IMI Independent Standards Commission

Note that the Independent Standards Commission was re-constituted in January 2019, and replaced with the new Independent Advisory Committee.  Vetting of QAP and other organisational applications is conducted by the related expert Committee. The following information is included for reference purposes.

The Independent Standards Commission established the criteria, standards and related materials for IMI Certification. Its members, who are all thought leaders in the mediation field in their own right, contribute their time and expertise in their personal capacities and their views are not necessarily representative of the organizations with which they are affiliated.

Role of the ISC

The IMI Independent Standards Commission was convened by IMI for governance purposes:

  • Providing advanced thought leadership
  • Setting high competency standards for mediators
  • Reviewing and approving programmes to qualify mediators for IMI Certification
  • Ensuring continuing quality control of approved programmes
  • Monitoring the IMI Code of Professional Conduct
  • Appointing assessors to review Code of Professional Conduct complaints
  • Proposing and approving enhancements to IMI’s Vision and Mission.

Members of the IMI Independent Standards Commission bring their expertise together into ISC Committees and Task-forces to work with IMI.

Former members

Links to members’ IMI profiles are included where applicable.

Executive Committee

Taskforce, Committee, and other former ISC Members

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