IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates are able to be included in IMI’s ‘Find a Mediator’ search engine. This search engine, like all of the work of IMI, is entirely donation-funded, and the annual listing contributions paid by IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates is essential to the ongoing operations of IMI. Below are ten good reasons to have your IMI Certified profile listed with IMI.

1. You benefit from IMI’s global brand

IMI is the international standard-setting body for mediation, and being listed as ‘IMI Certified’ means that you are part of an international group of elite mediators.  IMI is uniquely able to endorse professional competency through certification, because IMI is not a provider of mediation services.  IMI Certified professionals can use their direct profile links and special IMI logos when marketing themselves, to indicate the high quality of their practice when compared to peers.

I’ve received mediations because of my listing on the IMI website.  It’s reassured disputants and their advisors, especially those who did not know me, to see my name in the IMI list
Jeremy Lack, IMI Certified Mediator and Mediation Advocate, Swizterland
I was looking to expand my practice, internationally and in Europe—and IMI is the most prominent of the famed international organisations, so it was really a natural step.
Blazo Nedic, IMI Certified Mediator, Serbia

2. You have access to users and potential work

The ‘find a mediator’ page and mediator profiles are the most-visited parts of the IMI website.  Users visit to find a professional mediator, and being listed in the IMI search engine means you have the opportunity for new work—vital in a competitive industry.  Several international corporate users have indicated that they only consider mediators listed with IMI.