The IMI Board of Directors sets the overall direction of the IMI public service activities and ensures efficient operation and appropriate financial control. The Board also has an important responsibility to ensure that IMI is funded to meet its goals and properly staffed. All members of the IMI Board serve in a pro bono capacity.

Board Members

Board Roles

  • Chairs: Pierrick Le Goff
  • Secretary: Laila El Shentenawi
  • Treasurer: James South

Board Rotation

Name Stakeholder Group Geography Board term end date
Kimberly Taylor Gold Provider (JAMS) USA Q2 2025
Harold Coleman Jr. Provider (AAA) USA Q2 2025
James South Provider (CEDR) UK Q2 2025
Alya Ladjimi Provider (ICC) France Q2 2025
Pierrick Le Goff User France Q2 2025
James Mangerere Provider (MTI East Africa) Kenya Q1 2025
Laila Ollapally Provider (CAMP) India Q1 2025
David Weiss Provider (NJCU-IDR) USA Q1 2025
Angela Herberholz YMI France Q1 2025
Giancarlo di Santo User (Shell) UK Q2 2027
Laila El Shentenawi User (Siemens) Dubai Q1 2024
Teresa Garcia-Reyes User (Baker Hughes) USA Q1 2024
Eeva Hakoranta User (Interdigital) Finland Q1 2024
Tat Lim Provider (SMC) Singapore Q3 2026
Kenny Aina Provider (NCMG) Nigeria Q2 2024
Board member locations as of January 2021



The next round of Board recruitment will take place in 2023/24.

The International Mediation Institute (IMI) is a user-driven public-interest charitable foundation registered in The Hague in 2007. It operates globally with a mission to promote mediation as a means of resolving disputes and forging deals. IMI continues to break new ground by establishing standards for mediators in mediation and driving that field of practice into an independent profession on an international scale. IMI is not an ADR provider and advocates the interests of users.

IMI Board and Executive team are located across the world and represent key stakeholders in the dispute resolution field including users, advisers, dispute resolution service providers. International thought leaders, adjudicators and policy-makers are represented in our Committees, Taskforces, and Expert Network.

IMI seeks proactive leaders to join the IMI spearheading its global mission in dispute resolution and deal making. Board members are positioned to:

  • lead 21st Century dispute management and resolution globally in all fields –
    business, Investor-State, inter-Governmental and Family/Community.
  • integrate dispute management and resolution best practices in developing markets.
  • shape dispute management and resolution policies and laws.
  • articulate the needs of users.
  • make a difference in and demonstrate commitment to the field.

Location of Board members is immaterial although IMI strives for diversity of voice and region. The term of office is 4 years with an opportunity to apply for one more term of 4 years. One IMI Annual face- to- face Board meeting is held in different locations usually at the end of May. Regular Board conference calls and selected group work happens during the year. Board members are not remunerated.

The Board role appeals to self-motivated, visionary, hands-on, inspiring leaders with an eclectic experience in managing negotiations and disputes successfully. The Board role is for passionate and conscientious leaders, skilled and seasoned negotiators and presenters, who have a strong user/dispute orientation and wide global experience in business, government or professional services.

Board members must be willing to invest their time and expertise in implementing the mission of IMI and building capacity for dispute resolution worldwide.

To apply, please contact [email protected], including your motivation and a full CV (a link to a professional page such as your LinkedIn or IMI profile are also acceptable).  As of August 2019, we are particularly interested in hearing from people who meet some or all of the following:

  1. From under-represented regions and particularly countries that have signed the Singapore Convention
  2. Fluent in English, to facilitate Board work and interaction
  3. Highly placed in government or with government officials associated with legislation that affects mediation
  4. Able to help IMI secure funding
  5. Willing and able to actively assist with ongoing Board work and as part of Board Committees, including providing support for operational matters
  6. Able to work easily with small groups
  7. Preferably C-suite level
  8. Female, from under-represented groups, LGBTQ, or otherwise enhance the diversity of IMI’s Board
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