A list of downloable mediation roleplays and resources for use in Mediation training. If you have developed a roleplay that you are willing to share with the IMI community, please contact us to make it available. Note: this page is in the progress of being updated. Last updated 2 September 19 August 2019.

Paid libraries

Harvard Law School – Program on Negotiation – The Clearinghouse

More than 200 role-play simulations are available through the Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse. These put participants in hypothetical situations and challenge them to deliberate and make decisions in new and different ways. Role-play simulations foster both individual and collective learning that can be transferred to “real world” situations. They also provide safe and flexible settings for experimentation. To visit the library of PON roleplay simulations, click here

International Chamber of Commerce – cases from the 2015 ICC Mediation Competition

Edited by Greg Bond and Colin J Wall.


Global Warming Roleplay

Axel and Marie-Claire got married in 1999. In 2001, they quit their jobs (they were both working for an international headhunting firm in the US) and together started a business in Luxembourg.
Global Warming Roleplay

Special Chemistry

Produced by Toolkit Company, ACB Foundation (Manon Schonewille), Result ACB, and Professor Hal Abramson. An educational video with materials. Send an email to request access.

Note: below here, role plays have not yet been re-checked and sorted, as of 19 August 2019.

Resolution Through Mediation: Solving a Complex International Business Problem – Downloadable Study Guide

International Trademark Association and CPR Institute
Mediator: Peter Müller

This downloadable study guide accompanies the video “Resolution Through Mediation: Solving a Complex Business Problem” – which involves a business dispute between a Russian distillery and an American manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages.
For more information, please contact CPR (www.cpradr.org).

This video involves a business dispute between a Russian distillery and an American manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. Allegations of unfair trade practices, trademark and trade dress infringements and bad faith pirating dominate the dispute. The video uses an actual INTA mediator and INTA members as talent, and was first shown at INTA’s 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The video also features an accompanying downloadable study guide. CPR is the copyright owner and has agreed to make this video freely available for non-commercial use. However, where the video is shown to paying audiences (e.g. in a training program or a conference where delegates pay to be present) CPR asks for a broadcast license fee. For more information, please contact CPR (www.cpradr.org). The video is also available from CPR in DVD format.

Time: 40-minute duration.

Canadian Archery & The Angry Neighbours

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Internal Trade, Canada 

Written by Allan Stitt and Michael Gibson, produced by Zapdramatic

The art and science of mediation using interactive simulations. Participate in simulated disputes between an athlete and his association and between two angry neighbours. These videos give the opportunity to intervene as a mediator in two disputes, guiding the disputants towards resolution in a safe, simulated environment.

The benefit of simulated experiences is that failure doesn’t mean a life-destroying professional disgrace. The learner gains the wisdom to recognize the traps and make better, more effective choices. http://www.zap.ca/webdefait/index.htm

Create a Peer Mediation role-play using 1 of 11 ideas (7 pages)
AND fill-in-the-blank Peer Mediation 9-page script

By Debbie Dunn

How to conduct a Peer Mediation program in your school

By Debbie Dunnhttp://tinyurl.com/kr67djw

Peer Mediation – Step-by-Step Process

By Debbie Dunn

Peer Mediation Contract (Free PDF Download)

By Debbie Dunnhttp://tinyurl.com/n5tc3os

The Roleplay Book (2nd Edition).

Mennonite Conciliation Services (MCS). Edited by Ron Mock.
41 Hypothetical Situations.

Hypothetical Mediation Scenario

National Paralegal College.

“The following hypothetical is intended to serve as an example of a conflict which is resolved through mediation. Much of the case is over-simplified, and issues which do not directly concern us in this course are glossed over entirely in an effort to provide an easily understood illustration of mediation at work.”

Basic Mediation Training – Trainers’ Manual – Part 2 – Slides and Scenarios

Carol Orme-Johnson and Mark Cason-Snow, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT).
copyright Mediation@MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2002

Online Roleplay Development Tools

Australian Universities Teaching Committee 
Wills, S. & Ip, A. (2002). 
enRole, Research, React, Resolve, Reflect: Developing and using online role play learning designs.
Retrieved April 9, 2013, from Learning Designs Web site: http://learningdesigns.uow.edu.au/guides/info/G1/index.htm

Conflict Management in Higher Education Report

Each issue features a role-play for use in campus mediation training or inservice sessions. http://www.campus-adr.org/CMHER/ReportResources/ToolsIndex.html


Videos oriented toward Campus Mediation Training

Effective Dispute Solutions Mediation Services – Case Studies

Effective Dispute Solutions Mediation Services list a variety of case studies of recently resolved disputes on their website. Names have been changed to observe confidentiality.

For further information, click here

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