 20 full-scale e-mediations in the previous 24/36 months, with exceptions for IMI Certified Mediators (5 full-scale e-mediations). Find an ODR-QAP on the ‘Find a Program‘ page.
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