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Kevin Brown
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President, Mediation International - Spain. Currently working internationally with UNDP in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building, facilitating political transition and training.

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Online Dispute Resolution
IMI Certified Mediator
Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom
English, Spanish
Mediation International
Mediation Profile

Kevin has over 30 rich and diverse years as a Senior Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) specialist working as a mediator/ombudsman. 

His background includes; A Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Management with Royal Roads University, Canada; 30+ years experience as a mediator; designer of ADR training programs, over 4000 hours facilitating ADR training programs, extensive experience in project leadership and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the provision of ADR services.

>Mediation Expert for UNDP (Roster of Experts)
>Mediator and trainer with Mediation International
>Member of 6 Expert Mediation Panels

Services include; mediation (face to face as well as Online), group needs analysis, conflict coaching, training courses, organizational systemic issue analysis, facilitation and more.

Kevin practices mediation in Spain where he lives, across Europe and internationally.

During the past 30 years, Kevin has mediated over 800 mediations involving workplace civil, criminal, community, international and family issues.

Kevin began his mediation career working with separating and divorcing couples. He worked with a pilot project with the Canadian Court system mediating criminal cases, then with civil and commercial cases as a member of the Federal Roster of mediators.

Kevin then began conducting community and workplace mediations before extending his practice to include international mediations.

Kevin has significant experience in mediation, working with international conflicts in Afghanistan, Thailand, Rwanda, Georgia, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Spain and Canada.

Kevin continues to mediate face to face as well as online conflicts involving community, family, workplace, civil and commercial as well as international.

Kevin conducts both facilitative and transformative mediations in his practice. He believes that most interpersonal conflicts stem from poor communication between the parties and that, if the parties are to have an ongoing relationship, then resolving the issues that initiated the conflict will assist in preventing future conflicts from arising.

Kevin's areas of practice include; workplace, family, civil and commercial, community, international, small claims, and ODR.

please call for rate structure and discounts available. +34 682 367 667

Kevin is President of MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL which is an IMI approved QAP

Kevin is on the roster of Experts with UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (UNDP)
Kevin is on the panel of Experts with MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL
Kevin is on the panel of Experts with SMALL CLAIMS MEDIATION
Kevin is on the panel of Experts with HONG KONG MAINLAND JOINT MEDIATION CENTER

Kevin is on the panel of Experts with INTERNATIONAL MEDIATORS ASSOCIATION

Kevin is the Executive Organizer for The Annual WORLD MEDIATION SUMMIT

Training and Education

Kevin completed with honors his Master in International Conflict Analysis and Mediation with Royal Roads University, Canada in 2010.
He has also taken over a thousand hours of training courses in mediation and related fields over the past 20 years.
He is currently completing his PhD in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

Kevin has conducted well over 800 mediations; provided conflict coaching, group needs workplace assessments, group interventions, and trained over 2000 persons in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Cultural Diversity courses across the globe.

Kevin has mentored dozens of mediators and is currently listed as a mentor in the Young Mediators Initiative with IMI.

Kevin has presented annually at the World Mediation Summit as well as multiple other conferences and summits and numerous universities, law faculties and internationally seminars.


Kevin has published numerous magazine articles on various aspects of mediation and has edited and contributed chapters to 2 books on mediation.


Kevin fully adheres to the professional code of conduct as outlined on the IMI website and that of Mediation International.

Kevin fully adheres to the complaints processes as established by IMI and Mediation International.

Kevin has professional liability insurance for mediations and trainings. As required by the profession.

Kevin Brown