Being recognised as an ‘IMI Qualified’ mediator means you have completed a training program that meets the world-wide standards established by the International Mediation Institute.  These standards are independent measures of quality, and are created in consultation with stakeholders and practitioners around the world, under the guidance of IMI Task Forces.  You can read more about the IMI Training and Competency Assessment Task Force here.

Note that IMI does not deliver training directly, and is not a service nor training provider.  Training is delivered via IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs.  These programs are vetted and assessed against the independent standards for training and assessment established by IMI.

Locate your nearest IMI Certified Mediator Training Program.

[This page was last updated 8 July 2019.  Applications to become an IMI CMTP opened 1 January.]

Why become IMI Qualified?

  • IMI Qualified Mediators are recognised as completing a high-quality mediation course that meets international standards
  • IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs provide the rigour and future-focused support required for professional development of yourself as mediator, and of mediation as an area of expertise
  • Meeting international standards enhances career mobility for mediators
  • Completing an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program means you have a distinct advantage in meeting the ‘Mediation Skills’ and ‘Mediation Knowledge’ requirements of certification as an IMI Certified Mediator
  • Those choosing to be listed as ‘IMI Qualified’ on the IMI website have access to automated feedback collection tools that will assist them in their professional development

How to become IMI Qualified

  1. Locate your nearest IMI Certified Mediator Training Program (‘CMTP’)
  2. Successfully complete the course
  3. Your CMTP will submit your name and email address to IMI so that a listing can be created for you; this will enable verification of your status as IMI Qualified.  You are also welcome to submit proof of your completion of a CMTP to [email protected] to be added directly, as well as self-register via the following page: IMI Qualified Self-Registration

What does it cost?

Becoming ‘IMI Qualified’ is associated with (a) the cost of your course at your selected CMTP; (b) a one-off listing fee of 50EUR submitted to IMI.  Your CMTP may do this on your behalf—we suggest you check whether this cost is included in your course fees.  Where the CMTP does not charge course fees, this processing fee may be paid directly to IMI via our ‘Support‘ page.

This processing fee is associated with being listed as IMI Qualified on the IMI website.  Listing as IMI Qualified is not compulsory.

Those who are IMI Qualified have the further option of allowing feedback or reviews to be added to their profile.  This assists in ongoing career development, recognition, and improved work opportunities.  Upgrading your profile to allow for this additional capability is associated with an annual listing contribution of 50EUR, in addition to the initial one-off processing fee.

What happens once I am listed as IMI Qualified?

Once your CMTP has submitted your name and email to IMI, certifying that you have successfully completed their IMI Certified Mediator Training Program, your profile will be created.  You will receive an email from the IMI website welcoming you, and you will be able to change your password via and login to complete your profile.  ‘IMI Qualified’ profiles consist of your profile image, basic contact details, languages spoken, mediation style, and a verification that you are IMI Qualified.  You can distribute the direct link to your profile to third parties when verifying your training.  You will also be added to the ‘training verification’ search, so that third parties are able to identify IMI Qualified mediators in their area.

IMI Qualified mediators are eligible to join the Young Mediators’ Initiative.  See also ‘YMI and IMI Qualified‘.

What if I have an existing IMI profile?

If you complete a CMTP course, have an existing IMI profile but are not yet an IMI Certified Mediator, ‘IMI Qualified’ status can be added to your profile.  This will largely apply to YMI members and to those who have completed IMI Specialisations such as ‘Inter-cultural Competence’, but who have not yet gained IMI Certified Mediator status.  Your login will remain unchanged.

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