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Check out the video gallery and event recordings from the 2016-2017 GPC Series below.

About the GPC

Access the whole playlist here:

  1. GPC Series interview with Michael McIlwrath and Alex Oddy
  2. Inaugural Address of the GPC Series by the Chief Justice of Singapore
  3. GPC Series Extended Interview with Alex Oddy and Michael McIlwrath
  4. What happens when you attend a GPC series event
  5. Using technology at the GPC
  6. TN23 Mañana interviews Mario Bucaro about the GPC in Mexico
  7. Reflections on the first day of the GPC series Singapore
  8. Joanne Kalowski – Perspectives on dispute resolution in Australia
  9. Nadja Alexander of SIDRA on the GPC
  10. Kimberlee K Kovach – How should we approach dispute resolution
  11. Julian Copeman – Why is the GPC series important
  12. Josephine Hadikusumo – challenges for in-house counsel
  13. Joel Lee reflects on the GPC
  14. Brenda Panichi – why did you attend a GPC series event
  15. Brenda Panichi – challenges for in-house counsel
  16. Anita Phillips explains the GPC series and its importance
  17. Anil Xavier talks about the challenges in dispute resolution today
  18. A look into the GPC series Singapore
  19. Fiona Hollier tells us the impact GPC Singapore had on her
  20. El Juez José Ramón Cossio Diaz impartiendo el discurso de la serie GPC
  21. Deborah Masucci talking about the GPC series
  22. Daniel EE says litigation is often not the right choice for companies

Singapore event panellist interviews

Access the whole playlist here:

  1. How to improve dispute resolution and access to justice?
  2. What factors influence users on their decisions to utilise ADR?
  3. Measures to save time and costs for users in arbitration
  4. Merits and challenges of online dispute resolution (ODR)
  5. Tensions between in-house and external counsel
  6. Why is mediation like a cactus?
  7. Joel Lee reflects on the GPC
  8. Reflections on the first day of the GPC Singapore
  9. Inaugural address of the GPC Series by Chief Justice of Singapore Sundaresh Menon
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