IMI’s Investor-State Taskforce gains recognition

The work of IMI’s investor-state taskforce has continued to make in-roads, collaborating with the International Energy Charter, UNCITRAL, and ICSID. Most recently, the Energy Charter’s Model Instrument, supported by IMI, was recognised at the 2019 Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Awards:

The Model Instrument was a runner up as highly commended at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2019. We also got several countries considering its implementation. Many thanks for all your hard work and support!
Alejandro Carballo Leyda, International Energy Charger

The Taskforce has additionally supported new mediation rules for both UNCITRAL and ICSID, and a guide to accompany the rules for UNCITRAL.

Taskforce Chair, Mark Appel, has recently produced on article on the Singapore Convention, which addresses the rationale for and highlights of the Convention, as well as the risks and benefits to commercial interests and public entities, and possible application of the Convention for investor-state relations.

With the adoption of the UNCITRAL Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (“Singapore Convention”) and amendments to the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation, States will have the opportunity to support increased use of amicable negotiation/mediation to preserve commercial relations where possible and otherwise resolve disputes arising therefrom with finality in a process which reserves decision-making to the parties and allows flexibility of both process and outcomes.
Mark Appel, in his article “A ‘done deal’ for states and investors?”

Congratulations to the Investor-State Taskforce on their fantastic work to date!

Learn more about the Taskforce:

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