Featuring Mediation

  • Mediation as a Resolution for Commercial Disputes under COVID19 Pandemic
    The Saudi Commercial Arbitration Center
    The topics covered in the video:
    – Mediation as a solution – how?
    – Mediation misconceptions,
    – Effectiveness of mediation in times of disaster,
    – Singapore Convention: a turning point in international mediation practice,
    – Mediator skills and its impact on the result of the dispute.

    Mr Richard Naimark, Former Senior Vice President, AAA-ICDR,
    Mr Mark Appel, International Arbitrator, Mediator and Trainer,
    Mr Paul Rose, Accredited Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator,
    Mr James MacPherson, International ADR Expert and Special Consultant at SCCA.

    Moderator: Mr Christian P. Alberti
    Time: 1h 29min total, mediation simulation starts at 15 mins with Mr Mark Appel, IAC member of IMI.
  • Use a Mediator
    Maryland Judiciary
    “Working to help Maryland’s citizens and businesses, an initiative by the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office”.
    Time: 2 minute duration
  • Representing Clients in Government Mediation
    Professor Dwight Golaan, Center for Representation in Dispute Resolution: Suffolk University Law School
    This video, created by Suffolk University in Boston and the University of Cincinnati with the U.S. Department of Justice, shows government lawyers using good and bad advocacy techniques in an employment discrimination case. The 49 minute video is in twelve chapters, beginning with a mediator’s conference with counsel and ending with the government making a “last and final” settlement offer. Each chapter shows a different stage or technique of advocacy in mediation.
  • The Skills of a Legal Mediator: Mumbai Partners v. MedPro,Inc.,
    Professor Dwight Golaan, Center for Representation in Dispute Resolution: Suffolk University Law School. 
    A mediation of an international lawsuit between U.S. and Indian businesses. Teachers can show the entire video, or select from 21 individual chapters to present specific stages, mediation techniques and mediators. Available in English, subtitled in Vietnamese with excerpts dubbed or subtitled into Russian, Mandarin and Italian.
  • Sharing a Mediator’s Powers: Effective Advocacy in Settlement (preview)
    Professor Dwight Golaan, Center for Representation in Dispute Resolution: Suffolk University Law School.
    Marjorie Corman Aaron, Center for Practise, University of Cincinatti College of Law.
    These videos are a joint project of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and Suffolk University Center for Representation in Dispute Resolution. The previews can be viewed at:
  • Resolution Through Mediation: Solving a Complex International Business Problem
    International Trademark Association and CPR Institute
    Mediator: Peter Müller
    This video involves a business dispute between a Russian distillery and an American manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. Allegations of unfair trade practices, trademark and trade dress infringements and bad faith pirating dominate the dispute. The video uses an actual INTA mediator and INTA members as talent, and was first shown at INTA’s 125th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The video also features an accompanying downloadable study guide. CPR is the copyright owner and has agreed to make this video freely available for non-commercial use. However, where the video is shown to paying audiences (e.g. in a training program or a conference where delegates pay to be present) CPR asks for a broadcast license fee.  For more information, please contact CPR (  The video is also available from CPR in DVD format.
    Time: 40-minute duration. 
  • Special Chemistry
    “Together with Result ACB, ACB Foundation and Prof Hal Abramson, the acclaimed author of Mediation Representation, Advocating as a Problem-Solver (in Any Country or Culture), we produced an educational video with accompanying materials”. 
    Trainers and teachers wishing to use the video and accompanying materials for academic or training purposes are free to do so, on condition that they provide the following attribution: “ACB Foundation, Toolkit Company, Manon Schonewille © 2009-10.  All rights reserved” and inform us that you are using it (just drop us an email). For further information, questions or letting us know what you think of these materials, please contact the primary author at Toolkit Company or ACB Foundation, T + 31 (0)20 2050251.
    The materials may not be used in any other manner without the express prior written permission of the primary author.
  • Saving the Last Dance – Mediation Through Understanding
    The Center for Understanding in Conflict & The Center for Mediation In Law
    Gary Friedman, Jack Himmelstein, Robert Mnookin 
    In collaboration with the Harvard Program on Negotiation, the Center for Mediation in Law produced “Saving the Last Dance: Mediation Through Understanding”. This video demonstrates our mediation model as applied to a highly charged business dispute. Focusing on a conflict between a dance company and its recently discharged choreographer which raises intellectual property and employment issues, the video alternates between excerpts from the mediation itself and an educational commentary.
    The video is available through the Harvard Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse and may be ordered at:
    Time: 5-minute duration.
  • Working It Out – Through Mediation
    Victoria Civil & Administrative Tribunal and the Victoria Law Foundation
    The Hon. Justice Murray Kellam and Julie McCrossin
    “The video provides an engaging, quick and user-friendly education for anyone who will shortly be participating in a mediation. The video is highly recommended.” Professor John Wade, Director of the Dispute Resolution Centre at Bond University, Brisbane.
    Time: 15-minute duration.
  • Simulated MediationsThe Department of Foreign Affairs and Internal Trade, Canada 
    Written by Allan Stitt and Michael Gibson, produced by Zapdramatic
    The art and science of mediation using interactive simulations. Participate in simulated disputes between an athlete and his association and between two angry neighbours. These videos give the opportunity to intervene as a mediator in two disputes, guiding the disputants towards resolution in a safe, simulated environment.
    The benefit of simulated experiences is that failure doesn’t mean a life-destroying professional disgrace. The learner gains the wisdom to recognize the traps and make better, more effective choices. 
  • Hamline Mediation Videos
    Minnesota State Bar Association
    Professor James Coben
    As part of the annual Minnesota State Bar Association ADR Institute, Hamline Professor James Coben has produced over 40 videos, organized by type of disputed mediation issue. There is also a “Top Dozen” listing. For each video you click on, you will be directed to a short case summary and a windows wmv or quicktime video file. These video may be used in teaching and training. There is no charge for use; Hamline ask only that you notify them ([email protected]) that you are using the videos and describe the context. Whenever, the videos are shown, please attribute them in the following way: Produced by Professor James Coben and the Minnesota State Bar Association.
  • In Pursuit of Peace
    A film by Garry Beitel
    “In Pursuit of Peace is a documenary film that makes the case for un- armed civilian peacemaking and mediation as a response to violent international conflict. The film follows four Canadian peace workers as they take us inside the drama of their work in some of the word’s hottest conflict zones.”
    The target audiences for the film are primarily college/CEGEP and university students. However, the film is also suitable for upper secondary school students.
    Time: 87 minutes duration.
    Rent or download the film at:
    Download the Educator’s Guide to the film at:

