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IMI Certified Professionals are encouraged to join the IMI-YMI mentoring framework as mentors. If you are logged into your IMI Certified profile, you can express your interest using the form below; otherwise, please register your interest:

    If you are a trained and highly experienced mediator, with a desire to assist newly trained mediators in their quest to gain experience, please join us as a YMI Mentor!

    By registering as a YMI Mentor, you will be able to view the profiles of YMI Mediators in the ‘Find a YMI Mediator’ search engine using your login. You will be able to offer them mentorships, assistantships and other experience generation opportunities, supporting them in their pathway toward experience! The YMI Team will provide you with useful information and guides.

    Click here for more about the IMI-YMI Mentoring Framework.

    You can demonstrate your support for inexperienced mediators by using the YMI Mentors logo for display on your printed and on line material.

    Not yet sure? Please read : “The benefits of becoming a mediation mentor

    To become a YMI Mentor, please register your interest by emailing us at: [email protected]

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