IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates are able to be included in IMI’s ‘Find a Mediator’ search engine. This search engine, like all of the work of IMI, is entirely donation-funded, and the annual listing contributions paid by IMI Certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates is essential to the ongoing operations of IMI. Below are ten good reasons to have your IMI Certified profile listed with IMI.

1. You benefit from IMI’s global brand

IMI is the international standard-setting body for mediation, and being listed as ‘IMI Certified’ means that you are part of an international group of elite mediators.  IMI is uniquely able to endorse professional competency through certification, because IMI is not a provider of mediation services.  IMI Certified professionals can use their direct profile links and special IMI logos when marketing themselves, to indicate the high quality of their practice when compared to peers.

I’ve received mediations because of my listing on the IMI website.  It’s reassured disputants and their advisors, especially those who did not know me, to see my name in the IMI list
Jeremy Lack, IMI Certified Mediator and Mediation Advocate, Swizterland
I was looking to expand my practice, internationally and in Europe—and IMI is the most prominent of the famed international organisations, so it was really a natural step.
Blazo Nedic, IMI Certified Mediator, Serbia

2. You have access to users and potential work

The ‘find a mediator’ page and mediator profiles are the most-visited parts of the IMI website.  Users visit to find a professional mediator, and being listed in the IMI search engine means you have the opportunity for new work—vital in a competitive industry.  Several international corporate users have indicated that they only consider mediators listed with IMI.

3. You gain credibility in your practice

Users can verify your experience and competency instantly by scrolling through your profile and your unique feedback digest.

Certification is the way to go.  I like the work that’s being done by IMI.  I like the emphasis on the use of feedback. 
Dorcas Quek Anderson, IMI Certified Mediator, Singapore

4. You boost your web search results

IMI appears high in web search results, including for such general queries as ‘find a mediator’.  Where your name and “mediator” are searched, IMI profiles appear even before professional services such as LinkedIn—IMI profiles have great visibility in search results.

5. You demonstrably meet user demand

Over 90% of users wish mediators to be professionally certified and held accountable to transparent standards of conduct set and applied by a professional mediation body.  This is especially important in the era of the Singapore Convention. Only IMI Certified professionals qualify to have their profiles included in the IMI search engine, a key tool for users to find and verify mediator credentials, competency and suitability for a particular situation. 

When working cross border or internationally, and given the variety of mediation styles that exist in each country, IMI is the only place that enables a mediator to describe what their preferred process and style is, in a way that is transparent and where you get anonymous feedback through the peer review system. I am a great believer in the feedback digest system.
Jeremy Lack, IMI Certified Mediator and Mediation Advocate, Switzerland
I am often asked the question about “why would you be IMI Certified when you can be Australian accredited?”  I say, well, one of the things about the IMI standards is that what you see is what you get, and it’s translatable from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Paul Gibson, IMI Certified Mediator, Australia

6. You are distinguished from your peers

Not everyone can become IMI Certified—it is a quality mark that distinguishes you nationally and internationally.  IMI Certification is the closest designation there is to a ‘gold standard’ for mediation. 

7. You qualify for international provider panels

Mediators find it easier to be accepted on the panels of courts and private dispute resolution bodies if they are IMI Certified, as their experience and skills can be instantly verified. For example, the Singapore International Mediation Centre and Florence International Mediation Chambers require all their mediators to be IMI Certified.

Thanks to being a part of IMI Certified Mediators and the online exposure received through the IMI website, I was screened by the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO/part of the World Bank Group) and assigned since 2020 as a consultant for a mediation process in Africa—this is the beginning of a wonderful new human experience!
Elodie-Anne Telemaque, IMI Certified Mediator, France
I go to the CDRC competition every year, and to to judge the mediation-negotiation competition, one of the criteria that the competition organisers have is “do you have IMI Certification?”. So being an IMI Certified Mediator has helped me get into that space. And obviously when you go for these kind of competitions you mix around, you network with mediators from around the world—it’s creating opportunities.
Chern Yang See, IMI Certified Mediator and YMI Mentor, Singapore

8. You qualify for other credentialing opportunities

IMI Certified Mediators are automatically eligible for certification by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (and vice versa!).

9. You help develop the future of mediation

Participate in and influence the many IMI taskforces and initiatives aimed at improving mediation and access to justice worldwide.  You may be interested to become a Mentor to vetted Young Mediators Initiative members under the auspices of the Worldwide Mediation Mentorship Program.  Your contribution goes directly to funding IMI’s important work worldwide.

IMI is the only body that lists mediators from all continents across the globe in a transparent way, to facilitate parties selecting the most suitable mediator in each case.