About Mediation

  • Talk is Cheap
    “Promoting the awareness and use of Mediation in business – both for preventing and resolving disputes. Simply put, Mediation is the most efficient way of dealing with business disputes.”
    By the Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA)
    Time: 15 minutes duration.
  • The Role of IMI in Driving Global Professional Standards for Mediators
    Interview with IMI Chair, Deborah Masucci
    “In this interview Debbie Masucci, Chair of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) talks about the vision of IMI and how their focus on listening to the end user will help drive standards for mediation globally.”
    By Aled Davies of Mediator Academy
  • All Interviews by Mediator Academy

    A selection of recorded video interviews of mediators and experts in the field of Mediation from around the world, conducted by Aled Davies, Founder of Mediator Academy.
  • Succeeding Through Mediation Part 1
    Succeeding Through Mediation Part 2
    Keynote speeches and panel discussions from the Succeeding Through Mediation Conference
    Held on the 29th May 2015, in Florence, Italy.
    This event was organised by IMI, the Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC) and the Florence Chamber of Commerce (FCC), with the endorsement of the Florence Municipality.
    To view the Conference program, click here
    To view an article reporting on the event, printed in the Legal Intelligencer, Vol P. 96, Tuesday 7 July, 2015: Florence_Conference_The_Legal_Intelligencer_Bennett_Picker_07.07.2015
  • Understanding Family Mediation
    Produced by the Ministry of Justice, UK, this video provides a short guide to family mediation.
    Time: 3 minutes duration. 
  • Mediation First
    This video introduces Brandon Trust’s internal mediation scheme, which aims to assist individuals or groups who are in conflict.
    Time: 3 minutes duration.
  • Video on Cross-Border Mediation 
    “Produced by ADR Center, in cooperation with ACB Group (Netherlands). The video, in English, is available in all EU languages and is designed to be used by courts, lawyers, bar associations and individuals throughout Europe seeking to understand what mediation is, how it works, and how it helps litigants collaborate and negotiate successfully”.
    Time: 5 minute duration.
  • Mediation In Action
    Short documentaries on Building Corporate/Communities Relationships
    The Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative has produced a series of video documentaries that portray how mediated dialogue can address profound bitterness and deep suspicion between companies and indigenous communities in high profile situations, yielding benefits beyond money, and establishing ongoing means of communication for avoiding and resolving issues in the future. 
    The first of these documentaries, published in July 2011, runs for 34 minutes.  It was produced by Caroline Rees and Johanna Hull of the Harvard Kennedy CSR Initiative, directed by F. Peter Phillips of Business Conflict Management and filmed by David Stott of Match Productions.  The documentary was supported by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Business and Human Rights, Professor John Ruggie.
    Through interviews with leading participants, it describes a dispute resolution process involving communities that were impacted by the building of the Ambuklao and Binga dams in the Benguet Province of the Philippines. 
    Click here to link to the Accessfacility website to watch this video.