Join the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework and shape your very own mediation mentoring experience. Here is a preview of the guidelines you will have access to when joining the framework.

Know your roles:

Mentee: to be as proactive as possible and use wisely the time and knowledge their mentor has given them to assist them in their journey as a mediator

Mentor: to teach and support their mentee on their journey in the field of mediation, using their experience and expertise to help cater to the individual’s requirements for development.

Mentoring can occur in many forms and is not bound by national borders.

With technology bridging countries, cultures and other considerations, mentorships can have a cross-cultural and cross-border dimension as well as a solely online venue which are valuable to both the experienced mediator mentor and their aspiring mediator mentee.

During the IMI-YMI Mentoring Framework you will gain access to valuable tips including how to find your mentor, how to set up your mentoriship plan and more.

If you have the opportunity to attend a mediation with your Mentor:

Shall the opportunity arise for you to join a live mediation, here are some tips to discuss with your mentor.

Mentors who enable mentees to participate in mediations must ask the parties if they agree to having the mentee “trainee” or “assistant” participate, and such requests are rarely met with objection. Be aware that without consent from all parties, the mentee will not be allowed to attend the session.

During the IMI-YMI Mentoring Framework you will gain access to valuable tips including preparation, your role during a mediation, support you can offer after and do’s and don’ts.

If a mentor is not available in your area, take the opportunity to connect with a mentor in another part of the world! Here are some tips for getting the most out of a long distance mentorship:

  • Make the most of Zoom, Facetime, email and other tools to bridge the distance between you and your Mentor. It is amazing how much can be achieved between different areas of the globe!
  • Take time to research the history and development of Mediation in your Mentor’s country, so that you have an understanding of the environment in which they practice.

Be open to new ideas and approaches and make the most of this opportunity! Join YMI today and apply to be part of the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework. 

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