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31 July 2019

What has the Investor-State Taskforce achieved so far?

IMI’s Investor-State Mediation Taskforce has assisted the development of Investor-State mediation competency standards, a model instrument for States implementing an Investor-State conflict management framework and revised mediation rules and guides for Investor-State dispute resolution provider organisations. IMI has also teamed with other Investor-State organisations to launch a series of Investor-State mediator skills training programmes.


  1. Offer practical guidelines for using the cooling off period to give mediation a viable chance
  2. Determine minimum standards of knowledge, skills and relevant experience for neutrals involved in Investor-State mediation
  3. Assist the parties in finding competent and suitable mediators or co-mediators for Investor-State disputes.
  4. Ensure a Designating Authority is identified if the parties cannot agree on one
  5. Provide model documents, decision trees, and case assessment tools to assist the parties and their counsel in Investor-State disputes to gain fresh insights into their case, and better understand each party’s interests, needs and concerns
  6. Keep the Mediation Rules quite distinct from Conciliation Rules
  7. Enable the creative use of hybrids, such as Dispute Resolution Boards


Investor-State Mediation

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDate modifiedDownload
SIMI (2020), ISDS Mediation - Expert Roundtable 921.33 KB88812-01-2021 DownloadPreview
IMI ICSID Note 2017 IMI's Investor-State Mediation Taskforce - Response to ICSIDon its Invitation to File Suggestions for Rule Amendments1.61 MB43424-06-2021 DownloadPreview
Energy Charter - Guide to Mediation Supported by the IMI IS Mediation Taskforce,N/A38722-06-2021 DownloadPreview
ECC - 投资争端管理示范文件 573.21 KB38123-06-2021 DownloadPreview
ECC - صك نموذجي لإدارة منازعات الاستثمار 509.77 KB36823-06-2021 DownloadPreview
431.70 KB35022-06-2021 DownloadPreview
ECC - Modèle d’instrument de gestion des différendsen matiere d’investissement 503.63 KB38923-06-2021 DownloadPreview



Chair: Shanti Abraham | Secretary: Conrad C Daly

Mediator CertificationChaired by Michael Cover, with Mariana H.C. Gonstead, Wolf von Kumberg, Karen Mills, Frauke Nitschke, Jeremy Sharpe, Mark Appel, Marie Talasova and Hannah Tuempel.
IS Settlement Data/ResearchChaired by James Claxton, with Olfa Hamdi, Mariana H.C. Gonstead, Catherine Kessedjian, Lucy Reed, Carlos Valderama and Nancy Welsh.
Institutional/Singapore Convention
Chaired by Sarah Vasani, with Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Alejandro Carballo Leyda, Judith Knieper, Maka Gotsiridze, Elise Groulx, Frauke Nitschke, Vilawan Mangaklatanakul, Duncan Bagshaw and Ike Ehiribe

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