IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework

IMI-YMI Mediation Mentorship Framework allows YMI members access to a network of highly experienced conflict management professionals and to a framework for mentoring. This will allow us to continue supporting the next generation of ADR professionals while allowing YMI members to progress on the IMI career path. 


  • Supporting the next generation of mediation professionals
  • Empowering diverse communities of mediators 
  • Closing the gap between mediation training and mediation practice by providing a gateway for newly trained mediators to access the global mediator network
  • Following and honoring the high standards and code of conduct of IMI to serve tomorrow’s mediation needs 

IMI-YMI provide

  • Access to Mentorship Framework for 12 months
  • Guidance for mentees and mentors
  • Mentees (YMI members) take control of their advancement
  • YMI support to identify potential mentors (preferably IMI mediators in their region)

The Framework does not guarantee field experience, but encourages it.

Becoming a mentor

We all have to start somewhere.

IMI Certified Professionals are encouraged to join the IMI-YMI mentoring framework as mentors. If you are logged into your IMI Certified profile, you can express your interest using the form below; otherwise, please register your interest:

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Not yet sure? Please read : “The benefits of becoming a mediation mentor

Join today and find your mentor

The first step is to join YMI. All YMI members are qualified to apply to access the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework.

The YMI mediator profile serves as the mediation CV and as the basis for the mentee application. 

Once accepted to the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework, the YMI member receives mentee guidance and administrative fee* payment guidance. Once the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework administrative fee is paid, the mentorship matchmaking process starts and the mentoring experience can begin. 

*YMI membership continues to be free of charge, but members who are interested to benefitting the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework pay an administrative fee of 295 EUROS (excluding VAT).

Contact us for additional information:

Collaboration for the benefit of mentoring

Five major actors of the mediation world have joined forces to create a unique WORLDWIDE MEDIATION MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (WMMP):  IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative (YMI), the International International Academy of Mediators (IAM), Institut Français de Certification des Médiateurs (IFCM), Instituto de Certificaçao e Formaçao de Mediadores Lusofonos (ICFML – also an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program), and the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI).

The WMMP is supported by the International Centre for ADR of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). All organisations collaborate closely to promote mediation mentorships around the globe. The partnership goes hand in hand with the IMI-YMI mentoring activities animated since 2010.