The Feedback Digest is an essential part of any IMI Certified Profile, and appears under the ‘reviews’ tab on both Mediator and Mediation Advocate profiles.  It is likely to be used by anyone considering appointing you as their Mediator or Advocate

All those with IMI Certified profiles must ensure their Feedback Digest is updated at least every two years. Newly-certified Mediators and Mediation Advocates have a grace period of six months after being listed in the IMI search engine to have feedback added to their profile. After this grace period, profiles will be removed from the search engine, irrespective of any listing contributions made.

See also: Feedback Digest IMI Guidelines for Reviewers; IMI Mediation Logbook and Feedback Hub

How to collect feedback

Using the IMI Mediation Logbook

This is an optional paid facility created by IMI. It is not necessary to use the IMI Mediation Logbook to collect feedback or have your