Quality Assurance

This page outlines the quality assurance measures IMI undertakes in order to ensure that ‘IMI’ remains a brand associated with integrity, quality, transparency, and independence. We welcome comments and suggestions via IMIsupport@imimediation.org.

[Page under development as of 2 October 2019]

Standard setting

(text – how IMI’s standards are developed)

IMI Committees and Taskforces

See the IMI Committees and Taskforces Policy for extended information on how Committees and Taskforces (COTs) are set-up, carry out their work, and how members are selected.

IMI Committees and Taskforces Policy

IMI Board

IMI aims to recruit Board members that reflect a diversity of perspectives (gender, background, geography), with a focus on users.

See the IMI Board page for current members, applicable policies, and recruitment criteria.

The IMI Environment

Where standards have been developed by an IMI Taskforce, they may be used to form the basis of an IMI Certification or Specialisation. Once this has been implemented, organisations may apply to be recognised as delivering relevant quality programs (e.g. QAPs or CMTPs). The below image shows how this environment works with the IMI Career Pathway, with some additional quality checks listed down the right-hand-side.

The relationship between CMTPs and QAPS

(text – includes how they may work together and/or be the same organisation, plus recognition)

Program integrity

text re IMI footprint

Conflicts of interest




Assessor independence


Program completion


360 feedback

We encourage all members and stakeholders of the mediation community to give feedback on IMI initiatives, programs, criteria. We also welcome feedback in relation to IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates (see Feedback Process and also Professional Conduct Assessment Process), and those organisations that deliver IMI-recognised programs, i.e. Certified Mediator Training Programs and Qualifying Assessment Programs.

Feedback for organisations can be left directly on their profile (see also below); to provide private feedback to IMI, please contact us directly via IMISupport@imimediation.org.

Role of IMI Appraisal Committees


Verification of IMI Status

(organisations/programs and individuals)

Cultural sensitivity and norm-setting


Continuous development

(programs and individuals, bare minimum)

In conversation with our Stakeholders

(Bi-annual call, forums, emails, f2f, Board meetings…)

All Implementing Organisations

The following directory shows all organisations with an approved Certified Mediator Training Program and/or Qualifying Assessment Program. It shows the country for the ‘head office’, and does not include all program locations (for that, see www.imimediation.org/find-program/).

Reviews can be left directly on organisations’ profiles by logging in, navigating to the ‘Reviews’ tab, and leaving a message. If you would rather give anonymous feedback, please send it to IMI Support via imisupport@imimediation.org and we will post it without your name, email address, or profile attached.

Note that you can use additional filters to search through these organisations by clicking ‘more filters’. You will see an ‘Account Type’ option which lists QAP 1 – Training, QAP 2 – Assessment, QAP 3 – Training and Assessment. ‘QAP 1’ in reality identifies organisations with CMTPs, ‘2’ those with QAPs, and ‘3’ those with CMTPs and QAPs. They are named similarly for back-end logistical purposes.