The IMI Board of Directors sets the overall direction of the IMI public service activities and ensures efficient operation and appropriate financial control. The Board also has an important responsibility to ensure that IMI is funded to meet its goals and properly staffed. All members of the IMI Board serve in a pro bono capacity.

Board Members

Board Roles

  • Chairs: Kimberly Taylor and Pierrick Le Goff
  • Secretary: Laila El Shentenawi
  • Treasurer: James South

Board Rotation

Name Stakeholder Group Geography Board term end date
Kimberly Taylor Gold Provider (JAMS) USA Q2 2025
Harold Coleman Jr. Provider (AAA) USA Q2 2025
James South Provider (CEDR) UK Q2 2025
Alya Ladjimi Provider (ICC) France Q2 2025
Pierrick Le Goff User France Q2 2025
James Mangerere Provider (MTI East Africa) Kenya Q1 2025
Laila Ollapally Provider (CAMP) India Q1 2025
David Weiss Provider (NJCU-IDR) USA Q1 2025
Angela Herberholz YMI France Q1 2025
Juliana Schwietzer-Maia replaced by Ben Stradling User (Shell) Netherlands UK Q2 2024