IMI Mediation Logbook and Feedback Hub

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Suggested Donation: 50.00 / year with a 2-month free trial

The IMI Mediation Logbook and Feedback Hub allows you to :

  • Track your mediation experience for certification and registration purposes
  • Track your mediation learnings and reflections, enabling you to improve your practice over time
  • Track your ongoing professional development and takeaways (e.g. Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Legal Education) for registration and self-development purposes
  • Request feedback from parties
  • Receive automatic notification when parties leave feedback for you
  • View all feedback that parties have chosen to share with you
  • Enable your Reviewer to see all feedback about your performance, meaning they can easily write your Feedback Digest


Learn more about the logbook and how to use it here.

When you purchase logbook access, you will receive an automatic email with information on how to set your password and log in.

We recognise that people at different stages of their career, and in different countries, are in different financial positions.  For that reason you can select what annual access fee you pay for this logbook below.

Minimum Donation: 12.00 every year with a 2-month free trial


2 reviews for IMI Mediation Logbook and Feedback Hub

  1. Susan Andrews

    Susan Andrews

    International Mediation Institute (IMI), always ahead of the curve and providing added value to Mediators and Mediation Advocates specifically and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) generally, now offers the impressive and dynamic IMI Mediation Logbook and Feedback Hub to support practitioners in such aspects of their practice management and development as mediation experience tracking for purposes of IMI Certification, Learnings for purposes of practice improvement, Continuing Legal Education and Continuing Professional Development tracking, and an automated Feedback system to facilitate both client feedback and IMI Feedback Digest management. This new IMI feature, both robust and rewarding, is highly recommended! Thank you, IMI!

  2. Felicity Steadman

    I have always found it a challenge to keep track of my mediation experience and to manage feedback, which means that each year when I have to report to my registration body or mediation panel I have to scrabble around my files, my email and my memory to compile a logbook. The IMI has solved my difficulty in one, with this handy logbook and feedback hub. I look forward to using it.

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