Reviewers are asked to provide an honest and objective summary of feedback—the ‘Feedback Digest’—about a Mediator/Advocate’s performance, based on discussions with the individual and Feedback Forms received from users who have worked with them.  They typically also work with the Mediator/Advocate to consider further development of their skills.

The review process:

  • enables potential future users to gain an appreciation of the individual’s skills and character
  • removes some of the guesswork associated with the process of selecting a mediator and gives prospective users a greater insight into the competency and suitability of the Mediator for a specific case, facilitating the development of trust in the Mediator.  This may make it easier to persuade hesitant parties to try mediation, or a new mediator.
  • gives Mediators and Advocates the opportunity to understand from third parties how they felt about the individual’s performance, and the mediation process in general.  This in turn helps the individual to refine their skills and practices for future, building on strengths and highlighting any development needs.
  • assists providers and panel organizers when reviewing their mediators’ performances, determining the individual’s suitability for certain kinds of disputes, and allowing them to build on best practice and plan professional enhancement programs

The Reviewer may be an individual or an institution.  Reviewers are free to withdraw at any time, and are asked to inform the Mediator/Advocate and IMI of any decision to do so.

The IMI Feedback Request Form has been designed to draw out parties’ satisfaction in relation to the individual’s competency and style, and to generate specific useful observations.  Other received feedback may also be considered, along with information received through discussions with the Mediator/Advocate or providers/entities with whom they work.  There is no fixed format for the Feedback Digest.  Feedback from at least 10 medications is recommended as the bas