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IMI’s International Leadership Network (ILN) is a worldwide group of people driving acceptance and growth of mediation in their country or region.  IMI bring them together so they may learn from one another’s initiatives and successes.  IMI may also turn to its Network for input on initiatives, to gain a worldwide perspective and thereby improve its service to the worldwide mediation community.  The IMI Independent Advisory Committee has a special role in the ILN in ensuring that items raised by the Network are discussed with the IMI executive. The ILN’s working languages are English and Spanish.

Benefits to members

  • Members are recognised as ‘IMI International Leaders’, a status designed to help them as they champion mediation within their respective countries and regions.
  • Ability to share lessons and learn from others driving mediation around the world.
  • Direct support of IMI via an open communication channel.
  • Networking opportunity to support international career development.
  • A place to exchange views on the things that matter.

How the ILN helps achieve IMI’s vision

  • IMI convenes stakeholders to help achieve its vision of professional mediation worldwide.
  • IMI may seek feedback from the ILN on new initiatives and/or questions raised by the mediation community.
  • The ILN can assist IMI in reaching new audiences, ensuring that we are increasingly representative of the worldwide mediation community.
  • International Leaders may write occasional content for publishing on the IMI website.

Membership and nomination

Typically there is only one IMI International Leader per country, though of course they may have additional networks within their country and region whose views are promoted through the Leader to IMI and the worldwide community. ILN membership is subject to the principles of diversity and inclusion captured in IMI’s Committees and Taskforces policy.

IMI International Leaders are all working to build mediation as a profession in their country or region, for example by working on legislation, starting the first professional mediation organisation, or building local independent certification. They may be mediators, users, or advocates. IMI Board Emeriti are also eligible for invitation.

While the first round of members are by invitation from April 2021, starting with the Iberoamerican Spanish-language component of the ILN, later members are invited following nomination. Nominations are vetted for coherence then posted to the ILN Slack channel for discussion and/or confirmation, at which point the nominee will be invited. Existing ILN members and IMI Certified Mediators/Advocates may make nominate people for the ILN. Self-nominations are welcome from women and groups under-represented at IMI.

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All discussions within the International Leadership Network are confidential. They are subject to the IMI Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Breach of privacy/confidentiality or disrespectful behaviour will lead to derecognition as an IMI International Leader. Conflicts may be referred to the IMI Independent Advisory Committee.

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